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Firbush PhD Introduction


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This was a quick presentation to fellow PhD students, introducing my research topic during a retreat.

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Firbush PhD Introduction

  1. 1. Frances Ryan First Year Research Student
  2. 2. Online Reputation Management in a Digital World
  3. 3. Creative Commons
  4. 4. The Questions The proposed research will answer two questions: 1) How do people evaluate the reputations of others from the online evidence available to them? 2) How do people manage their own reputation through their online activities?
  5. 5. Key Terms •Reputation •Identity •Information
  6. 6. The Research • Social informatics viewpoint • Focus on how individuals decide what to share – or not to share • Use of pseudonyms and anonymous accounts • Opting to not use social media • How individuals evaluate others
  7. 7. Methodology • Undetermined at this time • Scoping survey • Likely in-depth interviews • Possible assessment of interviewees’ reputations + second interviews • Open to ideas!
  8. 8. Next Stages •RD5 in autumn •Literature searching •Literature review •Scoping survey
  9. 9. Questions?
  10. 10. (Yes, I am online!) @cleverfrances