Off grid Solar Water Heater


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1. Upgrade your existed solar hot water heater system by the DC Electrical Heating Element system. 2. More Safer than the AC heating system
3. Livestock water tank deicer (low amp draw means you won't drain your battery as fast.

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Off grid Solar Water Heater

  1. 1. Haiyan Uniepu Trading Co.,Ltd is a subsidiary of Uniepu Electric Co.,Ltd, whomanufactures LED and HID headlight lamps. Uniepu Electric also owns shares of a solar New Energy Sourceswater heater and solar panel/module company. We have more than 500 employees andour own R&D team.Uniepu largest markets are in The United States, Spain, Poland, For Better Life!Australia and India.We have developed long term relationships with our client which hasproven to be beneficial over the years. Contact us:Our products line including: auto lighting,HID conversion kit,energy saving lamps, Led Miss Jussi Hanhouse lighting, Led bulbs, solar water heaters, solar vacuum tubes, solar heat pipe, solar Tel: +86-573-86118006 Fax: 0086-collector ,pressurized solar heating systems, flat plate solar water heater, solar house 573-86118007heating, solar heat pump,heat pump, swimming pool heating, house heating, floor heating, Skype:jussi.hanBIPV solar, solar panel,solar module, solar photovolticas system, off grid system, grid MSN/Facebook:on/tie system, solar generator,solar inverter, diesel generator, solar accessories,solar hanlingxia1983@hotmail.comflashlight, solar charger, solar street lighting solar led light, solar gift, wind power and E-Mail:jussi@unipu.comrelated energy saving products.We have a professional international business team ready Website: www.unipu.comto take charge of any of our clients needs. Off Grid Solar Water HeaterWorking PrincipleOne of the challenges to living off-grid is getting hot water,Off Grid Solar Water Heatermeans without grid power system, the traditional solar water heater system is within anassistant heating backup system, like gas, boiler, or electricial heater itc.Now in terms of off grid solar water heater, which is a system can run without sun, it ismeaned during the day time, we can store the electrical power into battery, and using thatpower to heat our solar water heater at nights or early morning.By our DC Electricial Heating element, you can have the hot water anytime you want it. Ata sunshine day, the solar collector will heat the water into hot, and store the enengy bysolar panel into the battery as backup heating energy source for the electrical heatingelement.Features1. Upgrade your existed solar hot water heater system by the DC Electrical Heating Element system.2. More Safer than the AC heating system3. Livestock water tank deicer (low amp draw means you wont drain your battery as fast.4. Runs off your battery for portable hot water anywhere Specifications
  2. 2. Specifications 1. Split solar collector as a major heating source for hot water. 2. Solar panel system with controller and battery backup for the DC Electrical heating element when hot water needed. 3. DC Electrical heating: DC 12V 200-600W . 4. Backup heating system for 3-4 days if there is no sun. 5. When adding a solar to help charge the battery, simply wire the solar panel in the solar PV controller,and then to the battery. 6. If you have the Thermostat,which is in the "drop in style", you can eather run wire over side of tank or make a hole in the side of tank for wires. 7. When using the Thermostat,just wire it into the postitive line of element. Standard And WarrantyStandard/Certificates:Prolonged Warranty Period.. We prolong for 5 years, which is 2 years longer than international standard of 3 years.Comprehensive Warranty Range: We broaden the warranty scope for both our machine and key parts. A. Tank No Copper Coil 5 years warrantly Tube   Tank   Absorber     Installation  (mm) DC   Solar  Off  Grid  System Loading  Quantites FOB Model  No. Solar  Collector Coating Capacity Area   Length Width Heater Solar  Panel Battery 20  GP 40GP 40HQ Shanghai 45°/38°/25° UPOS-01 Φ58mm*1800mm-­‐10Pc heat  pipe 100L 1.02 1980 635 DC  12V  60Ah 58 116 162 Ask For Offer DC  12V   UPOS-02 Φ58mm*1800mm-­‐15Pc heat  pipe 150L 1.28 1980 945 DC  12V  90W DC  12V  90Ah 48 96 134 Ask For Offer 200W UPOS-03 Φ58mm*1800mm-­‐20Pc heat  pipe 200L 1.92 1980 1180 DC  12V  120Ah 41 82 114 Ask For Offer UPOS-04 Φ58mm*1800mm-­‐25Pc heat  pipe 250L 2.57 1980 1555 DC  12V  150Ah 34 68 95 Ask For Offer DC  12V   DC  12V   UPOS-05 Φ58mm*1800mm-­‐30Pc heat  pipe 300L 3.20 1980 1932 DC  12V  180Ah 25 50 70 Ask For Offer 250W 120W UPOS-06 Φ58mm*1800mm-­‐20Pc*2 heat  pipe 400L 3.86 1980 2305 DC  12V  200Ah 17 34 48 Ask For Offer Accessory-parts
  3. 3. Pitched Roof Pipe Fittings Insulation  Pipe Controller Work  Station Hooks Workshop And Production Line Certificates (CE, ISO, SRCC, Solar Keymark) Welcome To Visit Our Factory