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Important usage of assistive media


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A narrative report about the importance of using a assistive media in devices.

Published in: Education
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Important usage of assistive media

  1. 1. Important Usage of Assistive Media Nonprofit Internet-based radio, reading service to serves people with visual and reading impairments. Has opened unique avenue of accessibility for many individuals with cognitive, physical, and communication disabilities. Used in a variety of environment milieu (home, school, community, work place). Nonprofit producer and provider of audiocassette-based literary work to libraries for the blind and physically handicapped. Assistive devices and technologies are those whose primary purpose is to maintain or improve an individual’s functioning and independence to facilitate participation and to enhance overall well-being. They can also help prevent impairments and secondary health conditions. Assistive Media provides a solution that allows individuals with disabilities access to literary materials which provide independence and integration into the mainstream of society and community life. Assistive Media works to heighten the educational, cultural, and quality-of-living standards for people with disabilities by providing free, copyright- approved, high-caliber audio literary works to the community. Assistive Media seeks to offer material that is immediate yet timeless, energetic and thoughtful, serious and funny. Assistive Media's very simple goal is to offer accessibility to good writing, a point of view, and a deeper understanding of people, communities, and cultures through the highest standards of nonprofit service.