Enterprise 2.0 Case Study


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Case Study about the implementation of Just Connect Social Intranet Software at a leading global strategy consulting firm.

Key points include:
- Initial Situation
- Expectations
- Challenges
- Implemented Solution
- Impact to date
- Key lessons
- Success factors

4 pages, English

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Enterprise 2.0 Case Study

  1. 1. Enterprise 2.0 Case Study:Implementation of‚Just Connect‘Social Intranet Softwareat a leading globalstrategy consulting firm
  2. 2. Initial situation: Our client’s global marketing organisation comprises over 200 highly skilled marketing experts, located in more than 60 offices in over 30 countries around the world. The geographical spread and fragmented setup of key func-“Building a global com- tions put high demands on internal communication channels.munity for our organisa-tion where each colleague To reduce the need for heavy e-mail traffic between officesis only one click away and functions, several new platforms were introduced. How-and the conversations are ever, the primary focus of these new platforms was mainly ontransparent can facilitatea very easy exchange of knowledge and document management, supported by someexperiences and leverage interactive features.our local and global ex-pertise significantly.” Having multiple (not centrally managed) platforms and chan- nels in place caused inefficient communication rather than benefits. Company: A leading global strategy consulting firm Division: Global Marketing Organisation
  3. 3. Challenges:“We wanted to bring together ourpeople from around the globe into Specific challengesone single virtual office building.” for the implementa- tion of a new social software tool at our client include: • Geographically dispersed setup of offices and marketers • No real commu- nity (marketersExpectations: don’t know each other) • Very limited Web Because of the previous “mixed” experiences and the urgent 2.0 expertise on the user sideneed for a well-functioning system, our client’s marketing or-ganisation had high expectations regarding the renewal of itscollaboration and communication platform. The implementedsolution should• Foster a sense of com- • Reduce the flood of munity amongst the e-mails widespread marketing specialists • Structure content and allow for rapid access to• Create one single place information and people for the global market- ing function to allow • Be intuitive and user for communication, the friendly with short training sharing of ideas and times and high adoption transparent discussions rates
  4. 4. Implemented solution:The global marketing organisation implemented Just ConnectSocial Intranet Software version 5.6. by Just Software AG.The solution, called ‘mPoint’, has been thoroughly adapted tothe organisation’s requirements. More than ten marketing-ac-tivity-based places on such diverse topics as Media Relations, ‘It is essential to pre-struc-Alumni Relations, and Event Management provide structure ture communications andfor the platform. These virtual places are separate one-stop- content to allow people easy access to the infor-shops for the respective marketing activity whilst also inter- mation they really need.’connecting activities to support cross-activity functions andstructures.Similarly, the simple page setup of all places make for intui-tive navigation and customized designs give a warm and livelytouch to the platform.
  5. 5. Top 5 impacts to date: • Well organised central knowledge repository • Reduction of e-mail traffic • More transparent knowledge & idea sharing Key lessons • The feel of a real ‘global marketing and success community’ factors for • The ultimate entry point for new hires implementation:“Don’t underestimate thechange management” • Involve your employees • Don’t underestimate the in the platform develop- change management ment process as early as requirements after imple- possible to ensure that mentation the final solution match- es the requirements of • Make sure the software the actual user installation looks appeal- ing and contains interest- • Integrate the platform ing content at the launch into the actual corporate date to attract and retain communication users
  6. 6. ‚Just Connect‘:building a trulyglobal marketingplatformIt´s all about peopleFor further information and reference contactsplease contact:Name: Felix SchröderEmail: felix.schroeder[at]justsoftwareag.comPhone: +49 (0) 40 360 98 79-0Web: www.justsoftwareag.com