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ProQuest Health Sciences Brochure

  1. 1. Health and MedicineDefining Moment...The Discovery of the Molecular Structure of DNA“This structure has novel features which are of considerable biologicalinterest.” One of science’s most famous understatements appeared in April1953 as James Watson and Francis Crick presented the DNA-helix, themolecule that carries genetic information from one generation to the other.
  2. 2. Health and MedicineProQuest Hospital Current resources include: ProQuest Public HealthCollection • Thousands of full-text health sciences Public health full-text resourcesThe ultimate full-text health resource journals. Provides access to global full-text journalsfrom ProQuest with over 5.6 million • 20,000+ full-text dissertations. in public health from a variety of publishers.deep-indexed records • Evidence-based nursing resources from Specific public health terminology has been the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI): added to help find relevant public healthAccess to the latest health care information – Systematic Reviews information quickly and always essential, whether its for medical – Best Practice Information Sheetsprofessionals, hospital administrators, or – Evidence Summaries Students, researchers and professionals ofeven for patients and their families. – RAPid – online evidence training tool preventative healthcare can find keyProQuest Hospital Collection addresses – SUMARI – online software for groups research information through a variety ofthese diverse needs by offering a central to develop systematic reviews. resources including:access point to a variety of essential • Cultural competency reports fromcontent. CultureVision – enabling health service • Hundreds of full-text public health professionals to provide culturally- journals.ProQuest Hospital Collection is comprised competent patient care. • Thousands of full-text dissertations in:of five top health databases which have • Nursing procedure video content (split – Biostatisticsbeen recently enhanced by the deep- into short, easy-to-view clips). – Environmental health sciencesindexing of millions of images, graphs and • Nursing reference ebooks. – Epidemiologytables to help quickly reveal relevant search • Study Paths – recommended reading by – Health services administrationresults. Users are given a wealth of health a board of experienced nurse educators. – International public healthcare journals, evidence-based resources, • Evidence-based medicine search engine – Maternal and child healthand full-text dissertations to suit their – Medical Evidence Matters*. – Occupational health and safety.diverse research and health informationneeds. Upgrade available: ProQuest Central. Subject coverage includes:ProQuest Hospital Collection includes: Not available to pharmaceutical companies – please go to ProQuest Pharma Collection. • Blood and organ donations • Emergency services• ProQuest Health and Medical Complete™ Available on: All-New ProQuest® platform • Environmental health – offers in-depth coverage from leading Delivery: Web • Epidemiology biomedical journals. Format: Full text, multimedia, • Food containment and poisoning• ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health evidence-based search engine* and ebooks • Health facilities Source™ – covers nursing and allied Suitable for: Academic, healthcare and other • Healthcare access health resources. specialist libraries • Mental healthcare• ProQuest Psychology Journals™ – • Pandemics delivers full text from leading psychology *Dependent on your subscription package. • Quarantine and psychosomatic publications.• ProQuest Health Management™ – Not available to pharmaceutical companies – delivers resources for professional please go to ProQuest Pharma Collection. healthcare administrators and those managing the business of healthcare. Available on: All-New ProQuest® platform• ProQuest Family Health – covers a vast Delivery: Web array of subjects of interest to the Format: Full text hospital patient, including sports injuries, Suitable for: Academic, healthcare and other womens health, food and nutrition, eye specialist libraries care and dentistry.2
  3. 3. Medical Library™ Users in practice, academic and research Upgrade available: ProQuest MEDLINE™ settings can find definitive information with Full Text, ProQuest Health andVital clinical and biomedical content from: Medical Complete™ and ProQuest Hospitalcoverage Collection. • Hundreds of full-text clinical andNEW! Deep-indexing of over biomedical journals. Not available to pharmaceutical companies –4 million records please go to ProQuest Pharma Collection. • Evidence-based medicine search engine – Medical Evidence Matters*. Available on: All-New ProQuest® platform “ProQuest Medical Library gives us Subject coverage includes: Delivery: Web access to a core collection of health- Format: Full text, evidence-based search engine* related journals used extensively by Suitable for: Academic, healthcare and other staff and students in a large Faculty of • Anesthesiology specialist libraries Life and Health Sciences, which • Cardiovascular diseases includes increasing numbers of • Communicable diseases *Dependent on your subscription package. distance learners. • Dentistry • Dermatology In addition to being able to search the • Endocrinology database directly, we provide a linking • Gerontology service from databases such as • Immunology MEDLINE™ to articles in ProQuest • Neurology Medical Library and this greatly • Obstetrics and gynecology increases usage of the journals.” • Oncology Kay Ballantine, University of Ulster, • Orthopedics Northern Ireland • Pediatrics • PsychiatryThis database provides a strong and stable • Public healthfoundation for any library wishing to build or • Radiologyexpand its clinical and biomedical journal • Respiratory diseasescollection. With deep-indexing of records • Surgerynow included, researchers are not only able • Traumatologyto search more efficiently, they are able to • Venereologydiscover previously hard-to-find informationin graphs, charts and images. Examples of deep-indexed records from ProQuest Medical Library. 3
  4. 4. Health and MedicineProQuest Health and • Medical sciences ProQuest MEDLINE™ • NursingMedical Complete™ • Oncology Full access to Medical Subject Headings (MeSH™)The complete healthcare package • Pediatrics • Pharmacy and pharmacology MEDLINE, the US National Library ofNEW! Deep-indexing of over • Physical fitness and hygiene Medicine’s index database, contains over4.5 million records • Psychiatry 18 million references to articles published in • Public health more than 5,500 current biomedical journalsCombines the clinical research content • Radiology providing unparalleled access to worldwidefrom ProQuest Medical Library™ with • Orthopedics biomedical literature. The database containsadditional health titles in full text. It also • Surgery a broad range of medical topics relating tooffers an access point to vital open-access • Women’s health research, clinical practice, administration,publications. This database is newly policy issues, and health care services. Itenhanced by the deep indexing of tables Upgrade available: ProQuest Hospital gives full access to the controlledand figures, helping researchers find Collection. vocabulary – Medical Subject Headingsinformation that was previously not Not available to pharmaceutical companies – (MeSH).retrievable in searches. please go to ProQuest Pharma Collection. Upgrade available: ProQuest MEDLINE™Current resources include: Available on: All-New ProQuest® platform with Full Text.• Over 1,600 full-text clinical, biomedical Delivery: Web Format: Full text, full image, evidence-based Available on: All-New ProQuest® platform and health journals. search engine* Delivery: Web• Evidence-based medicine search engine Suitable for: Academic, healthcare and other Format: Index – Medical Evidence Matters*. specialist libraries Suitable for: Academic, healthcare and other specialist librariesSubject coverage includes: *Dependent on your subscription package.• Dermatology ProQuest MEDLINE™ with• Drug abuse and alcoholism• Gerontology Full Text• Gynecology Combines the MEDLINE index with full-• Immunology text content from ProQuest Medical• Industrial health Library™.• Medical Informatics • MEDLINE index • Hundreds of full-text clinical and biomedical journals • Evidence-based medicine search engine – Medical Evidence Matters* Not available to pharmaceutical companies – please go to ProQuest Pharma Collection. Available on: All-New ProQuest® platform Delivery: Web Format: Index, full text, evidence-based search engine* Examples of deep-indexed Suitable for: Academic, healthcare and other records from ProQuest Health specialist libraries and Medical Complete. *Dependent on your subscription package.4
  5. 5. Evidence Matters ProQuest Nursing & Allied • Cultural competency reports from CultureVision – enabling health serviceA leading evidence-based search engine Health Source™ professionals to provide culturally Outstanding collection of resources to competent patient care.With Medical Evidence Matters, users can promote professional development • Nursing procedure video content, splitcompare the effectiveness of different into short, easy-to-view clips.treatments for diagnosed conditions – for “This resource is invaluable for my • Nursing reference ebooks.easier, faster, evidence-based decisions. students, ...[they] find it particularly • Study Paths – recommended reading by useful as they can easily gain access a board of experienced nurse educators.• Designed to help select the best therapy options for a specific patient with a to full-text articles...[and] it means they don’t have to wade through Upgrade available: ProQuest Hospital confirmed diagnosis. printed journals to find the information Collection.• Simple ‘ask-a-question’ interface.• Genuinely evidence-based, with results they need. Also of interest: British Nursing Index from all types of study clearly defined. It is a very easy resource to use, and• At-a-glance results overviews save hours little training is required to be able to Not available to pharmaceutical companies – of reading time. access useful information... The please go to ProQuest Pharma Collection. academics in the School of HealthNB – Dependent on your subscription, Medical Studies also use this resource, and Available on: All-New ProQuest® platformEvidence Matters can be available as part of are happy to recommend it to Delivery: WebProQuest MEDLINE™ with Full Text, ProQuest Format: Full text, multimedia and ebooksMedical Library™, ProQuest Health and Medical their students.” Suitable for: Academic, healthcare and otherComplete™, ProQuest Hospital Collection, Shirley Ward, Subject Librarian for Health specialist librariesProQuest Pharma Collection or ProQuest Central. Studies, Bolton University, England, 2008Not available for standalone subscription. This database offers reliable healthcare ProQuest Health information covering nursing, allied health,Available on: All-New ProQuest® platformDelivery: Web alternative and complementary medicine, Management™Format: Evidence-based search engine and much more. It is a versatile resource Created specifically with students,Suitable for: Academic, healthcare and other designed to meet the needs of researchers researchers and professionals in healthspecialist libraries at healthcare facilities as well as nursing administration in mind and allied health programs at academic institutions. In addition to full-text titles, Combines hundreds of full-text journals ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health SourceNEW to ProQuest! includes thousands of full text dissertations with over 4,500 specialist doctoral dissertations and theses. It is an invaluableBritish Nursing Index representing the most rigorous scholarship resource for professional healthcareProviding easy access to literature in nursing and related fields. managers as well as researchers studyingrelevant to the nursing and midwifery health Find coverage for over 100 wide-ranging topics including: Subject coverage includes:The British Nursing Index (BNI) is thepremier bibliographic database for the most • Cytology • Ethicsup to date indexing of important nursing • Nursing • Health facilities and administrationjournals published in the UK, with a small • Nutrition • Legal issuesselection of titles from the US and • Oncology • Industrial health and safetyAustralia. The index currently includes • Pediatric Care • Insurancearound 230 titles covering all aspects of • Pharmacology • Business managementnursing, midwifery and community • Public Health • Public administrationhealthcare from 1994 to the present. • Radiology • Public health and safety • StatisticsAlso of interest: ProQuest Nursing and Current resources include:Allied Health Source Upgrade available: ProQuest Hospital • Over 860 full-text nursing and allied Collection.Available on: All-New ProQuest® platform health journals.Delivery: Web • Over 12,300 full-text nursing Not available to pharmaceutical companies –Format: Abstract and Index dissertations and theses. please go to ProQuest Pharma Collection.Suitable for: Academic and medical libraries • Evidence-based nursing resources from the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI): Available on: All-New ProQuest® platform – Systematic Reviews Delivery: Web – Best Practice Information Sheets Format: Full text Suitable for: Corporate and healthcare libraries – Evidence Summaries – RAPid – online evidence training tool – SUMARI – online software for groups to develop systematic reviews. 5
  6. 6. Health and MedicineProQuest Family Health ProQuest Pharma Pharmaceutical NewsHelpful consumer health and medical Collection Index™journals and magazines Leading titles for pharmaceutical and The insider’s guide to healthcare biotechnology research research, development and regulatoryOf interest to health professionals and issuesanyone wishing to research aspects of their Designed for pharmaceutical andown health or that of their friends and biotechnology company employees, this As public scrutiny of the healthcare industryrelatives. database covers many subject areas, from intensifies, this resource gives researchers biology to business, and chemistry to access to the latest information on medicalCovers in full text a range of subjects of consumer education and protection. Other technology, research and legislativevalue in the public library context – from areas include law, management, marketing, developments. Updated daily, it containssports injuries to women’s health, food and packaging, patents, trademarks and bibliographic information and indexing for allnutrition to midwifery, and from eye care to copyrights. articles published in key internationaldentistry. pharmaceutical, healthcare, biotechnology, Benefits of the collection include: medical device and cosmetic industryIt includes important general medical newsletters.journals as well as a strong selection of • Access to scholarly full-text journalsconsumer and news magazines. providing the latest information across a Available on: All-New ProQuest® platform wide range of clinical disciplines. Delivery: WebUpgrade available: ProQuest Medical Format: Abstract and index • Hundreds of biomedical, bioscience,Library™, ProQuest Health and Medical Suitable for: Academic, corporate, healthcare psychology and science journals.Complete™, or ProQuest Hospital and other specialist libraries • Business journals allowing managers toCollection. refresh business strategy and keep up toAvailable on: All-New ProQuest® platform date with market trends and competitiveDelivery: Web intelligence. InternationalFormat: Full text • Marketing and communications journals Pharmaceutical AbstractsSuitable for: Public and specialist libraries supporting professional development, research of trends and brand positioning, Key information on drug use and and study of legal issues in marketing. development • Evidence-based search engine – MedicalProQuest Physical Evidence Matters*. As a primary source of drug-related healthEducation Index literature, this database provides Available on: All-New ProQuest® platform pharmacists, poison information specialists,International coverage of scholarly and drug information centres, thetrade physical education literature Delivery: Web Format: Full text, evidence-based search engine* pharmaceutical industry, health Suitable for: Corporate, public and specialist practitioners, pharmacologists, medicalFeatures over 500 indexed titles covering a libraries librarians, cosmetic companies,wide variety of content, from physical environmentalists, educators, toxicologistseducation curricula to sports medicine and *Dependent on your subscription package. and litigators with information from healthdance. Established in 1970, records are journals throughout the world.indexed and classified from peer-reviewedjournals, report literature, conference Available on: All-New ProQuest® platformproceedings, trade magazines, patents, Delivery: Webarticles from the popular press, and many Format: Abstract and indexother publications. Suitable for: Academic, corporate, healthcare and other specialist librariesAvailable on: All-New ProQuest® platformDelivery: WebFormat: Abstract and indexSuitable for: Academic and public libraries6
  7. 7. For more information on any of these products, or for a free trial, email pqsales@proquest.comA picture tells a thousand words... Tables and figures in STM articles represent the core aspects of the papers: research findings and research data. ProQuest Illustrata™ advanced table and figure searching allows researchers to search STM content more effectively than ever before. ProQuest’s patented deep indexing system makes tables and figures searchable allowing researchers to search and discover the most relevant articles and images based on matching search keywords to the index terms we attach to the images in documents.Find out more about how deep indexing of tables and figurespowers STM research at
  8. 8. Start here. Discover more. One powerful search box is about to give you access to a world of discovery. Experience the all-new ProQuest platform, and you canImages copyright© Getty Images and iStockphoto. search across the full spectrum of ProQuest resources for an unrivalledAll facts and figures correct at time of print. discovery experience. Resources include the ProQuest Hospital Collection, ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, to name a few. For more information visit You can contact your local ProQuest representative via This publication is printed on paper from sustainable sources using soya based inks.