Solar Flat Plate Collector


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Solar Flat Plate Collector for hot water system within high quality.

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Solar Flat Plate Collector

  1. 1. Haiyan Uniepu Flat Plate Solar Collector Specifications FP-GV2.15-B FP-GV2.15-C PicturesDimension LxWxH (mm) 2050*1050*80 2050*1050*80 Gross Area (m2 ) 2.15 2.15 2 Aperture Area (m ) 1.93 1.8 2 Absorber Area (m ) 2.05 1.8 Number of covers 1 1 Cover material Transparent tempered glass Cover Thickness(mm) 3.2 3.2 Cover Transmission >89% >88% Weight 38Kg 37Kg Absorber Material Aluminium board Aluminium board Surface Treatment Electro-static coating Absorptivity 95±2% 89±7% emissivity 5±2% 9±5% Coating Blue Titanium Black Chrome Construction Type Grid type Grid type Header Material Copper TP2/CA1220 Copper TP2/CA1221 ∮22mm*Thickness ∮22mm*Thickness Header tuber size 0.6mm 0.6mm Riser Material Copper TP2/CA1220 Copper TP2/CA1221 ∮8mm* Thickness Riser tuber size ∮8mm* Thickness 0.6mm 0.75mm Work Pressure 0.75Mpa 0.75Mpa Test pressure 1.2Mpa,keeps 5 minutes 1.2Mpa,keeps 5 minutes Thermal effiency 0.77 0.72 Thermal Insulation Insulation Material Fiberglass Fiberglass Insulation Thickness 45+/-5mm 35+/-6mm Density 35kg/cube 35kg/cube Casing Frame Aluminium alloy Zinc plate Frame Colour silver or black silver or black Back Plate Galvanized steel Zinc plate then painting Sealing Gasket EPDM EPDM Normally one piece flat plate solar collector can heating water hot from 80-120liters, depends on its location!!!!!!!! Approved by Solar-keymark, SRCC, CE,ISO9001,CCC,etc.