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A discussion on Judith Leavitt's "Typhoid Mary"

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Justin archer.typhoid mary

  1. 1. Justin Archer PAD5398
  2. 2.  Immigrated from Ireland at age 15  Worked as a cook for rich NY families  Healthy carrier of the typhoid infection
  3. 3.  Typhoid fever outbreaks began to happen in families she worked for  George Soper investigated particular case and concluded that Mary was the source of the disease  After Mallon refused to voluntarily submit to testing for typhoid, she was taken into custody by the health department  After determining that she is a healthy carrier, Mary was sent to North Brother Island
  4. 4.  After 2 years at North Brother Island, Mary made an attempt to regain her freedom  After habeas corpus hearing but she is still not “cleared” from her charges  One year later, she was given her freedom on the condition that she never cook for the public again
  5. 5.  Mallon is released from North Brother Island and begins employment as a laundry worker  Mary assumes an alias of Mrs. Brown, and resumes cooking  After an outbreak occurs at a maternity hospital, Soper carries out investigation and discovers that “Mrs. Brown” is the cause  She is taken back to the island and lives in solitude for 23 years, until she dies of a stroke
  6. 6.  Conflicting opinions on how Mary’s case should have been handled  Public Safety vs. Individual Rights  What do YOU think?
  7. 7.  Society still facing the same questions today  Public health policy in other parts of the world  When does the safety of the public outweigh the rights of individuals?
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