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Natural Hemorrhoid

  2. 2. Natural, Surgery or Do It Yourself? Natural Hemorrhoid Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment to Cure Your Hemorrhoids The Permanent and Natural Cure Natural Hemorrhoid Treatments Ideas For Natural Hemorrhoid Relief That Can Work For You! Hemorrhoid Surgery Hemorrhoid Treatment Options - Is Hemorrhoid Surgery Your Only Option? When is Hemorrhoid Surgery Needed? Choose Hemorrhoid Surgery Wisely - Know the Facts How Does Hemorrhoid Laser Surgery Work? Avoid Dangerous Hemorrhoid Surgery Problems Hemorrhoid Treatment - Do it yourself Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment - Do it Yourself at Home Simple Steps That You Can Do Yourself at Home to Take Away the Itching and Burning A Simple and Effective Hemorrhoids Home Remedy Can They Really Cure Your Hemorrhoid Problem? Hemorrhoids Home Remedies - Rapid Ways to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids Resource NATURAL HEMORRHOID TREATMENT TO CURE YOUR HEMORRHOIDS A hemorrhoid is always a problem; it's painful and can be a distracting experience if you let it get ahead of you. Once you feel, or determine that you are already suffering from it then you better devise a hemorrhoid treatment strategy to get rid of the problem in the shortest possible time before it can put a dent on your life. One of best hemorrhoid treatment methods is the natural way. True that this is an alternative cure from expensive or risky modern invasive techniques, like liposuction or surgery; many have testified that this offers relief without putting a dent in your wallet. Though it is not as fast as its modern counterpart, your safety, as well as your finances is guaranteed when you opt for this method. Page 2
  3. 3. Natural, Surgery or Do It Yourself? Prevention-Treatment Method The facts on preventing hemorrhoids can be used to help speed up the treatment process. We all know for a fact that our habits may also become the cause of this problem; like too much sitting or standing, wearing tight articles of clothes, especially underwear or swimsuits that restricts blood circulation; diet consisting of high cholesterol content, unhealthy lifestyle, and more. If you're already under the pains and distractions of hemorrhoid then you need to know these preventive measures to speed up your hemorrhoid treatment. Utilizing Hot-Cold Method Do you know that hot and cold packs can be used to help treat hemorrhoid? Let's take our muscles for example, if you're suffering from an ankle sprain or muscle spasms, did you notice that alternate use of hot and cold packs on the afflicted area can reduce the pain and settle down the inflamed muscles and veins? Same can also be applied for hemorrhoid treatment. You can use a hot pack wedged between your buttocks to help relax the swelling or you can utilize Sitz bath for better results. Hemorrhoid is caused by the blockage on your veins and pressure causing the vein walls to swell; alternate use of hot and cold packs can remedy this problem and very useful in alleviating the pain. Using Creams Hemorrhoids can be a lifestyle killer, especially if it's already in a stage where walking cause pain to hinder your movements. There are those, however, who tend to ignore the pain and proceed with their usual routine without consider possible irritation that comes with it. Keep in mind that walking can cause your hemorrhoid to swell more; friction that is a result of the afflicted area being rubbed on skin can increase the pain and swelling. A hemorrhoid treatment solution to this problem is to use creams or oils with cold soothing effect to help lubricate the area and continue its cure. THE PERMANENT AND NATURAL CURE Hemorrhoids are an embarassing and often painful problem to endure. They can make sitting for long periods nearly unbearable, and cause itching and burning, which makes for extreme discomfort in what seems like the most inconvenient times. So, how can you help your body heal itself and get rid of them for good? Often thought of as a symptom of pregnancy and excess weight, hemorrhoids are actually formed a lot more easily than some may think. Bearing excessive weight incorrectly can strain you in all the wrong places faster than you think, and the likelihood hemorrhoids will form by moving heavy objects, extreme and prolonged constipation and general physical strain becomes much greater with age, as our bodies tend to weaken and become more susceptible to "bend and break". Page 3
  4. 4. Natural, Surgery or Do It Yourself? A hemorrhoid, by definition, is "an itching or painful mass of dilated veins in swollen anal tissue." There are several ways you can relieve the physical discomfort of hemorrhoids - getting rid of them is a different story. You can relieve the pain and discomfort by practicing the following: 1.) The use of soothing "astringent" herbs topically directly on the affected area. Astringent herbs have an uncanny ability to help tighten and tone loose tissue, which is essentially what a hemorrhoid is, as well as to stop bleeding and help promote a soothing and cooling effect on contact. These astringent herbs can be found in some top shelf herbal hemorrhoid compounds. These herbs are also known to help strengthen blood vessels and keep vericose veins in check. 2.) Get up and move. Inactivity is one of the worst things for hemorrhoids. 3.) Stay regular. Eat your fiber to avoid constipation. Now, how can you actually get rid of hemorrhoids, not just relieve the inconvenience and discomfort of the symptoms? 1.) In the most extreme and stubborn cases, surgery is one way to go. 2.) If you don't need surgery, you should be able to treat your hemorrhoids with a good natural hemorrhoid remedy that is specially formulated to get rid of hemorrhoids beginning internally, at the source of the problem. You will definitely feel and see a good oral remedy working pretty quickly. An oral remedy should contain some of the ingredients about to be discussed - the more it contains, the better, as these natural ingredients are the key to healing and eradicating your problem by targeting swelling, inflammation and poor vein health and circulation internally. Ingredients in a natural hemorrhoid remedy may include: 1.) Vitamin E - The antioxidant action of this vitamin protects against further free radical damage and helps to quell inflammation internally. 2.) Horse Chestnut - This herbal ingredient helps to strengthen and tone veins and alleviate swelling. 3.) L-Arginine - Helps relax muscles and prevent muscle spasms. 4.) Oat Straw - Raises energy levels, acts as a mild antidepressant and supports an overly stressed digestive system by promoting regularity. 5.) Plantain - Relieves itching and burning. 6.) Red Sage - A Chinese herb used for stimulation of circulation. Lack of circulation causes and prolongs the severity of hemorrhoids. There are other herbs, vitamins, minerals and natural compounds that may be used to help get rid of hemorrhoids, but those previously mentioned are some of the key players in hemorrhoid Page 4
  5. 5. Natural, Surgery or Do It Yourself? treatment. Finding yourself the right hemorrhoid remedy will definitely lead you to freedom from discomfort and pain - for good. NATURAL HEMORRHOID TREATMENTS Hemorrhoids, also know as piles, are a common condition afflicting people of all ages. There are two types of hemorrhoids: external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids. A person may have both internal and external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids can become quite painful. Internal hemorrhoids may not cause pain but they can produce blood with a bowel movement. Other hemorrhoids symptoms include occasional throbbing pain, itching, and burning sensation. External hemorrhoids give rise to a painful swelling or a hard lump around the anus, the result of a blood clot. Hemorrhoids are commonly caused by constipation, straining during bowel movements and pregnancy. You may have a genetic predisposition to develop hemorrhoids. Most cases of hemorrhoids can usually be treated effectively with over-the-counter medications. These medications are usually designed to alleviate hemorrhoids symptoms of pain, itching, and burning sensations and to reduce the inflammation associated with hemorrhoids. In more severe cases, your doctor may suggest surgical removal of the hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid treatments involving surgery will include rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy, infrared light, and stapling. However, most mild hemorrhoids will respond to home remedies used to reduce the pain and inflammation. These natural remedies should only be tried after you have had your hemorrhoids look at by your doctor. This is especially true if you have observed bleeding with your hemorrhoids. A common cause of hemorrhoids is a low-fiber diet, which causes constipation and leads to small and hard stools that are difficult to pass. Eating the right amounts of fiber and drinking six to eight glasses of water a day will soften stool and increase the bulk, which will reduce the need to strain and lessen the pressure on hemorrhoids. Good sources of fiber are fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Another good natural home remedy for treating hemorrhoids is to take powdered psyllium fiber supplement. Psyllium seeds are high in fiber and will help soften stool to alleviate the discomforts of hemorrhoids. Bioflavonoids are natural plant compounds that help maintain and heal blood vessel walls and decrease inflammation and reduce the accompanying pain and bleeding. Vegetables rich in bioflavanoids include broccoli, green leafy vegetables, rutin and wheat. Bioflavonoid supplements can also be purchased at your local natural health food store. Side effects from using bioflavonoid supplements are rare, but if you have pregnancy hemorrhoids and are considering taking bioflavonoid supplements to treat the condition, check with your obstetrician before you try them. Page 5
  6. 6. Natural, Surgery or Do It Yourself? Witch hazel, an astringent, can be used to reduce hemorrhoid bleeding, relieve pain, reduce itching and swelling. Witch hazel compress or witch hazel cream can also be used to help reduce the hemorrhoids bleeding. Another natural hemorrhoid treatment is a plant called butcher's broom. Butcher's broom has long been used to alleviate the pain and swelling associated with hemorrhoids. The plant contains a compound called ruscogen with known anti-inflammatory and vein constricting properties. Your local health food store will likely carry butcher's broom. These natural hemorrhoids treatments should only be used under the supervision of your doctor, especially if you are taking prescription drugs. IDEAS FOR NATURAL HEMORRHOID RELIEF THAT CAN WORK FOR YOU! If you are suffering from piles or hemorrhoids, chances are you are looking for natural hem relief that can work for you. Here are a few ideas for treatment that might work for you:  Try a natural laxative, like prunes. Often, hemorrhoids are a symptom of constipation. Abnormal straining when visiting the toilet leads to the blood vessels that distend. Therefore, it makes sense that if you add a laxative to the mix, you will avoid the problem, or at least prevent it from becoming too bad.  On the same note, you should watch your diet and lifestyle in general, when looking for natural relief. Eating a high fiber diet, drinking lots of water, and exercising can go a long way to the prevention.  Witch hazel, which is a natural astringent, is useful in helping the distended blood vessels that cause hemorrhoids to contract. This makes it an effective, natural relief option.  Using a cold compress, such as a damp washcloth, or an ice pack wrapped in a towel, applied directly to the area affected, is another great source of your pain relief.  Just as cold helps relieve hemorrhoid pain and discomfort, so too does heat. Try taking a hot bath - a very hot bath with a little salts added to the water. This will help get the blood flowing, and is a great pain relief method. All of these are very effective options. However, it is important to note that in very severe cases, or where complications like prolapsed hemorrhoids or bleeding hemorrhoids are the problem, or where they are chronic or recurring, you may need to seek medical advice. If simple, natural home remedies are not working for you, you may need to try over the counter medications, or even opt for the more permanent, although invasive, option of surgery. HEMORRHOID TREATMENT OPTIONS - IS HEMORRHOID SURGERY YOUR ONLY OPTION? If you suffer from external hemorrhoids, there are many ways to treat them. Hemorrhoids make everyday actions like walking and even sitting painful, and relief from the pain that they cause is very important. Home treatments have proven to be effective, safe, and inexpensive. Petroleum jelly is one of the most frequent home treatments. Page 6
  7. 7. Natural, Surgery or Do It Yourself? External hemorrhoids are generally caused by undue stress or pressure on the veins in the anus area. These hemorrhoids are highly sensitive, and cause burning and itching in the anal area. Petroleum jelly can help to relieve the symptoms, applied as needed. A calculated change in lifestyle is another external hemorrhoid treatment option you can take and is perhaps the most important. Your choice of undergarments is a big factor as cotton will relieve some of the swelling and irritation of the anus area by allowing the effect area to "breath". Also fabric made from cotton will help keep the area free from excess moister. Though this may seem like a small or even insignificant change you can make it is important to do all that you can to combat this problem. The types of physical activates you partake in also play a part. Picking up heavy items, coughing constantly, extended time of standing and sitting and constipation all can cause hemorrhoids. By just changing your lifestyle using some these ways can help you manage your hemorrhoids and perhaps destroy them for good. Phenylephrine, also known as Preparation H, is the other method. The irritating and swelling near the area of concern is neutralized by the applying the phenylephrine, the active ingredient found in Preparation H. The hemorrhoids should be taken care of if the irritation and swelling is reduced. This procedure needs to be constantly repeated in order to confirm that your ailment is gone. The amount of time and application needed to cure the condition is dependent on how severe of the case. These forms of treatment are preferred because they are effective and not as expensive as conventional treatment methods. While surgical procedures are sometimes considered, they are mostly reserved for the most serve causes. Other means of home treatment should be explored first, before considering surgery, because there is always an alternative without having to spend money, time and effort to surgery. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids there are no doubts that you have to properly address this problem and fast. Though they may help alleviate some of the symptoms it is important to remember that topical solutions such as petroleum jelly and Preparation H do not get the root cause of the problem. Because no definitive treatment exists, the adoption of lifestyle changes in diet, including incorporating supplements and natural food that aid in digestion and circulatory health are important along with positive changes in one's physical activates may eliminate your external hemorrhoids and reduces your chances for developing them again. WHEN IS HEMORRHOID SURGERY NEEDED? Hemorrhoid is the unusual swelling of the veins located in the anal canal, resulting in pain and discomfort in the area. Hemorrhoids can happen inside the anal canal (internal hemorrhoid) or near the opening of the anus (external hemorrhoid). This unusually large expansion of veins in the pelvic and rectal regions results from accelerated blood pressure. This pressure causes the blood to pool up in the veins, which stretches the surrounding tissue to create space for itself. Conditions in which blood pressure in the pelvic and rectal area can accelerate are: * Strain exerted during a bowel movement as a result of constipation or continual diarrhea. Page 7
  8. 8. Natural, Surgery or Do It Yourself? * Obesity increases pressure across the body, including the sensitive pelvic and rectal regions. * Pregnancy increases secretion of hormones and relaxation of tissues. When Is Surgery Not Needed in Hemorrhoid? Most hemorrhoids do not require surgery as treatment. For external hemorrhoids, surgery is not required unless they are extremely large and highly uncomfortable. External hemorrhoids are generally very painful, as they are present in the area exposed to friction. The symptoms of external hemorrhoids are: * Extreme pain in the region. * Bleeding during bowel movement. * Anal itching caused either by the leaking of mucus or fecal matter from the anus. * Presence of bumpy rash or pea shaped lumps. The symptoms of internal hemorrhoids are: * Bleeding during a bowel movement. * Vague discomfort in anus. * Pain (when internal hemorrhoids stick out from the rectum) When Is Surgery Needed in Hemorrhoid? Surgery needs to be considered in the following cases: * All other treatments fail. * Symptoms become so unbearable or painful that they start affecting your lifestyle. * When bleeding becomes uncontrollable and pus develops at the anus, aggravating the rectal pain. What Surgery Is Needed for the Treatment of Hemorrhoid? Hemorrhoid surgery helps eliminate or reduce hemorrhoids. The following are certain surgical options: Procedure for Prolepses and Hemorrhoids (PPH) for Treating Hemorrhoids: This is the most common method of surgical hemorrhoid treatment. It involves the use of a stapler-like device to cut off blood supply to hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoidectomy: It is the most successful treatment for internal hemorrhoids. Here, wounds are sutured, clamped or removed and then stitched. This method especially helps those who have not benefited from the PPH method of hemorrhoid treatment. CHOOSE HEMORRHOID SURGERY WISELY - KNOW THE FACTS Hemorrhoids (piles) are classified, depending on severity, into four degrees or classes. First degree Hemorrhoids bleed but they do not drop out of the rectum Second degree Prolapse from rectum and show on the outside. This usually happens during defecation and they will retract back up inside without help Page 8
  9. 9. Natural, Surgery or Do It Yourself? Third degree Hemorrhoids push out from rectum and need you to push them back inside Fourth degree Hemorrhoids cannot be pushed back in after coming out. They swell, strangulate and create a lot of pain. Depending on what class of hemorrhoid you are diagnosed with will allow the doctor to choose just which procedure or surgery that will work best for you. The following are a few of the more common surgeries: Sclerotherapy If you have class one hemorrhoids and they are not protruding from your rectal opening then this procedure would work well for you. The doctor injects a solution into each of the hemorrhoids. This procedure acts much like the rubber band ligation, but the chemical is used to destroy the hemorrhoid instead of cutting off the blood supply to it. There are many sclerosants, including chemicals like almond oil and phenol or a salt solution, they all work the same by causing a low inflammation reaction which will scar the vein and mucosal tissue and thus cause the walls to collapse and the hemorrhoid to shrivel up. Cryosurgery Using liquid nitrogen or nitrous oxide the doctor cools down a cryoprobe to freezing and then touches it to the hemorrhoid to freeze and destroy the tissue. In two to three weeks the hemorrhoids will then shrink and fall off. This used to be widely used but it has many problems that people do not like to deal with. You can get a foul odor as the hemorrhoid decays, you can get an infection with drainage and it is a painful procedure. Electro Cauterization An electrical probe is charged and pressed to the hemorrhoid to burn it off, the bleeding controlled by the cautery. It does create some pain. Laser or Infrared cautery This is used to destroy a hemorrhoid. The laser coagulates it and shrinks it. This is a great improvement over cryo and electro cautery surgeries as the depth of coagulation is better controlled and patients have less pain, bleeding and problems. PPH or Procedure for Prolapse and Hemorrhoids A minimally invasive surgical approach that is used on class three hemorrhoids and helps patients recover from hemorrhoid surgery faster with less pain, less complications and less need of pain medication when compared to conventional hemorrhoidectomy procedures. Page 9
  10. 10. Natural, Surgery or Do It Yourself? This procedure essentially pulls up, or positions the mucosa, or anal canal tissue, to a healthier place, thus stapling it out of the way which reduces blood flow to the internal hemorrhoids. These internal hemorrhoids then shrink within four to six weeks after the procedure Artery Ligation Surgery or Doppler Probe The surgeon uses ultrasound to find which artery is feeding the hemorrhoid then sews it off. The hemorrhoid then shrinks and the patient feels well again. This procedure is expensive and offers little advantage over rubber band ligation. Hemorrhoidectomy or Hemorrhoid Surgery This is the surgical removal of hemorrhoids and is normally only done for class two or three hemorrhoids. In the procedure the physician actually cuts out the hemorrhoids with his scalpel or lasers, controls the bleeding with cauterization and then uses sutures to sew the area closed. This is not a comfortable surgery at all. There is pain and bleeding and discharge. Sometimes the anal canal is packed for 24 hours which gives the patient discomfort and fullness in his bottom. The hospitalization can be up to ten days. You will be given pain medication and a regimen of sitz baths. Having your first bowel movement is very scary and difficult. The healing period can be up to two months. This surgery is plagued by some serious side effects so again it is only the most severe cases that will ever be offered this procedure. The side effects can include the anal canal being narrowed, difficulty or inability to defecate, tears in the anal canal and in rare instances the nerves are damaged and you can no longer tell the difference between expelling gas and defecating and that can be an embarrassing mishap. Because of the cost of surgery and the side effects and problems associated with it, only about 1% of hemorrhoids are removed this way. HOW DOES HEMORRHOID LASER SURGERY WORK? It has long been known that applying heat, and even light, in the form of infrared therapy, can be very effective in curing hemorrhoids. A newer type of therapy, however, in the form of hemorrhoid laser surgery, is fast becoming a popular alternative. When Is Surgery Used? In most mild to moderate cases of external hemorrhoids, laser therapy is not required to gain relief. Ordinary methods, such as over the counter drugs and home remedies will be sufficient to clear up the problem or the hemorrhoids may simply disappear on their own. However, in some cases, particularly where internal hemorrhoids are concerned, or where the hemorrhoids are persistent or recurring, surgery may be required to solve the problem. How Does Laser Work? Page 10
  11. 11. Natural, Surgery or Do It Yourself? Surgery, or laser coagulation, uses an electrical impulse, applied directly to the hemorrhoid, to trigger a chemical reaction in the affected vein. This in turn shuts down blood supply to the vein, and once that happens, the hemorrhoid shrinks, and disappears. How to Get Surgery If you find yourself suffering from recurrent or severe hemorrhoids, or if your hemorrhoids are internal, and therefore not treatable by ordinary means, you may find yourself needing hemorrhoid surgery. In this case, you will need to visit your doctor, who will conduct an examination of the area, either externally, or internally, using a special scope. At this point, your doctor will be able to recommend what type of surgery is most suitable for your particular hemorrhoid problem, and if that is hemorrhoid surgery, they will schedule that for you. Overall, surgery is an effective option for treating severe hemorrhoid problems, but you should always opt for less invasive methods first, if possible, and keep surgery as an option only if those methods fail. Then again, make sure that you listen to, and take, your doctor advice, and you should be fine. AVOID DANGEROUS HEMORRHOID SURGERY PROBLEMS Many people suffer with hemorrhoids and if you are one of them you know how painful it can be. Depending on the severity of the problem you may wish to get rid of them sooner rather than later. There are many people in your situation, but many of them turn to surgery for relief. This can be dangerous and it's recommended you avoid these procedures at all cost. It's also a good idea to avoid the dangerous hemorrhoid surgeons that perform them as well. Hemorrhoids are something that most people suffer with quietly. This is mainly due to the nature of the issue. Most just ignore hemorrhoids and hope that they will leave soon enough. Unfortunately most people fail to treat the cause of the problem and it only gets worse. When a person reaches this state they are often just focused on relieving the pain. At this point most people seek out dangerous hemorrhoid surgeons for help and advice. It's not exactly a secret that hemorrhoids are a medical problem, but it's best to talk with your family doctor before consulting dangerous hemorrhoid surgeons. The main reason you should avoid dangerous hemorrhoid surgeons in the first place is that they do not cure the problem. Surgeries performed on the area where the hemorrhoids develop often take months to heal, and can lead to permanent damage. Not to mention the fact that without proper treatment hemorrhoids will just come back and you'll be in the same boat you were in the first place. Defaulting to surgery to treat the issue every time can make it a permanent problem rather than a temporary one. Of course dangerous hemorrhoid surgeons don't care about curing the problem, they just want to get paid for the surgery. It's best to do your own research and become informed on hemorrhoids and the dangers of hemorrhoid surgery in order to make the best decision possible. Page 11
  12. 12. Natural, Surgery or Do It Yourself? NATURAL HEMORRHOID TREATMENT - DO IT YOURSELF AT HOME If you have hemorrhoids and want to avoid hemorrhoid operation, or hemorrhoidectomy, it is possible to do so, but you must know what to do. As you already know that performing hemorrhoid operation is not only expensive, but it is also quite painful for a while afterward. Besides, even the operation has been done, but there is also a chance that your hemorrhoid might happen again. In this case, natural hemorrhoid treatment is the method that you are looking for. Of course, it is not expensive and it can be done at your own home. Besides, taking natural hemorrhoid treatment at home will make you free from any side effects, chemicals, and drug interaction. One of the method that many hemorrhoid patients are using at home is called sitz bath treatment. You can do this by filling your tub with warm water and place your buttocks in the water for just fifteen minutes per day. An aromatherapy can be applied to this method by adding twenty drops of juniper essential oils and twenty drops of lavender into the warm water. There is another method for your home hemorrhoid treatment. After bowel movements, just put 2 drops of lavender mixed with carrier oil for one ounce and a drop of geranium essential oils. This can be done after your bath, too. You can find these ingredients from your local stores. Below is another hemorrhoid treatment method that you can do to stop the itching and reduce the inflammation of your external hemorrhoid : - Apply a mixture of one teaspoon of ghee and half teaspoon of turmeric - Do it at bedtime for 3 nights - Stop for 2 nights - Resume for 3 nights Then, continue doing this until your hemorrhoids are cured. During this process, you might want to wear old underwear since it will be stained with turmeric. But don't worry, it will be washed off around two weeks. Well, actually, there are a couple of natural hemorrhoid treatment methods, but it can't be done at home. Knowing these methods wouldn't hurt anyway. They are called acupuncture and acupressure. This hemorrhoid treatment method is kind of expensive, though. So, you better learn more about these methods before deciding to use them. But one of the easiest way to avoid hemorrhoid is to drink a lot of water and eat high fiber foods, such as, fruits, bran, and vegetables. SIMPLE STEPS THAT YOU CAN DO YOURSELF AT HOME TO TAKE AWAY THE ITCHING AND BURNING When you have a hemorrhoid relief is the only thing on your mind especially when going about your day feeling that itching, painful burning. Are there some things you can do to care for your hemorrhoid lessening the pain and even getting rid of the hemorrhoid? Sure there are. Page 12
  13. 13. Natural, Surgery or Do It Yourself? First is proper care and maintenance. The rectal region by nature isn't the most clean part of the body and this is where the hemorrhoids are normally exposed to uncleanliness. It's important to keep the area clean especially is the hemorrhoid is bleeding. One simple tip is to bring baby wipes around with you during your day. A baby wipe can be used to clean up during the day and is alot better on the hemorrhoid than toilet paper. A shower or water cleaning is actually best but a baby wipe will do. Sometime during the morning and evening more than a few times is best to do a sitz bath. This is where one sits down in a bathtub of warm water and lets the hemorrhoid get some cleaning and relief. Another care tip is to not strain during a bowel movement. This will only prolong the hemorrhoids you have an can add to the problem. Whenever having a bowel movement just relax. If you are experiencing constipation, a change in diet is needed. Generally this means you need more fiber. For extreme swelling it's also suggested that you do cold, ice compresses on the area to reduce swelling. This is something that can contrast with the warmth of the sitz bath getting the hemorrhoid down to a more manageable size. Even after the hemorrhoid goes away with proper care and cleanliness, it doesn't guarantee that the conditions that let to you getting hemorrhoids are gone. A SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE HEMORRHOIDS HOME REMEDY Hemorrhoids are a very common condition that causes moderate or severe pain and discomfort. Although they are simply varicose veins of the rectum, as any sufferer knows, they can cause far more hardship than you might expect. As bad as they can be, do any home remedies have a chance of curing hemorrhoids? Yes, they do. While your results may vary depending on your particular condition and the type of home remedy you try, it is definitely possible to achieve significant relief right at home. Keep in mind that the number one cause of hemorrhoids is constipation. This is because constipation causes much greater strain on the toilet. Not only does this aggravate any existing hemorrhoids, but it further inflames the tissue and makes new hemorrhoids more likely to appear. What causes constipation? Mainly the standard American diet that most of us are so used to. Switching to a healthier diet will not only work wonders for reducing your hemorrhoid symptoms, but obviously it will provide general health benefits as well. Therefore, weaning yourself off the standard American diet onto one full of healthy, natural foods is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Moving to a healthier diet generally means reducing calories and eating more fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. At the same time, you should be eating less sugary, salty, Page 13
  14. 14. Natural, Surgery or Do It Yourself? processed foods. Such a diet will be high in fiber, to help reduce constipation and therefore relieve your hemorrhoids. It will also boost your metabolism as an added bonus. Heavily processed foods are high in calories and low in fiber. This combination makes it difficult for your digestive system to properly eliminate waste, often resulting in constipation. When you eat a healthy diet with plenty of fiber, your colon is able to eliminate waste without any problems. Also pay attention to how you hydrate yourself. Water is best, and natural juices work well too. When your digestive tract is sufficiently hydrated, bowel movements become much easier. On the other hand, drinking lots of coffee, soda, and alcoholic beverages can leave you dehydrated, making constipation more likely. Try to drink eight glasses of water a day, or more to offset any dehydrating liquids you may consume. Once you have your diet taken care of, you should be in pretty good shape. Fairly soon, you should see some improvement in your hemorrhoid condition. To take it up a notch, begin a regular exercise program if you're not already on one. Your digestive system will benefit from the improved circulation and toned abdominals. If you happen to look great too, all the better. Hemorrhoids are a serious problem for many people, and not one to be underestimated. However, you can begin to take significant steps towards overcoming the problem by following these simple yet effective home remedy tips. CAN THEY REALLY CURE YOUR HEMORRHOID PROBLEM? Hemorrhoids, mild or severe can cause great pain and discomfort. Hemorrhoids can be easily and effectively cured through the hemorrhoids home remedy. Hemorrhoids are simple terms known as varicose veins of the rectum. The main and most common cause of hemorrhoids is constipation. As I just mentioned, the most common reason for hemorrhoids is constipation. A high calorie, low fiber diet is a major factor in constipation. A low calorie diet comprising of fruits and veggies, whole grains, lentils will provide enough fiber to the body and in turn help prevent hemorrhoids. It will also increase the body metabolism rate which has many other benefits. Food that has a lot of fiber absorbs the water on its way down the digestive system. The digestive system is unable to process the fiber and it gets passed onto colon. The colon also has the other body waste. When the fiber and the waste get mixed together, we experience a normal bowel movement. This helps in avoiding constipation. For preventing hemorrhoids, the first step is to eat a balanced diet high on fiber foods. Owing to the chaotic lifestyle of today, most of us have started eating processed and packaged foods. These foods are high in calories and low in fiber. The junk food upsets the digestion system and causes constipation. The best way to prevent hemorrhoids is to eat a nutritious and balanced and home cooked diet. Page 14
  15. 15. Natural, Surgery or Do It Yourself? Drinking colas, alcohol and caffeine instead of water can make hormonal imbalances in your body. Water and fresh juices is your body's requirement. Water helps in eliminating the toxins of the body and preventing constipation. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water everyday will be helpful and plays an important role in any hemorrhoids home remedy. Food products that have processed sugar, alcohol, caffeine and other preservatives can also cause constipation. These food products must be avoided. One should have a simple diet and eat foods that are home cooked. A brisk walk after meals is a must to boost you body's metabolism. Exercising everyday is also a great way to improve your digestion, increase blood flow, and lose weight. H-Miracle is a program that can be downloaded and will educate you about an extremely effective hemorrhoids home remedy that has helped thousands around the world. This is a product created be someone who suffered from hemorrhoids for years. You can try the H- Miracle with confidence as it is backed by a 100% money back guarantee. HEMORRHOIDS HOME REMEDIES - RAPID WAYS TO GET RID OF HEMORRHOIDS A shocking statistics has revealed that more than 40% of the adult population world over is suffering with the problem of hemorrhoids, and this number is increasing due to the number of silent sufferers. The problem is that people do not heed to the warning signs of this immensely troublesome problem and then land themselves in severity. So on should try and rectify this problem at its very onset. Nature has long cured mankind of various ailments and there are a number of herbs that are highly effective to cure hemorrhoids. There are a few plants that are highly effective in curing hemorrhoids.The first herbal medicine that you can use is called the Butchers Broom or Ruscus Aculeatus it is an evergreen bush that resembles asparagus,it can be used as a herb as well as a vegetable,the root extract of this herb contains an active element that is called as ruscogenine that helps to sooth inflammation, tone swelling and narrow down blood vessels, it also strengthens the walls of the veins so that tissues on it are not easily damaged during excretion. The next herb that is helpful to cure hemorrhoids is the Witch Hazel, this herb is known famously for helping to reduce the swelling and inflammation due to its astringent properties, it can effectively stop the flow of blood and reduce secretions that cause itchiness. Another herb that is commonly used to cure hemorrhoids is called the Horse Chestnut, the seed of this herbal plant is used to effectively tone veins and reduce inflammation with a component in its extract called escin that also helps reduce swelling and fluid retention.The Japanese Pagoda Tree extracts are also a famous remedy to cure hemorrhoids as they effectively heal the itchiness and irritation in the rectal areas caused by hemorrhoids and also it strengthens the walls of the veins in the rectal areas.The most famous plant used in the cure of hemorrhoids is the Aloe Vera plant that has the most soothing effects on the piles and almost immediately eases one of the pain and swelling caused due to hemorrhoids. Also if you consume a juice of aloe vera extracts it immediately straightens the digestive system and makes the body produce stool that is smooth and easy to excrete hence easing the cure of hemorrhoids. Page 15
  16. 16. Natural, Surgery or Do It Yourself? Nature has a treasure of herbs and plants that can cure the human body of all the diseases all you have to do is find the right cures. So go on and use the secrets of Mother Nature to cure yourself of hemorrhoids completely and naturally. Resource Page 16