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Solar with gas boost


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solar water heater with gas booster backup system.

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Solar with gas boost

  1. 1. Haiyan Uniepu Trading Co.,LtdSolar ThermalSolar Water Heater Within Gas/Existing System, Solar Boost Water Heater Picture Gas Heater Solar Collector Tank System Advanatage Fob Shanghai strong 7 days * 24hrs within hot water or modify your existing ga heater system, max the 13 rows in T Shower with 4 different SUS304-300L, no 10L emission 58/1800/30 ability to use solar energy for your house; only need a solar transfer valve as extra Ask for offer shape function copper coil type accesory for the whole system but in low cost. System Including: Benefit 1# Benefit 2# Benefit 3# Benefit 4#30 tubes solar hot water collector system - includes manifold, Evacuated tube technology delivers significantly The gas booster will automaticallyevacuated tubes and copper heat pipes Storage Tank: Constructed from better performance than traditional absorbers on the ignite to increase the temperature300 litre stainless steel tank - Solar Keymark certificate designed stainless steel 304 to provide market today. Their advanced design incorporates Solar Evacuated Tube hot of the water with minimal energyEternity continuous flow gas hot water booster (Natural or LPG Gas) excellent protection from the tubes that consist of 2 layers of borosilicate glass with water system can efficiently use if the solar heated waterStandard frame for flush mounting solar collectors to tin or tile roofs varying water qualities a vacuum layer between them. The vacuum acts like a capture this free energy and travelling through the booster isStandard flow electric pump for up to 20m run experienced throughout different thermos flask, retaining up to 97% of the thermal provide you with up to 80% not at the temperature controller areas. energy, resulting in an increased efficiency. The savings on your hot water Gas boosting provides mostFlow rate controller Suns thermal energy is then transferred to the heating costs. efficient, convenient and costAir bleeder for tube manifold manifold via the heat pipe located in each tube. effective option, with fewer carbonMiscellaneous components - rubber pads, stainless steel straps, screws, emissions than electricity.bolts,4 way valve,etc