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Comics Gallery April - July 2016


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Sketching an abstract comic helps to reach a new perspective on concepts, events, content etc. Working with comics I got insights into Nick Sousanis’ understanding and use of comics as a medium, I examined the potential of comics in the organization of and reflection on learning processes.

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Comics Gallery April - July 2016

  1. 1. Comics gallery April-July 16 Jutta Pauschenwein
  2. 2. How it started - 16.4.16
  3. 3. Grids & gestures exercise Nick Sousanis: Grids and Gestures: A Comic making exercise p3 represent the shape of your day in grid-like fashion use the entire sheet of paper inhabit the spaces with gesture lines do not draw things!
  4. 4. 29.4.16 My first try to draw my day as comic #gridgestures great exercise of #nsousanis
  5. 5. 1.5.16 Sunny day with little Lily and Gert #gridsgestures
  6. 6. 3.5.16 Day in office and traveling #gridsgestures - now it's getting easier to draw the day :-)
  7. 7. 6.5.16 Difficult day with a nice end #gridsgestures
  8. 8. 8.5.16 Not possible to put the wonderful day in the Lake District into a grid ...#gridsgestures @jennymackness
  9. 9. 17.5.16 The shape of one day in London with my #cos15 students #gridsgestures
  10. 10. Unflattening Nick Sousanis: Unflattening reading and thinking and getting some ideas :) 14.5. E-tivity for my students to use comics in their portfolio Planning a game-based learning workshop for Ucrainian professors
  11. 11. Sue’s comic about the study visit in London #cos15
  12. 12. Andrea’s comic about card sorting #cos15
  13. 13. 1.6.16 Planning a workshop with a comic helps, thank you, @Nsousanis #gridsgestures
  14. 14. Comics Workshop in Graz 2.8.16 Workshop „How to use comics to organize and reflect (online) learning processes
  15. 15. Process of preparing a workshop about @Nsousanis use of comics #gridsgestures
  16. 16. Reflection I like to scribble - and I hate to draw pictures I love Mathematics, grids, structures I didn’t and don’t read comics - I prefer books with as many pages as possible I find the use of grids & gestures comics interesting and fun I will continue to work with comics