CleanTech Open Opportunities


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Provides short overview of involvement opportunities, including sponsorship details

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CleanTech Open Opportunities

  1. 1. Cleantech Open Sponsorship Overview Help discover and bring to market the most important new cleantech ideas of our time – and gain personal access to the brightest minds in clean technology. The Cleantech Open runs the world’s largest cleantech Business Competition – a year-long national program to find, fund and foster the most promising clean technologies. We are the world’s leading non-profit organization that provides entrepreneurs and inventors the resources needed to launch a successful cleantech company. Sponsored by partners from venture capital firms, corporations, foundations, universities, state and federal agencies and public utilities, the Cleantech Open is also the global leader in early-stage cleantech startup training and support programs. All qualified participants of the Cleantech Open Business Competition enroll in our annual ten-month professional development process which includes business mentoring, training, a grants program, an investor program and numerous opportunities to showcase to the media and the public. After the competition we continue to support our alumni participants with one-on-one entrepreneur mentoring. The Global Cleantech Open Ideas Competition is the world’s first worldwide search for the best and brightest new cleantech ideas. Winners from national competitions in participating countries face off in the global finals in the United States each Fall. Sponsorship of the Cleantech Open provides first mover visibility into emerging technologies. As a partner, you gain an inexpensive, early source of highly qualified leads, the opportunity to partner with other high quality fellow sponsors and brand leadership in the cleantech space. Your sponsorship also fosters community good will, helping fulfill corporate responsibility strategies. “ The Cleantech Open brings together scientists, technologists, investors, government, and entrepreneurs and provides tools to budding enterprises focused on building sustainable solutions for our global energy needs. Cindi Choi, Corporate Development Manager, SunPower Corporation – Cleantech Open Innovation Partners Chair
  2. 2. Sponsorship Through sponsorship, your organization will participate in the Cleantech Open’s rapidly expanding clean technology ecosystem, where you can meet potential customers, fellow sponsors, cleantech innovators, and key policymakers. Over 150 sponsors have funded Cleantech Open with nearly $2 million. “ The opportunity to see where the energy business is going is right there for you. You can be in the front row, and there really isn’t another opportunity out there quite like this. Dan Adler, President, California Clean Energy Fund Since the Cleantech Open’s inception in 2006: » 191 teams have completed the Cleantech Open hands-on professional development and funding programs. » In 2010, the Cleantech Open expects another 100 startups to benefit from the range of events and programs. » Nearly 30% of all Cleantech Open alumni companies have raised external capital, which exceeds over $150 million (Fall 2009). » Of all the companies that have completed the Cleantech Open’s programs, 84% are still viable businesses. » Cleantech Open alumni companies are two to four times more likely to be invited to present their plans at the annual National Renewable Energy Laboratory Growth Conference than non-alumni companies. » Cleantech Open alumni companies created 500 jobs from 2006 to 2008, and 700 more are anticipated for 2009 alone. » Cleantech Open events are attended by over 2,000 unique participants each year. » The Cleantech Open has over 8,000 members in our online community. Alumni companies have reported nearly 1,000 new customers for their products and services including Gillette, Yahoo!, Safeway, Johnson Controls, Facebook, Fox Studios, Harvard University, Home Depot, Macy’s, Marriott, NBC Universal, PG&E, Sony Pictures, and Whole Foods. “ We support the Cleantech Open because it is a meaningful contribution to accelerating technologies into the marketplace, where they can be transformational in a timeframe that’s consequential. Andy Karsner, Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy – Sponsor Bene ts to Winners The Cleantech Open prequalifies participants in a screening process in the first quarter of the year, accepting up to one third of all applicants into the main mentoring and training program. Through the Cleantech Open competition process, a judging panel drawn from research laboratories, foundations, industry executives, academics and investors awards prizes of investment cash and services to support the business launch of the winning ideas in six categories: » Air, Water & Waste » Green Building » Smart Power » Energy Efficiency » Renewable Energy » Transportation. Finalists selected to represent their region in the National Competition receive up to $30,000 in cash and services, and participation in the Annual Awards Gala. One national winner receives $100,000 in investment capital, $150,000 in national services, and nationwide press and recognition. 2
  3. 3. Sponsorship Levels The Cleantech Open represents a unique way for you to associate your organization with three powerful concepts: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Environment. Working together, we can connect your marketing messages with tangible evidence that you are supporting an organization that is making a difference. Your annual support helps us find, fund and foster the most important and viable new clean technologies, and gives you personal access to some of the brightest minds in cleantech. All sponsorships below are for the full calendar year. GLOBAL Global Global Branding » Headline branding at all major events and programs worldwide $250K » Headline appearance in all publications worldwide: logo, editorial, double spread ad Business Development » Speaking opportunities at all major events worldwide » Participation in Mentoring, Judging, Business Clinics in all US regions » Alumni / Contestant-Sponsor Brie ng Suite in all global regions Technology Access » Headline sponsor of Emerging Technologies Program in all US regions Network Pro le » Sponsorship of VIP Receptions in all US regions Economic Development Pro le » Headline sponsor of 100K Jobs Program in all US regions NATIONAL National National Branding » Prime branding at all major events and all programs nationally $150K » Appearance in all publications nationally: logo, editorial, full page ad Business Development » Speaking opportunities at all major events nationally » Participation in Mentoring, Judging, Business Clinics in all US regions » Alumni / Contestant-Sponsor Brie ng Suite in all US regions Economic Development Pro le » Sponsor of 100K Jobs Program in all US regions REGIONAL Platinum Regional Branding » Major branding at all major events and all programs in the region $35K » Appearance in all publications in the region: logo, half page ad Business Development » Speaking opportunities at all major events in the region » Participation in Mentoring, Judging, Business Clinics in the region » Alumni / Contestant-Sponsor Brie ng Suite in the region Economic Development Pro le » Sponsor of 100K Jobs Program in the region » Full-page ad in publications Gold Regional Branding » Branding at all major events in the region $15K » Appearance in all publications in the region: logo, quarter page ad Business Development » Speaking opportunities at all major events in the region » Participation in Mentoring, Judging, Business Clinics in the region » Half-page ad in publications Silver Regional Branding » Branding at all major events in the region $10K » Appearance in all publications in the region: logo » Limited participation in Mentoring, Judging, Business Clinics in the region Event or Regional Branding » Branding at the event / program Program » Recognition in press release » Speaking opportunity » Free event access for employees 3
  4. 4. 2010 Calendar The Cleantech Open offers a wide range of events to participant in, both on the public front and within the competition. Dates and details are subject to change. CLEANTECH OPEN 2010 CALENDAR Regional Breakfast » February – March A two-hour morning breakfast and networking event featuring a short Brie ngs keynote or panel discussion, information on entering the competition. (hosted in North Central) and a chance to meet competition mentors, alumni and potential team members for competition entry. Will be hosted in each state across the region. National Competition » Friday, February 26 An evening of Alumni exhibits, overview of the 2010 competition, Launch refreshments, and much networking among sponsors, potential (hosted in California) contestants and the general public. Regional Thought » Monday, April 19 – Paci c Northwest A debate featuring this year’s “Cleantech Open Fellows” who are asked Leaders’ Summits » Tuesday, April 20 – Rocky Mountain to answer a ‘Grand Question’. The audience votes for the best solution. » Thursday, April 22 – California Presentations and exhibits are also made by national laboratories and » Mid to late April – North Central research institutions, and a matching process provides an opportunity for inventors and entrepreneurs to meet and build out teams for the competition and beyond. “Cleantech Open Fellows” will be North Central-based experts representing sponsors, Innovation Partners, investors, regional universities, and government o cials. National Conference » Thursday, July 15 An all-day event with keynotes, an Alumni showcase, and six panels, (hosted in California) each covering one of the six Cleantech Open technology categories. National Academy » Friday, July 16 – Sunday, July 18 A three-day intensive cleantech business “bootcamp” for all (hosted in California) competition semi nalists and mentors from all regions. VIP Reception for sponsors to meet the teams. Regional Business » July – August One-on-one specialist mentoring sessions between the semi nalist Clinics companies and a topic expert in the areas of nance, legal, marketing, (hosted in North Central) PR, sustainability and more. Regional Awards » Monday, October 4 – Paci c Northwest The culmination of each regional competition: keynote speakers, Ceremonies » Tuesday, October 5 – California and semi nalist exhibits, investor forum are followed by announcement Rocky Mountain of the regional nalists who will compete on the national level. » Wednesday, October 6 – North Central National Expo! » Wednesday, November 17, 2010 A morning exposition featuring semi nalists from all regions and an and Awards Gala investor forum for accredited investors are followed by the afternoon (hosted in California) gala: announcement of the national competition winner, plus live demonstrations by all regional nalists. The year is capped o with an evening wine reception for the general public and a champagne reception for sponsors and other VIPs. 4
  5. 5. Sponsorship – Past and Present Sponsors Government Agencies Venture Capital Partners GreenTech TV California Energy Commission Accel Partners ICOSA California Air Resources Board Advanced Technology Ventures Keiretsu Forum Colorado Governor’s Energy Office Applied Ventures LLC Livingston Energy Innovations, LLC U.S. Department of Energy BASF Metro Denver Wired Draper Fisher Jurvetson Foundations MIT Enterprise Forum Northwest El Dorado Ventures Acterra Net Impact Foundation Capital The Environ Foundation Northwest Energy Angels Globespan Capital Partners Stiefel Family Foundation Northwest Entrepreneur Network Lightspeed Venture Partners OCTANe JP Morgan Bay Area Equity Fund Utilities Oregon Entrepreneur Network Khosla Ventures Avista Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Mohr Davidow Ventures Institute Pacific Gas & Electric New Enterprise Associates Oregon Technology Puget Sound Energy NGEN Business Center Southern California Edison Noventi Spokane Intercollegiate Research and San Diego Gas & Electric Nth Power Technology Institute Redpoint Ventures Silicon Valley Association of Startup Corporate Partners Entrepreneurs RockPort Capital Partners Accretive Solutions Tech America Venrock AMD The Climate Group A&R Edelman Innovation Partners Tri-City Development Council Argonne National Laboratory Berkeley Energy Resources Collaborative VB/Research CleanLaunch MIT/Stanford Venture Lab California Clean Energy Fund Colorado School of Mines WA Department of Community Trade and Chevron Deming Center Economic Development Cleantech Circle Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Washington Clean Technology Alliance Cleantech Group Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Washington Technology Center CitiBank National Renewable Energy Laboratory Washington Technology Industry Association Colorado Cleantech Industry Association Oak Ridge National Laboratory West Coast Green Deloitte Pacific Northwest National Laboratory West Sound Technology Association Ehrhardt Keefe Steiner & Hottman Palo Alto Research Center Zimride Ernst & Young Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute Zino Society Faegre & Benson Oregon BEST In-Kind Partners Google Sandia National Laboratories Grundfos Adaptive Planning South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce Holland & Hart Antenna Group SRI International Horn Murdock Cole Autodesk Stanford OTL Jones Lang LaSalle Cisco WebEx UC Davis Innovation Access KPMG EcoStrategy Group University of Washington Korn /Ferry International IP Checkups Washington State University Lexus MacCorkle Insurance Service Marsh Fischmann Breyfogle Competition Partners Marketwire Merriman Curhan Ford & Co. B Corp Moyo Group Miller Coors Bend Venture Conference New Energy Finance New Resource Bank Build It Green Page One Public Relations Padilla Speer Beardsley City of Seattle, Office of Economic PeopleConnect Development Podesta Group Piper Jaffray CalPERS Positive Impact Partner RoseRyan Finance CleanEdge Plug and Play Tech Center Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology Cleantech Group Tangibility Siemens TTB Climate Earth Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Small Business Development Centers E2 Zing Public Relations Sunpower FountainBlue Trilliant Incorporated Gladwin Consulting vanglider Greater Spokane Incorporated Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati GreenBiz 5
  6. 6. Cleantech Open Successes Cleantech Open’s sponsors have access to and personally meet cleantech entrepreneurs and inventors before they go to market, helping to build crucial early-stage relationships with the best, most innovative scientists, engineers and movers in this important and fast-growing space. Cleantech Open Participants Respond: “ We have made connections with companies in each of the categories – connections that I expect will lead to viable partnerships in the future. The business plan we put together is something that we didn’t have prior to this, and is far stronger than it would have been if not for this event. Linda Maepa, Co-Founder, ElectronVault, Inc. – 2008 Transportation Finalist “ I’ve been to business school. It takes a few years. This takes a concentrated two months, it’s pretty intense, and it’s probably more important. It really prepares you to move a company forward. Dennis Murphy, Ground Source Geothermal – 2008 Green Building Runner Up and 2008 Sustainability Award Winner “ The workshops and the mentoring have facilitated the development of the company and prepared us for future growth. The Cleantech Open has provided great exposure to both customers and investors. Peter Rexelius, CEO, Energy Recommence – Competition Report 2006 Smart Power Runner Up Cleantech Open Sponsors Say: “ The Cleantech Open is one of the important market actors in terms of helping young entrepreneurial energy work towards a commercialized product, ultimately something that our customers can use. One of the things we’re excited about is that, as the Cleantech Open goes forward there are many more great ideas and technologies that may emerge and ultimately bene t us. Lee Cooper, Manager of Emerging Technologies Team, Paci c Gas & Electric “ There is a need both nationwide and globally to sponsor nascent companies that are developing new technologies in the cleantech space, so we can address the global warming issues that we are seeing. Where you have opportunity and you have new technologies there is obviously a very bright future. Mairtini Ni Dhomhnaill, Senior Vice President and Market Leader, Accretive Solutions “ The Cleantech Open is about getting young companies to develop, to expand, to grow, to mature, to gure out exactly what they’re going be doing, how they’re going to do it, and then getting them the exposure and the experience so they can be successful. Richard Hilt, Mentor Program, Cleantech Open