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Traits Of Wealthy People


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Traits of wealthy people that will help you understand how to get better results in your business.

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Traits Of Wealthy People

  1. 1. Traits Of Wealthy People by Justin Bryant
  2. 2. 1. Make A Bold Decision Unless you inherit a large company or something, you should make a firm decision to become wealthy. Mediocrity cannot even be an option and this will produce a successful mindset that will set you up for great achievements. Why did I say it has to be a company choice? I stressed that because you cannot to accomplish anything if you change your mind about your decision in a week. You need to be firm and consistent with exactly what you want and do whatever it takes to get it. One problem with most people, is that they aren't going to get out of their comfort area. They think they have to go for less and when they complain about not being even more successful, you don't see them really do anything about it. Wealthy people are actually willing to get out of their comfort zone and do things others aren't willing to do to achieve something greater. So, make the FIRM decision to be wealthy, if that is truly what you want. You could have the very best opportunities on the planet, yet not make the choice to act and will stay broke.
  3. 3. 2. Associate With Success "You are the average of the 5 people you invest the most time with.". - Jim Rohn. Who do you listen to about your future, your success, and your financial circumstance? Now, look at the results they get. Are they in the position you want to be in? Are they really successful themselves? If not, why are you paying attention to them about areas of life they haven't been successful with themselves? It's time to begin paying attention to and surrounding yourself with individuals that can give you good recommendations in addition to impact you to prosper. You may not know any individual like that now, but what you can do is start listening to empowering audios, reviewing books written by fantastic authors on success, belonging to a group of similar business owners, finding a coach that is constantly producing huge results, etc. Wealthy people don't take financial suggestions from an individual who is hardly getting by or broke. As soon as you are around and listening to successful people every day, it ends up being transmittable and helps you accomplish your goals.
  4. 4. 3. Be BOLD Procrastination kills results and action gets you results. You can't be afraid of failure. The bold-minded will constantly rise back up from bad choices, become wiser them and turn them into success. Once you have made the choice to be successful, you then need to take action to get a result. You can't simply await the "timing to be right," you have to go out and act with a bold state of mind and be willing to prosper and even learn from mistakes to end up being smarter.
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