Social Media Strategizing FTW


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  • Both\n\nPersonal introductions\n\n
  • \n
  • What is social media anyway?\n\nMost of you all probably know since we are after all the “Millennial Generation”\n
  • Who uses what?\n
  • Let’s go back to the definition we started with\n
  • We need strategy. \n\nTools will come and go but the underlying strategy in all our communications should have staying power\n
  • jhr’s objectives:\n\nTo assist in jhr’s overall mission of making everyone around the world full aware of their rights\nTo mobilize existing volunteers while inspiring new volunteers and donors \nTo continue building jhr’s online relationships, brand awareness and reputation, website traffic, and incentive to take action\nTo listen and learn about what is being said about jhr \n
  • Highly intertwined with objectives\nThere’s more of a focus on stats here though\nEvery month we set goals for ourselves - how many Twitter followers, RTs, Facebook followers, visits on the website, etc. \n
  • At jhr we have three:\n\nSocially engaged youth - YOU. \nMedia professionals\nGeneral public\n
  • Socially engaged youth - Facebook primarily but also on Twitter\nMedia professionals - Twitter\nGeneral public - Facebook and newsletters, direct mail, LinkedIn\n\nASSESS - should you even be on social media? Remember it’s not a panacea \n
  • Online and offline are not separate. Make sure they are seamless. Those engaged online know how to get involved offline and vice versa. \n\nHow can you translate your online efforts offline or vice versa? All about mobilization. \njhr’s tweetup \n
  • \n
  • \n
  • Go back to your goals? \nWhat were your indicators? Increase in donations? Drive in traffic? Increase in volunteers? \n
  • Be honest with yourself. Sometimes at jhr, our numbers suck. We’re not engaging enough or we’re not giving relevant material. \n
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  • Social Media Strategizing FTW

    1. 1. Social Media Strategizing Abigail Yu | Social Media Coordinator
    2. 2. HELLO! Justine Yu Social Media Coordinator @justineabigail @jhrnews #rightsmedia 2
    3. 3. 3 2
    4. 4. Internet and mobile-based toolsused for sharing and discussing information with people across space and time.
    5. 5. 54
    6. 6. Internet and mobile-based TOOLS used for sharing anddiscussing information with people across space and time.
    7. 7. STRATEGY
    8. 8. ObjectivesWhat are you trying to do?
    9. 9. GoalsWhat do you hope to achieve?Think concrete, tangible, and quantifiable.
    10. 10. Target Audience Who do you want to reach?
    11. 11. ResearchWhat social media site should you use? Where is your audience hanging out? Who are your key influencers?
    12. 12. IntegrateSocial media should be a link between you online and offline initiatives. 12 11
    13. 13. Jump in!Activate your networks
    14. 14. Engage Be proactiveRespond and converse 14 13
    15. 15. MeasureRemember your goals? Let’s go back to that. 15 14
    16. 16. EvaluateWhat worked? What didn’t? 16 15
    17. 17. Rinse and RepeatExcept do it better this time around 17 16
    18. 18. Let’s apply this to your campaign. 18 17
    19. 19. 1918
    20. 20. @jhrnews #rightsmedia 3