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Animal Cruelty Power Point


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Stop Animal Cruelty slideshow

Published in: Education

Animal Cruelty Power Point

  1. 1. Anyone could be a victim of abuse Anyone can be a victim of abuse Anyone can be a victim of abuse
  2. 2. It happens ALL around you Animal Abuse
  3. 3. In your neighborhood
  4. 4. At your town’s Circus                                      
  5. 5. In the forest behind your house
  6. 6. At your neighborhood business Animal Testing
  7. 7. It can even happen at your local farms
  8. 8. In the oceans
  9. 9. It’s a form of entertainment Image Source It’s even a form of entertainment
  10. 11. Cock Fighting
  11. 12. Now, what are you going to do to help? Contact your local humane society agency if you see or suspect any signs of animal abuse.
  12. 13. You TOO can make a difference!