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Just India - Marketing

  1. 1. Unleashing the power of Marketing to help Your Business Grow
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• Our Mission – Nurturing Conventional Eminence.• Our Contemplation – Every Conception Starts with an Inspiration.• Our Foundation – Customer’s Perception is our Reality.• Our Progression – Bridging India’s Travel Market (Corporate & Leisure) to U.S.A.
  3. 3. OUR CHARACTERISTICS  Impeccable Indian Market Knowledge  Proficient Market Segmentation Intelligence  Value-driven Support; Local Presence  Comprehensive Customization Effectiveness  Strategic Business Management System  Extensive Technical, Research and Interpersonal Skills  Call Center Capabilities; Resourceful In-Market Rep  Personally-led Public Relations Team
  4. 4. TREND-SETTING MARKETING TOOLS Creative Marketing Strategies Telemarketing Expertise Penetrating Out-Door Advertising Ideas Social Networking and Media Optimization Personal and Promotional Channels Talented PR Specialists Retail Alliances and Exposition Influential Government Contacts Print, Online and TV Advertising Consumer and Trade Promotions
  5. 5. PRIMARY OBJECTIVESConnecting your Business/Destination to the rapidly growing India Outbound Travel Market.Promote your Business/Destination Dynamic and Diverse Business and Leisure Activities.Develop Strategic Alliances between your Business/Destination and Corporate India.Focus on developing and growing MICE combo business for your Business/Destination from top industries in India.
  6. 6. WHY INDIA? The second most populous country in the world. The 4th largest economic system in the world in terms of the purchasing power parity. An annual growth rate of 8.5% is virtually guaranteed for India, making it one of fastest-growing large economies. Some of the world’s largest industries like the Indian Film Industry, Indian Telecommunications Industry, Indian Pharmaceutical Companies have bountiful outbound travelers.
  7. 7. INDUSTRY IN INDIA IS BOOMING… 100 of the Fortune 500 have R & D facilities in India. Has the second largest group of software developers after the U.S. Lists 6,600 companies on the Bombay Stock Exchange; only the NYSE has more. Sends more students to U.S. colleges than any other country in the world. Is home to the worlds second largest pharmaceutical industry after China. Plus, India is: o The worlds second largest small car market o One of only three countries that makes its own supercomputers o One of six countries that launches its own satellites
  8. 8. INDIAN MARKET FACTS India’s increasingly affluent middle class already numbers 300 million and is growing rapidly. The 2010 India Outbound MICE market was estimated at approximately $65 million with a 25% growth rate. At the same time, its per capita income is increasing by around 5% a year, and its per capita expenditure is rising twice as fast. The numbers for the MICE market are projected to increase further, with the impetus coming from all major industries, including IT, pharmaceuticals, insurance, telecom, film and finance.
  9. 9. INDIAN OUTBOUND TRAVEL* One of the fastest-growing outbound travel markets in the world. International tourism departures from India have grown from 3.7 million in 1997 to 9.8 million in 2007 International tourism expenditures have increased from US$ 1.3 billion in 1997 to US$ 8.2 billion in 2008. With more than 1.1 billion inhabitants and GDP increasing by more than 8% every year, the country offers enormous potential for future growth in outbound travel. *Source: Indian Outbound Travel Market, European Travel Commission, 2009
  10. 10. INDIAN TOURISM TO THE U.S.* Visitation from India to the U.S.: o Increased 18% between 2009 and 2010 o Increased 137% between 2000 and 2010 India ranked 9th in International visitor spending in 2010 o Spent $12.4 billion on overseas trip in 2010 o 2011 outbound expenditure growth is estimated to be $14 billion Spending from India increased o 12% between 2009 and 2010 to $4.0 billion o 211% between 2002 and 2009 U.S. travel and tourism exports account for 38% of all U.S. services exports to India. Long-haul destinations like the US are picking up with outbound travel purchasers. * Source: OTTI, International Visitation to the United States, 2010
  11. 11. Just India Any Other Provider• Originating from India • Non-Indian Origin• Leaders in Tourism Industry • Least Tourism Knowledge• Expert in Indian Market • Non-researched Market &• Segmentation Knowledge Segmentation Knowledge• Local Presence • Outsourcing– Expensive• Fiscally Transparent • Dependent on others for• Direct Results Results
  12. 12. Market Evaluation & Marketing & Promotion Segmentation StrategyImplementing Working with Strategic Strategies PartnersCategorize Assignments Developing BusinessFinancial Planning and Ratio Budget Management Customer Satisfaction
  13. 13.  Flyers distributed in Tradeshows or as inserts in print media.
  14. 14. • Your article in our company magazine • Interpreting and Educating your circulated amongst travel agents of business at Leading Travel Marts of India. India.
  15. 15.  Blast Email Marketing Email Statistics 7% 3% Opened Not Opened Bounced 90%
  16. 16. • Your Company’s tagline along with a link on http://www.justindia.us – direct impact to increase traffic. CLICK HERE
  17. 17. • Industry • Industry Analysis Participants• Gratifying • Market Services Segmentation Value Competitive Proposition Edges Market Promotion Growth Strategy• Technology and • Market Trends Market Needs • Sourcing and• Projected Cash- Fulfillment flow
  18. 18. • Just India’s Contribution toHeadline your business / destination rising economy.Grabbers • Your Business/ Destination’s growing business in Tourism.Becoming • Your business / destination - Serving the Top Industries of India. Market • Aspects of your business / destination – Popular Incentive Leaders Destination.
  19. 19. 8765 Incentive4 Leisure3210 Current Proposed
  20. 20. Together WE can mix Business with Pleasure Insert Client’s Buisness LOGO Here and remove this text box Just India weaves a Future of makingYour business / destination a Prime Destination for India Outbound Travel Market.