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SOLUTIONS FORBUSINESS PROCESS &ENTERPRISE CONTENTMANAGEMENTSoftSol’splatform-independent,scalable Business ProcessManageme...
SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS PROCESS & ENTERPRISECONTENT MANAGEMENTKey Components ofBusiness Process ModelerThe web based Proces...
Process SimulatorOmniflow Process Simulator enablesbusinesses to simulate processes priorto their deployment using histori...
Business Process Management forEnterprise AgilityOmniFlow - BenefitsA Business Process is a complete and coordinated threa...
ArchitectureOmniFlow Server is a multi-tier, platform independent solution built using robust server-side Java and J2EEtec...
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Business Process Management


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SoftSol’s Business Process Management solution enables automation of business processes which can be integrated with any other external applications in the IT infrastructure.

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Business Process Management

  1. 1. SOLUTIONS FORBUSINESS PROCESS &ENTERPRISE CONTENTMANAGEMENTSoftSol’splatform-independent,scalable Business ProcessManagement (BPM) solution,powered by Newgen technology, enablesautomation of business processes which canbe integrated with any other external applications.It enables the user to design, develop, and deploy anew business process or modify an existing businessprocess with minimal or no programming efforts therebyenabling enterprises to streamline their business processes forgreater efficiencies.
  2. 2. SOLUTIONS FOR BUSINESS PROCESS & ENTERPRISECONTENT MANAGEMENTKey Components ofBusiness Process ModelerThe web based Process Modeler is a user-friendly drag & drop modeling tool that lets different users (BusinessOwner, Business Analyst, Process Architect, IT User) to work collaboratively on designing the Business Process.Different process view modes like Project view and Treeview mode enable administrative users view a process withmilestones for collaborative process design management. Designers can leave a comment with their designing whichcan be visible to other process designers or can chat with other designers while creating the process model. TheModeler provides different types of steps (Human, System Decisions etc.) to compose abusiness process. It complies with BPMN, BPEL, XPDL, WfXML standards.OmniFlow EngineThe OmniFlow Engine is the heart of the solution. It controls workflow processes and maintains the integrity ofprocess definitions. It provides standard workflow operations such as initiation of work, processing rules, sequential,parallel and ad-hoc routing of work, etc. The Workflow Server carries out certain periodic housekeeping functions tomaintain the integrity of the workflow processes, check for expiry of documents and determine if any process isstalled. The Workflow Server is designed to cater to high-volume transaction processing environments, by providingLoad Balancing to prevent bottlenecks. The OmniFlow Engine can be deployed on any standard Application Serverlike BEA WebLogic™, IBM WebSphere™, JBoss, and Oracle 10g.Process ManagerOmniFlow provides a user-friendly interface for Process Managers to administer and monitor their businessprocesses. It provides various tools for controlling and refining business processes. It is further empowered by reportsto find out performance of process as well as users.Business Activity Monitoring DashboardBusiness Activity Monitoring dashboard provides complete information about the execution status and progress of theprocess in various levels of detail, including statistical tables and graphical charts. The administrator can then takeactions accordingly to modify certain attributes of the process to improve performance. Thus it provides a way tomonitor and evaluate key performance indicators, the prerequisites needed to implement continuous improvement inbusiness processes.Form BuilderForm Builder Electronic Forms provides the interface to quickly deploy user friendly forms for entering data into thesystem. The electronic form retains the exact look and feel of the paper form and contracts. Form Builder provides amethodology for enabling dual data entry, associating zones and auto scrolling of forms for faster dataentry and validating fields through scripts. Different type of controls enable rollout of form very easily and quickly.Process Modeler Business Activity Monitoring Dashboard
  3. 3. Process SimulatorOmniflow Process Simulator enablesbusinesses to simulate processes priorto their deployment using historical dataor performing “what-if” analysis aroundspecific business scenarios to developthe most effective business processes.By determining the effectiveness ofthose processes upfront, organizationsensure deployment of the best andmost optimal process to delivermaximum value and mitigate risksassociated with deploying “untested”processes.BRMSSoftSols OmniRules, is a completely scalable web based Business Rules Management System that helps organizations achieve new levels of agilityand integrity in managing their business operations. It allows business users to easily define, control, change and deploy business policies. OmniR-ules empowers the business user to take charge of the business completely without any dependency on technical assistance.• Define Business Rules in a simple language For e.g. English• Maintain multiple versions of business rule sets• On the fly change management in Business rules• On the fly change management in Business rules• Expose the deployed rule-sets as Web-Services without any coding• Define Applicability, Priority and Expiry of the rules.• Secured Web based interface.• Standard JSR 94 API toolkit for easy integrationsFeatures & Functionalities:Enterprise Applications of OmniFlowBetter Turn Around TimeReduced CostsHigherProductivityStatutoryComplianceDeriskedProcessProcessTransparencyutomA ateerusaeMlortnoC&ExtendProcess AutomationOptimization Continuous ProcessImprovementBusinessTransformationMonitorO ezp itimecruostuOProcess AutomationBusiness Process in an organization can be automated using OmniFlow. TheOmniFlow Rules and Roles based engine maps exactly onto the process, itsparticipants, business rules and exceptions. This along with a strong Monitoring &Control mechanism enables quick turn around time, transparency and higherproductivity. The challenges faced by organizations yet to begin their BPM journeyare that, people have silo view of the process, work is error prone due to lot ofmanual handoffs, exceptions take lot of time to get resolved and decision making isaffected due to lack of real time data. The first step is to automate the core businessprocesses. Automation brings in process visibility across stake holders and makesthe process explicit. Real time dashboards give visibility into process performanceand make decision making faster and effective. OmniFlow has been successfullyused for automating processes in:Industry SolutionsBanking and Financial ServicesRetail BankingAccount Opening, Account Maintenance, CustomerQuery Resolution.......Wholesale BankingInward Outward Clearing, Signature Management System,Cheque Clearing, PDC, Remittance, Trade Finance,Corporate Credit, Accounts Payable, LC Issuance &Amendment, Commercial Loans...Customer Finance Loan Origination, Loan Servicing.......InsuranceClaims, New Business, Policy Servicing, Customer QueryResolution and Electronic Statements...Health CareMember Enrollment, Complaints and Grievance Handling,Contract Management Provider Credentialing...Governmente-Gov Office , Office Automation, Complaints andGrievance Management, Citizen Centric Processes...OptimizationOnce successfully automated the next logical stage is processoptimization. The process and its performance is now visible to allstakeholders and with their collaborative effort. Bottlenecks can beidentified and resolved. User workload can be monitored and planned forbetter utilization. For e.g. we may find that a particular type of exception ishappening too often and delaying the cycle time. Such exception casescan be routed to a specialist. Similarly we may find substantial differencesin productivity of people. Causes could be identified and proper trainingprovided to handle it. This results in huge business benefits to theorganization such as reduction in cycle times, productivity improvement,improved SLA adherence and meeting compliance norms.Continuous Process ImprovementThe organization may then choose to use BPM as a platform forcontinuous process improvement encompassing an ever increasing set oforganizational processes across various line of businesses. Here theability to standardize processes across regions, roll out new processesquickly and change existing processes frequently in tune with marketrequirements is crucial. This is done in a collaborative manner byBusiness and IT. To drive a continuous process improvement program itsis important to setup a COE with executive support.Business TransformationOnce the processes are standardized and the organizations has identifiedits future goals and vision, they can look at transformational changes bydeciding to focus more on key business processes and outsource the noncritical parts to SSCs or BPOs while maintaining entire control over it.
  4. 4. Business Process Management forEnterprise AgilityOmniFlow - BenefitsA Business Process is a complete and coordinated thread of all serial andparallel activities needed to deliver a specific business result. BusinessProcess Management seamlessly integrates these series of activitiesbased on Business Rules. It also links activities to people or technologiesperforming predefined roles.SoftSols BPM suite promises business results in one business quarterwith assurance of :Customer Delight• Customer On-boarding - Reduced Cycle time• Customer Service Delivery -100% visibilityAgility & Market Responsiveness• Faster Change Management - Reduce fromweeks to days• Time for new process rollout - Reduce frommonths to weeksCompliance & Quality• SLA Adherence - Increase to 99%• Auditability & Adherence to Regulation -Increaseto 100%Scaling Capacity• Increased Productivity• Doing Right First Time• Reduced Process TAT (Cycle Time)• Standardization of processesManage Cost• FTE Reduction• Reduced Document Handling Cost• Leveraging past IT investmentsA Managed Business Processallows the corporation to adapt andrespond to changing markets andenvironment demands quickly.Additionally process managementsolutions integrate metrics at alllevels, allowing end users tomonitor processes and buildmanagement consoles that enableprocess improvement.OmniFlow is designedto ease the creation,deployment,modification andmanagement ofBusiness Processeswith no programmingeffort and differentiateswith other BusinessProcess Managementproducts in its ability todeploy rapidly toautomate a completeprocess.OmniFlow is a completesoftware solution todesign, deploy,manage, optimize andimprove businessprocesses. It involvesminimal programmingeffort, and is easilydeployable therebyenabling enterprises tostreamline theirbusiness processes forgreater efficiencies. Itfacilitates the completedigitization andautomation of yourbusiness processes,encompassing thevarious phases ofdesign, documentation,execution, monitoring,control and evenextension of yourbusiness processes,thereby providing aplatform for continuousimprovement.ProcessWhatWhoWithBusiness ApplicationsPeople
  5. 5. ArchitectureOmniFlow Server is a multi-tier, platform independent solution built using robust server-side Java and J2EEtechnologies. It works on Windows, Linux, Solaris and UnixOperating Systems:Windows, Linux, Unix, SolarisMultilingual SupportOmniflow is unicode based and can be localized to work with any national and regional languageScalable ServerThe system can be deployed on multiple servers for fault tolerance and load balancing. These Servers areresponsible for Transaction Management, Connection Pooling and Session Management.http://https://JDBCJDBCPresentationLayerJNDIJNDIXMLXMLTCP/IPBusinessDelegateServiceLocatorSessionFacadeLocalEJBOmniFlow ProcessData PresentationModulesOmniFlowDocumentPresentationModulesStorage DeviceOmniFlow EngineOmniDocs EngineBusinessDelegateServiceLocatorSessionFacadeLocalEJBStorage Management ServerApplication ServerData LayerMSSql/OracleInternetExplorerMozillaFirefoxClient LayerOmniFlow supports seamless integration with external business aplications via XML-based APIs, JavaMessaging Server (JMS) and Web-Services. It also supports Business Integration platforms like Biztalk,MQ Series. OmniFlow also facilitates integration with external systems through the wide range ofintegration capabilities supported through Forms and Automated Tool Agents, Terminal Emulator andScreen Scrapper etc.Seamless Integration Capability48383 Fremont Blvd., Suite 116Fremont, CA 94538(510) 824-2000www.softsol.comSoftSol, Inc.1364 Beverly Rd., Suite 300McLean, VA 22101(703) 749-2855www.newgensoft.comNewgen Software Technologies Limited