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FOSS4G for Rapidly Urbanizing Cities and UN Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs); SDG 11 Cities and Human Settlement


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This slide is a presentation for LH-OSGeo joint seminar, "Open Source GIS for United Nations and Developing Countries".

2015 스마트국토엑스포와 FOSS4G 서울 2015 대회기간중에 “UN과 개발도상국을 위한 오픈소스 GIS”라는 특별한 행사가 개최됩니다.
During the SmartGeo Exop 2015 and FOSS4G Seoul 2015, We’ll have special session named “Open Source GIS for UN and Developing Countries.”

*FOSS4G: Free Open Source Software for Geospatial

이 행사는 FOSS4G UN 특별 세션이라는 “FOSS4G 프리젠테이션”과 “UN과 개발도상국을 위한 오픈소스 GIS”라는 LH - OSGeo재단 공동 세미나로 구성됩니다.
This special event consists of FOSS4G presentation named “FOSS4G UN special session” and LH-OSGeo joint seminar named “Open Source GIS for UN and Developing Countries”

이 행사는 FOSS4G UN 특별 세션이라는 “FOSS4G 프리젠테이션”과 “UN과 개발도상국을 위한 오픈소스 GIS”라는 LH - OSGeo재단 공동 세미나로 구성됩니다.
This special event consists of FOSS4G presentation named “FOSS4G UN special session” and LH-OSGeo joint seminar named “Open Source GIS for UN and Developing Countries”

일시: 2015년 9월 16일 수요일
Date: September 16 Wednesday, 2015

장소: 양재동 더케이호텔 1층 한강룸(룸8)
Venue: Room 8(Hankang Room), 1st floor, K Avenue, The K-Hotel

주관: 한국토지주택공사 국책사업본부, OSGeo
Organized by: LH(Korea Land & Housing Corp), OSGeo

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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FOSS4G for Rapidly Urbanizing Cities and UN Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs); SDG 11 Cities and Human Settlement

  1. 1. DATEㅣ2015.9.16 Dr. Junyoung Choi, LH Mr. Hyunsoo Kim, Citus Prof. Jaeseong Ahn, Kyungil Univ. Dr. Jungik Kim, LH FOSS4G for Rapidly Urbanizing Cities and UN Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs); SDG 11 Cities and Human Settlement LH-OSGeo Joint Seminar : Open Source GIS for UN and Developing Countries
  2. 2. 1 l SDG and Open Source GIS 2 l Benefit of FOSS4G in urban field 3 l FOSS4G for rapidly urbanizing cities 4 l What can we do for the future? CONTENTS
  3. 3. #1
  4. 4. • From 7 UN Millennium Development Goals(MDGs) to 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) • Achieving the sustainable, inclusive, resilient and equitable planet earth through the UN SDG until 2030 • What is needed to achieve the UN SDG goals and how to achieve the goals • Open source and open data can contribute the worldwide SDG goals • We need to know the efficiency of open source technology, if it is useful then we need to share the experiences
  5. 5. • SDSN(Sustainable Development Solution Network) report Geographic detail, disaggregated by geography • Rio + 20 Outcome document “The future we want” specify the Recognized the importance of “Space technology based data in situ, meaning and reliable geospatial information for sustainable development, policy making, programming and project operation”
  6. 6. • ODA (Multilateral development bank and governments) use the ICT in bilateral or multilateral development • cooperation • with developing • countries • GIS open source data and S/W get more and more attentions as an competing measures for SDGs • Discussions about role of ICT as tools for achieving SDGs and development effectiveness of ICT in the international dev. cooperation • Geo for ALL movement by ICA & OSGeo initiative GIS open platform GIS open source GIS open data Environmental
  7. 7. #2
  8. 8. The wheel of urban prosperity (UN Habitat, 2012) • New generation of National urban policies • Urban patterns for a green economy through City region planning • Creating sustainable urban space through Planned city extensions • Implementation through Land readjustment SDG Measurable Indicators for Developing Countries
  9. 9. Sub Goals 11.1 Affordable housing , 11.2 sustainable transport systems 11.3 Human settlement planning 11.4 Cultural and natural heritage 11.5 Decrease disaster 11.6 Environmental impact of cities 11.7 Green and public spaces 11.a Nat’nl & regional dev. planning 11.b Hyogo Framework 11.c Sustainable & resilient buildings Sub Goals 9.1 Resilient infrastructure 9.2 Sustainable industrialization 9.3 Access of small-scale industrial 9.4 Upgrade infrastructure 9.5 enhance scientific research 9.a Resilient infrastructure dev. 9.b Domestic technology dev. 9.c Increase access to ICT Supportive goals ▶
  10. 10. Urban Population Proportion of the population that has a public transit stop within 0.5 km Financial support that is allocated to the construction and retrofitting of sustainable, resilient and resource-efficient buildings Cities implementing risk reduction and resilience policies that include vulnerable and marginalized groups Built-up areas of cities in open space in public ownership and use Number of housing units damaged and destroyed by disasters Percentage of urban solid waste regularly collected 'Number of people killed, injured, displaced, evacuated, relocated, by disasters Proportion of population resilient / robust to hazards and climate -related events National budget for heritage Efficient land use Proportion of income spent by urban families on transport Cities Housing Heri- tage Environ- ment Trans- port Developing Countries Developed Countries • Land cover • Population Growth • Public transportation Ratio of land consumption rate to urban population growth rate ·보금자리통합정보 • Metropolitan area • Waste management • Built up area • Housing unit • Vulnerable area Open space Dis- aster Jobs in the metropolitan area can access within 60/75 minutes without a private car
  11. 11. •Comprehensively collecting various field’s time series spatial data population, housing, land cover, environmental, ecological, infrastructure, river etc. •Open data accessibility Any one can access and it needs a accountability in case of public domain data •Easy work orchestration with open source data and FOSS4G Disaggregated analysis, combine text data like statistics •Weak data infrastructure form spatial information divide of developing countries Use of remotely sensed data in those countries •Solutions to technological issues Standardizations like coordinate systems and data Open Street Map World Wind Vworld(Korea) Bing map Mapquest Google Map
  12. 12. Paris LA New Work Road networkBuilding height Seoul Sense of place outskirt commercial residential City core Rail station area Road network FlushingWall StreetBrooklyn
  13. 13. Functional value Public value Economic value Fitoftask MaturityofOpensource software Usability Achievementofself-reliance ontechnology Diffusionofspatial informationknowledge Opennessofspatial informationand enhancementofitssharing Industryrippleeffect Totalcostofownership Reusability Data construction Data management Data sharing Data utilization service Source: Adapted from Junyoung Choi, Jaeseong Ahn, Hyungtae Kim, 2015
  14. 14. #3
  15. 15. Motorization Dev. of ICT • Suburbanization • Urban-region • Decentralized, Decentralized concentration, etc. • Urban network Traditional urban structure • Concentrated to a urban core • Multinuclei, Hartshorn(1997) Graham&Marvin(1996) ` Hartshorn(1997)
  16. 16. Urban Policy Info. National Spatial Info. Land & Housing framework data Housing Policy Info. Cadastre 수계 교통(도로) 행정경계 지적 영상자료지형(고도) 지하시설물 Control point National Land & Housing Policy Info. Land Policy Info. Business Boundary Building DEM Price Housing Imagery Finance Land Land use National Land & Housing Info. Land and Housing Statistics Land and Housing Business Info. Land and Housing Spatial Info. • Land and Housing Policy support Systems - National Spatial policy Information : National Spatial Data Infrastructure(NSDI) system, GIS based integrated building information, Spatial Big Data system(on-going) etc. - Land Policy Information : Korea Land Information System(KLIS), Real estate Transaction Management System(RTMS), Land for Housing information system, Onnara Real Estate Information Portal, etc. - Housing Policy Information : internet based Architecture Information System(e-AIS), Housing supply statistics information system, Bogeumjari housing integrated information system, Rental housing information system, Housing allowance information system, etc. - Urban Policy Information : Urban Planning Information System(UPIS), Land suitability assessment, Restricted Development Zone Management Information System(RDZMIS), Land Use Regulation Information System(LURIS), factory location support system, etc. • Land and Housing Information - Land and Housing Spatial Information - Land and Housing Business Information - Land and Housing Statistics
  17. 17. 0 200 400 운행… 송산2… 마두역 화정… 부대앞 역촌… 홍제… 서대… 녹번… 시계… 원당… 별빛… 주엽역 백송 인 원 수 ( 명 ) 시간대별 (차량수) 광역버스 9701번 04:00 ~ 06:00 (08대) 06:00 ~ 08:00 (13대) 08:00 ~ 10:00 (11대) 0 1000 2000 구미동… 대우롯… 중앙공… 백현마… 삼성프… 백현마… 중앙공… 신원아… 구미동… 인 원 수 ( 명 ) 시간대별 (차량수) 광역버스 9401번 04:00 ~ 06:00 (19대) 06:00 ~ 08:00 (34대) 08:00 ~ 10:00 (21대) Space-time diagram of bus # 9407 Space-time diagram of bus # 9401 고속화 구간 Number of boarding and alighting passenger of bus # 9407 at each stop Number of boarding and alighting passenger of bus # 9401 at each stop 정류장 중심의 하차수 오전 08시30분 서울 중구->경기도 대중교통 이용 이동수 경기도 성남->서울 대중교통 이용 이동수 성남 분당->경기도 대중교통 이용 이동수 강남구->서울,경기도 대중교통 이용 이동수 중구->서울,경기도 대중교통 이용 이동수 Senior citizen households Low income group University student Someone who is just starting out in a career Affordable housing demand Affordable Housing demand ----------------- Mobile phone data & Consumer credit scoring data Mass transit planning ----------------- Transportation smart card
  18. 18. Some Project Data Inter- face Open Source Applied Spatial data processing tech.Client Server DBMS LIB Framework Water supply network management system of a Korean local gov. Raster/ Vector WMS/W FS Hazardous material safety transportation management system of a Korean gov. Raster( Open API) WMS, Vector using native coding Geobolivia WMS, WFS, WCS, CWS, T- WFS Online What If Planning Support System Wildfire management tool(WMT), World Wind project REST Word Bank PUMA 1) Google map Geotools 1) PUMA: Platform for Urban Management and Analysis MySQL Geo Server Open layers2 MySQL Open layers2 PostGIS, MySQL Geo Server, MapSe rver, Deegre e, Geonet work Mapbuild er, Intermap, Kamap, Openlay ers Web World S 아, RequireJ S, Jquery, Prime-UI, Bootstrap MySQL WMT REST Service 2) WebGL, Globe Pycsw( OGC CSW Server Implem entatio n) Google Maps API, Openlay ers2, ExtJS Geotools Postgre SQL, Post GIS, Couch DB Geo Server Word Wind Geonode Processing and representation of line data using Geotools, need additional data handling like insert water supply network Link external data using Open API which is needed to monitor the hazardous vehicle 2) CPS internally uses WMS Map Servers, USGS Landfire Servers, etc. Computing Fire Behavior Using selecting fuel models, adjusting and conditioning the fuel to the environment and computing the "fine" fuel moisture content based on solar heating combined with the cooling effect of wind
  19. 19. • Land use for new town development by Korean Land and Housing corp. • Accessible and analyzable to open data like Open Street Map, Bing map, etc.
  20. 20. #4
  21. 21. Disaster Detect Sensor Emergency Service Traffic Management Forest Fire Alarm Sensor Intelligent Sensor Environment Center CCTV Crime Prevention Pollution Detect Sensor Water Contamination Sensor USN Facility Management High- Speed Broadband Network Wireless Communica- tion 기본서비스 특화서비스 이동단말 서비스 Police Station Administration Office Fire Station Medical Center/ Hospital 교통효율관리 | 안전 | 종합시설물관리 | 재난/화재예방 학부모안심 | 자연학습 | 미술관/체험관 | 주치의 통합단말기 | 노트북 | 휴대폰 | PDA/UMPC U-Street | U-Park | 정보 문화관 | 체험관 유비쿼터스 기술 기반 공간 Data/Context Collection Information Process Fundamental Service Ubiquitous/Mobile Communication Device Service U-Device | Notebook | Mobile Communication | PDA Spatial Service U-Street | U-Park | Field Trip | Museum/Experience Center Transportation Efficiency Management | Safety | Total Facility Management | Disaster/Fire Prevention Personalized Service Parental Assurance | Personal Medical Service | Preferential Service Ubiquitous Service within the City USN (Ubiquitous Sensor Network) Urban Integrated Operations Center Environment Detect Sensor Underground Facility Detect SensorTraffic Aware Sensor UIOC
  22. 22. Integrated traffic info. Collection of traffic info. Installation and management of CCTV Provision of mass transit info. Sejong (Mulitifunctiona l administrative city) U-City communication duct Mobile internet Urban integrated operation center Installation of CCTV Youngjong (Incheon Free Economic Zone, IFEZ) Bus information terminal Crime monitoring Street light and park light U-City communication infra. Paju (New town)
  23. 23. • Manage over 3,000 CCTVs and environmental monitoring sensors real time in the city (only some of CCTVs in the city) • Integrated fire station, police station, traffic monitoring CCTVs into the center • CCTVs and sensors are operated and monitored by GIS systems • Have a plan to install more display boards * Photos taken at 16 Feb. 2015
  24. 24. • ISO/DIS 37120 Sustainable development and resilience of communities Indicators for city services and quality of life – Economy, Education, Energy, Environment, Recreation, Safety, Shelter, Solid waste, Telecommunications and innovation, Finance, Fire and emergency response, Governance, Health, Transportation, Urban planning, Wastewater, Water and sanitation Location is primary method for organizing Smart City Services • Smart Cities and Spatial technologies – Framework for authoritative data  CitGML and GML Coverages(IndoorGML, InfraGML) – Access and processing of geospatial information  OGC service-oriented architecture
  25. 25. • Deploying the spatial information – Building a CityGML model of urban environment – Implementation of OGC services architecture for a broad set of applications Sensor Web Enablement, Access Services, Discovery Services, Processing Services, Catalogue Services, Workflow, Context, Document and GeoPackages, Visualization and Augmented Reality • Open Data – Public ability to access and use spatial data Reality • Crowdsourcing – Crowdsourcing and Volunteered Geographic Information(VGI)
  26. 26. •Urban Economic Analysis –Urban economic modeling and effective spatial planning • Environment : Noise pollution - 3D visualization of noise mapping based on the OGC CityGML standard • Common Operating Picture(COP) for emergency response – Service architecture for a COP based on OGC Web Services • Energy indicator : Renewable energy sources – Urban energy performance optimization
  27. 27. THANK YOU