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How To Listen To Your Brand


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What is being said about you on blogs, social networks, in comments, and in the news? This presentation shows you how to monitor brands and keywords with free tools.

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How To Listen To Your Brand

  1. How to Listen to Your Brand (Monitoring Your Brand with Social Media) – version 3 image by aloshbennett
  2. Jurgen Appelo writer, speaker, entrepreneur...
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  4. People talk… are you listening?People talk… are you listening?People talk… are you listening?People talk… are you listening?People talk… are you listening?
  5. complaints compliments competitors opportunities risks copyrights customers relations fans Why listen?Why listen?Why listen?Why listen?Why listen? image by kevindooley
  6. The world is a big place… What are you going to listen to? image by alexkess
  7. Step 1: Define search criteria Keywords: “Your Brand”, “Some Topic”, “Any Name” Links:,, Tags: #yourbrand, #sometopic, #anyname The balancing act… … needs continuous refinement not too many, not too few… not too generic, not too specific… image by Pink Sherbet
  8. Step 2: Match with media types Search on: Web News Blogs Microblogs Bookmarks Blog comments Social comments Forums / groups Images Video Audio Search term: “Your Brand” “Some Topic” “Any Name” #yourbrand #sometopic #anyname ?
  9. Step 3: Choose search strategy Deep Search For example: only pictures and videos, but including every comment and bookmark Wide Search For example: everything (news, blogs, tweets, etc.) but excluding details like comments and bookmarks image by wvs
  10. Step 4: Select search tools
  11. results of our own research… (disclaimer: informal analysis during 2 weeks with just 7 keywords)
  12. images by jeffagogo And then you get a flood of data…
  13. Will you read all this?
  14. Step 5: Separate into channels Different frequencies Check some stuff every day, other stuff once per week Different content types Mixing videos, tweets, and bookmarks doesn’t work well Different readers Determine who will be monitoring which channels image by wili hybrid
  15. Step 6: Aggregate, Filter, Sort Aggregate feeds Combine similar feeds into one Filter noise Remove unwanted results with additional keywords Sort results Order the results in date descending image by faith globe
  16. a bit of rewiring...
  17. images by jeffagogo
  18. Step 7: Select, Read, Bookmark images by jeffagogo
  19. sharing... filtering... acting...
  20. Now you’re listening…
  21. @jurgenappelo (twitter) (site) (blog) (book)
  22. Appendix: Search Tools (with feeds) BackTweets Bing Blogdigger Bloglines BlogPulse BoardReader BoardTracker FriendFeed Google Alerts Google Blog Search Google News Icerocket Social Mention Spy Technorati Twingly Twitter Search Wikio YackTrack Yahoo Pipes
  23. Appendix: Other Monitoring Tools BackType coComment Commentful Compete Delicious FeedDemon FeedRinse Google Reader Google Trends HowSociable? Keotag MonitorThis PostRank TweetBeep TweetVolume Twilert Vanno WhosTalkin Yahoo Pipes Yahoo Alerts
  24. Appendix: Paid Tools and Services AlertRank Attentio Biz360 BrandsEye BuzzDing! BuzzGain BuzzLogic Collective Intellect Converseon Distilled Dow Jones Factiva eCairn Filtrbox HubSpot J.D. Power Web Intelligence MightyBrand Nielsen Online Radian 6 Scout Labs Sentiment Metrics Social Seek Spinn3r Techrigy TNS Symfony Trackur Visible Technologies
  25. Sources Tracking the Buzz: How to Monitor Your Brand Effectively 9 Free Tools to Monitor Your Online Presence How to Monitor Your Brand 24/7 3 Powerful Free Apps to Monitor Your Small Business in Social Media 6 Tools to Monitor Your Brand Top 10 Free Tools for Monitoring Your Brand’s Reputation In Year 2009: Monitor Your Brand’s Reputation in Ten Minutes and For Free How to Monitor Your Online Reputation Social Media Monitoring on the Cheap Free Social Media Monitoring Techniques Listening Platforms Are Evolving Into Engagement Platforms Social Media Monitoring – a PR Must…
  26. @jurgenappelo
  27. This presentation was inspired by the works of many people, and I cannot possibly list them all. Though I did my very best to attribute all authors of texts and images, and to recognize any copyrights, if you think that anything in this presentation should be changed, added or removed, please contact me at