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AECT Presentation)Flipped Classroom_Camtasia


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Published in: Education, Technology
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AECT Presentation)Flipped Classroom_Camtasia

  1. 1. Flipping your Course? Engaging Lecture Captures 101 with Camtasia
  2. 2. Common Flipped Classroom Structure Pre-f2f lectures/Online Assignments F2f Activities& dialogue Post-f2f online follow-up Blended & Integrated Division of Information Technology
  3. 3. Lecture Captures First question to ask: Do I have to deliver lectures using videos? Division of Information Technology
  4. 4. Video Lecture Issues • Passive Learning experience • Too long • No engagement between content and students Division of Information Technology
  5. 5. Lecture Captures Planning Planning: • Lecture content chunking and length—Learning objects • Lecture content format options Narrated PowerPoint audio + slides PowerPoint slides + other videos + screen captures Screen captures Including instructor’s video? • Build break points and reflective activities (Non-linear flow, user clicking, built-in table of contents, in-video quizzing) • Integrate video lectures with other online or classroom activities. • Design the flow and structure Division of Information Technology
  6. 6. Strategies Show in Camtasia 1. User clickable area 2. Build questions/assessments at strategic intervals 3. Using Table of Contents 4. Include music/other voices/ 5. having TAs asking questions during lectures/ 6. Online/classroom activities on video content Division of Information Technology
  7. 7. Examples Various of Content + talking head (using tablet PC to annotate while speaking) (1:00) Quizzes examples: User Clicking: Table of Contents Having students creating their own video lectures Division of Information Technology
  8. 8. Other Screencasting Software Free screencasting software • Jing (.SWF) • Screencast-o-Matic (web-based, MOV) • CamStudio (For Wins, AVI , SWF) • Screenr (by Articulate, web-based, SWF) • Webinaria (For Wins, .FLV) Division of Information Technology
  9. 9. Division of Information Technology
  10. 10. Contact Jun Yang Instructional Designer Division of Information Technologies University of Maryland Division of Information Technology