BSIT Team 4


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BSIT Team 4

  2. 2. CONCEPTWeave PICNIC’s theme of Urban Futuresand pop-up / ad-hoc city microcosms intoa physical social networking application via7scenes & Twitter.
  3. 3. PRECEDENTSInvisible CitiesSettlers of CatanSimsAd Hoc networks / flash mobsRalph Koster’s Social Mechanics
  4. 4. RULES & GAMEPLAYArchitects are preassigned to 1 of 4 teams upon login.Architects must attend PICNIC events to collect missing resources and build their city.Resources come in the form of physical artifacts (playing cards) that are collected from each event.In between events, architects gather at Trading Posts as designated in 7scenes.At trading posts, architects can trade cards either between their team or with other teams to form desiredcombinations.Cominations unlock needed city structures.Combinations needed for each team’s city will be available on an external website visible at trading postsor any mobile device.Architects will trade correct combinations for a secret code at the trading post.Once a winning hand is created, architect/s must tweet to #BSIT, #TeamColor, #SecretCode to revealneeded city structure.Using these Tweets, an external javascript site will show the progression of each team’s city.The winning team will have the the most stable city based on event attendance and successful ad hocinteractions with other PICNIC architects.
  5. 5. Architects log back 7 scenes Architects useinto 7scenes to find 7scenes to findthe next series of building blockevents hotspots Watch invisible Attend PICNIC AD HOC city materialize events CIRCLE OF TRUST Tweet winning Collect resource combinations Architects create playing cards desired combinations with other teams Trading Posts
  6. 6. GOALSFully integrate theme of PICNIC into conceptStimulate ad hoc interaction (ad hoc picnics) between conferenceattendeesInteractions will utilize social media to not only perpetuate gameplay,but also leave behind connections between players for possible futurecollaborations.
  7. 7. USER SCENARIO Lorenz is a blogger. He’s at PICNIC to keep up on the latest and greatest in new media & technology, and network with others in the industry. He has some extra time in between events and wants to test out the BestSceneInTown.
  8. 8. USER SCENARIOHe logs into 7scenes and seesa map of the PICNIC groundsshowing all of the events for theafternoon.
  9. 9. USER SCENARIOHe attends the events that interest him, and picks up the physicalplaying cards that are located at each event.
  10. 10. USER SCENARIOHe views the external site that contains the desired card combinationsto retrieve city structures.Green space – 2 Infrastructure, 2 Sustainability, 1 SocietyMunicipality – 1 of each (Infrastructure, Sustainability, Society, De-sign, Media)Transit net – 1 Infrastructure, 2 Design, 1 Society, 1 SustainabilityArtisans Quarter – 2 Media, 2 Design, 1 SocietyLocal news – 3 media, 1 society, 1 SustainabilityMarket – 2 Sustainability, 1 Media, 1 Design, Infrastructure
  11. 11. USER SCENARIOHe ventures to the PICNIC Trading Post to discuss strategy and trade/collect resources with other architects.
  12. 12. Lorenz finds a teammate, andthey strategize trading methodswith other teammates tocomplete the card combinations.They tweet their combinations toconstruct the city structure.
  13. 13. USER SCENARIOAn external Javascript sitepulls tweets and visualizes theprogression of each team’s city.
  14. 14. USER SCENARIOLorenz and his teammates seewhat is lacking and continuetrading and attending events tounlock their needed structures. image by
  15. 15. USER SCENARIOAt the end of the conference, Lorenz & his team have created an idealurban city. He has also formed connections with many other PICNICattendees.