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15 Ways To Find Content To Write About For Your Blog Posts


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Writers block? There is nothing worse than staring at a new post screen in your blog than drawing a complete blank about what to write about. A content calendar goes a long way towards making sure you are blogging strategically but you still need to know what to put in the calendar.

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15 Ways To Find Content To Write About For Your Blog Posts

  1. 1. 15 Ways To Find Content To Write About For Your Blog Posts
  2. 2. questions from clients save email questions (and your responses) into an Evernote folder or in your blogging file #1
  3. 3. set up Google Alerts that relate to your industry #2
  4. 4. Subscribeto Industry blogs Industry feeds Industry newsletters #3
  5. 5. EDUCATE (not promote) your readers about your products or services #4
  6. 6. solve challenges you know your readers face #5
  7. 7. use case studies to show how you have solved customer’s pain points #6
  8. 8. what’s trending on social media? #7
  9. 9. TIP: This is a great way to let your readers know about available tools and how they can improve processes. comparison or versus posts about tools your readers use #8
  10. 10. Save ‘how to’ guides or instructions you send clients. Great blog fodder! #9
  11. 11. #10 GoogleAnalytics Look at which articles have attracted the most readers in the past Write more articles about these popular subjects
  12. 12. turn an existing post Into a series #11
  13. 13. #12 REVIEW a product or service of interest to your readers
  14. 14. Look at sites like Quora to see what industry related questions are being asked that you could answer in a blog post. #13
  15. 15. Read comments on popular blogs to find what your readers are thinking about, challenged by, interested in and use these comments as topics for your blog. #14
  16. 16. ask Ask your customers directly what they’d like you to write about. Invite their feedback using a survey with a draw for a prize Go to social media groups and again, offer a freebie to thank them for their feedback #15
  17. 17. For more tips and tools for your small business …