Successful Selling Techniques for Etsy


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Successful Selling Techniques for Etsy

  1. 1. Successful Selling Techniques for
  2. 2. My Experience on Etsy
  3. 3. It wasn’t always smooth sailing... ● 123 sales in the first year ● What I did wrong in the beginning: ○ not enough items listed ○ poor photography ○ lack of advertising ● At the end of the first year, I decided to start over with a new shop
  4. 4. My Photography: A work in progress November 2009 January 2010 May 2010
  5. 5. Getting Started! ● Do your homework! ○ Browse the Etsy category you’ll be in ○ Find a role model ● Develop your Product ○ Compare your product to others on Etsy ○ Notice trends, and incorporate them into your shop ○ Find your niche
  6. 6. Photography: Your Success Depends on it! ● Photos are the first, if not only thing that can get your customers’ attention ● Invest in a good camera (or borrow one!) ● Pay a professional ○ good option for items you can remake
  7. 7. These are both photos of the same dress, from the same listing.
  8. 8. Automatic Photo Cropping All photos you post to Etsy are cropped into a perfect square thumbnail image
  9. 9. How to Outsmart the Auto-Crop: Try to make your photo close to a perfect square, with a little extra room around the focal point So the crop doesn’t cut into your item!
  10. 10. Making your photos stand out By using photo editing programs such as Paint or Photoshop/Gimp. Crop your photos into shapes Put 2 photos side by side by using simple cropping/ cut & paste. (best for plain background shots)
  11. 11. Thumbnail version (The hat is cropped out) Actual listing photo for a vintage hat
  12. 12. Macro for Item Close-ups ● Item is in focus, background is blurry ● Even if the item is large, still include a close up shot ● Use “Manual” setting ● Hint: use a tripod and the timer feature to minimize shake! (10 seconds)
  13. 13. Always try to enhance your photos. First sales (2008) Recent Sales (2014)
  14. 14. Lighting is Key for Great Photos
  15. 15. A good backdrop can make the photo...
  16. 16. Ideas for smaller item backgrounds: A piece of white oaktag paper (glossy side) propped up on a table against a wall creates a mini white backdrop
  17. 17. Ideas for smaller item backgrounds: Paper/book- great for macro photos Rock/Stone Wood
  18. 18. Item Description Tips: ● Tell how your product is made with detail ○ Buyers like to hear about the process ○ Differentiates your product from others ● Break writing up into separate lines, not a whole paragraph
  19. 19. Item Description Tips: ● Be sure to include good measurements ○ in inches/feet etc. ○ add a size reference photo to your listing
  20. 20. Item Description Tips: ● Include a link in the item description... ○ back to your shop homepage ○ to a category in your shop ○ to a similar item from your shop in a different size/color ● Links were meant to be clicked!
  21. 21. Item Description Tips: ● Note how you ship your orders ○ ○ ○ ○ In a gift bag/box (include a photo in the listing!) What kind of mail service (USPS Priority etc) How quickly you can ship (the quicker the better) Offer a free gift with purchase ● Buyer incentives can often close the sale!
  22. 22. Packaging photo ideas:
  23. 23. Item description tip: ● Copy and paste recurring info section into each listing to save time during the listing process! ○ edit info where necessary
  24. 24. The “Copy” Feature for Listings ● Copying your listings makes creating new listings easier ● Make sure to edit thoroughly and make any necessary changes
  25. 25. Tagging your items: more important than you think! ● What to tag: ○ basic description of what your product is ○ colors! ○ themes it may fit- feel free to get creative ○ mood words to describe the item ○ season it fits with ○ holiday it may fit with ● Why to focus on good tagging: ○ treasury features ○ so customers can find your items when they search
  26. 26. Effective Tagging Examples:
  27. 27. Use Etsy Shop Stats ● You’ll need a google analytics account to get your Shop Stats ○ Here’s how to set it up:
  28. 28. Etsy Shop Stats: Keywords Find out what words people are searching for when they find your items Focus on producing more items/variations that match your top keywords and promote them.
  29. 29. Use the Keyword Shop Stats: ● Take out an Etsy Search Word ads:
  30. 30. Etsy Search Ads ● This article explains them: https://www.etsy. com/help/article/1036 ● Etsy makes this process very easy ○ They will provide you with the keywords you should use based on your listings ● Search ads are a good thing to test out ○ pick your budget, try it for a week, and keep it going if the results are worth it to you!
  31. 31. Etsy Search Ads
  32. 32. Etsy Shop Stats: Traffic Find out how people are finding you
  33. 33. Treasuries: The coveted Front Page Spot!
  34. 34. Tips for getting into treasuries: ● ● ● ● Good photography Variety of colorful item photos in your shop Effective item tagging Relisting items that fit in with trending treasury topics (and are tagged with the right buzzwords!)
  35. 35. Tips for getting into treasuries: ● Sign up for the Etsy Success newsletter ○ Your account->Settings->Emails ● Etsy will give you the trending tags for treasury features, as well as other success tactics!
  36. 36. Starting Strong: “You can’t sell an item you never posted.” “If you list it [well], they will buy.” ● If you are selling handmade, a varied inventory is important. ● If you are selling vintage, having a large inventory is KEY.
  37. 37. List New Items Often ● Creating new listings forces you to evolve your craft ● The more items you have available to shoppers, the more likely they’ll find something they want to buy
  38. 38. The most successful vintage Etsy shops have huge inventories:
  39. 39. The most successful vintage Etsy shops have huge inventories:
  40. 40. Handmade shops: ● Start off with a very varied inventory ○ having different products available can help you find your niche ● Once you find something that sells, run with it! ○ develop more variations of your best seller ○ sales will follow
  41. 41. My Niche on Etsy 981/1088 orders contained a tree of life necklace My first tree necklace sale: October 7th 2010 One of my current tree necklaces. What if I never realized the tree necklaces had selling potential?
  42. 42. I developed variations of my best seller:
  43. 43. Pricing Strategies ● For new shops, it’s best to start off with very competitive pricing to drive sales up. ○ Once established, you can incrementally raise your prices ○ Prices of sold items are not shown ● If possible, offer inexpensive products ○ Some customers may love your shop, but are on a very limited budget ○ Get that impulse buy! ○ Make a variation of your best-selling products in a lower
  44. 44. It’s good to have a wide range of prices: ● Knowing who you’re selling to can help you come up with the correct prices for optimal sales: Music Festival-attending girls who want to be fairies... Brides who are spending thousands of dollars on a wedding- what’s another $180?
  45. 45. When starting a new shop... ● Do all of your behind the scenes work BEFORE opening your shop ○ product development ○ photo taking/editing ○ description writing ○ shop policy writing ○ shop banner design ● That way, when you open, you’re more likely to start making sales sooner, instead of wasting your grand opening time developing your shop’s appearance
  46. 46. Relisting: Etsy’s moneymaker and yours too... ● There are 15,692,075 items currently for sale on Etsy ● The second you list an item, it goes to the top of the list ○ Recently listed items ○ Category section ○ Keyword search ● As soon as someone else lists an item after yours, it gets bumped down on the list
  47. 47. Relisting: Etsy’s moneymaker and yours too... ● Don’t expect to post an item, and for someone to see it a few days later ○ You’ll have to relist!
  48. 48. Relisting: Etsy’s moneymaker and yours too... ● Relisting an item will keep your shop visible to shoppers browsing on Etsy
  49. 49. Tips for Successful Relisting: ● Develop a relisting budget! ○ knowing what you feel comfortable spending per month, you can figure out how many relistings per day ■ $25 per month/$0.20 per relisting=125 relistings/28 days=4.46 relistings per day ● What to relist: ○ The item(s) that gets the most attention ■ clicks, favorites, treasuries, sales ● spend your $0.20 wisely...
  50. 50. Tips for Successful Relisting ● I personally like to spread my relistings out throughout the day ● When to relist: ○ During the American workday ■ (The morning here is late-night in Australia) ■ People browse Etsy at the office ○ Evenings
  51. 51. Tips for Successful Relisting: ● Experiment with relisting: ○ Every type of item has a different audience ○ Different audiences shop at different times ● Scrutinize your results to find out what works ○ Try relisting various items at different times ■ Check how many clicks/favorites each gets ■ Edit your relisting schedule to reflect the results
  52. 52. Etsy on Sale App ● ● ● ● Easiest shop management tool! Automatic Relisting Holds storewide sales Set it and forget it!
  53. 53. Etsy on Sale App
  54. 54. Etsy on Sale App
  55. 55. Etsy on Sale App: Holding Sales ● You can hold a storewide sale ○ % discount ○ $ off ● You set the time frame
  56. 56. Etsy on Sale App: Holding Sales
  57. 57. Etsy on Sale App: Holding Sales This is what your photos will look like during your sale: You can add a sale prefix to the title of your items, so when people are browsing Etsy, “sale” is the first thing they see in your title.
  58. 58. If relisting doesn’t work for you: Your photos might need enhancement ● You haven’t found your niche ● People aren’t searching for items like yours ○ Keep developing new products until one sticks! ● People aren’t browsing your section often ○ try putting your item in a different section category! ● The wedding market is HUGE on Etsy ○ Tailor some of your items to fit into this category
  59. 59. Sites other than Etsy to increase traffic: ● Facebook- start a business page/use fb ads ○ ● Pinterest ● Wanelo ● Stumbleupon ● Start a Blog on Blogspot/Tumblr/Wordpress ● Twitter ● Youtube: make a how-to video ● Instagram
  60. 60. Don’t be afraid to change... ● It’s perfectly fine, and often a good idea, to completely change your product offerings. ● Go where the money is. ○ it’s very difficult to make obscure, niche products a cash cow ○ find genres that are trendy and fit with your skill set, or adapt your current products to fit in with trends
  61. 61. Elephantine: Changing Directions ● ● 8,845 sales ● “I’ve been using Etsy since 2007. I first joined to buy gifts and craft supplies, and then I started selling felt toys and greeting cards. I only sold enough of them to call it a hobby, and I wasn’t that enthusiastic about it. So I took a break, gave it some space, then re-opened my shop with a different look and a brand new collection: light, everyday jewelry.”
  62. 62. Elephantine’s first sales... Elephantine’s current sales...
  63. 63. Taking your Etsy business to the next level: ● Sell in person at markets and street fairs: ○ Asbury Fresh is a great place to sell on Sunday afternoons in the summer ■ ○ Street Fairs ■ ○ Local events in your town ■ google craft shows/street fairs- there are countless options
  64. 64. Craft Shows/Street Fairs: tips ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Make sure to apply in advance! Events can fill up with vendors quickly. Many applications require a tax ID number/ photos of your work/display Get a Square or credit card reader Be sure to have business cards (not only at events but always in your wallet!) Invest in an EZ-up tent Create a beautiful display- the more professional it looks, the more sales you’ll get! (pinterest/google for ideas) Get a banner printed with your logo!
  65. 65. Selling to Retail Stores: ● Choose your target store type ○ Similar style products ○ Browse the store to see if they carry any handmade items (boutiques usually do!) ● Give a sample of your most popular product and a lookbook with photos and pricing, leave a business card
  66. 66. Selling to Retail Stores: Pricing ● Wholesale pricing: normally 40%-50% off regular retail price ○ Increase your prices to allow for profits even with wholesale ● Offer consignment for first-time carriers ○ Risk-free for boutiques, a foot in the door for you!
  67. 67. Developing your Business Plan ● Set goals ○ Hours budgeted per week ○ How many items will you have for sale? ○ Sales goals