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Dti certified brands motorcycle protective helmets 04sept2012

This list is last updated on September 4, 2012 by the DTI.

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Dti certified brands motorcycle protective helmets 04sept2012

  1. 1. LIST OF DTI-CERTIFIED BRANDS OF MOTORCYCLE PROTECTIVE HELMETS As of 04 September 2012 IMPORTER/ MANUFACTURER BRAND CONTACT NUMBERATG5 Trading Corporation VOLTZ 912.7846 ACERBIS/WHEIZ GEAR/AERO.X/Cebu Reliance Motor Parts, Inc. (032) 236.9012 BLD/PROGRIPCountless Trading BEN-2 253.3321CWORLD Trading, Inc. AGV/SPACE CROWN/VCAN/TANKED 473.9958DNC Trading INDEX 365.9526Dan’s Bike Shop SPARX (034) 709.1223Double E Trading BEN-2 +63922.8517219Eastway Racing Company, Inc. INDEX/TAKASAGO 251.9681Eastworld Motor Industries Corporation INDEX 241.6750Exsol Trading Corporation EXSOL 710.3336Fastroad Motorcycle Enterprises YOHE/YEMA/GDR 794.1070Gentrade International (Phils), Inc. POWERCYCLE/TRANSCYCLE 646.5433; 646.3164Grayeagle Enterprises GPX/MRC 309.4026Honda Philippines, Inc. INDEX 823.8001Impressions Impex International Corp. STUDDS 842.2274Kart Plaza Manufacturing ARAI 817.2241Kasaligan Auto Mart WHEIZ GEAR (032) 236.6920Kellson Corporation GLF 521.3212Levant Trading WEILANG 996.6707Manila Safety Cycling Devices Corporation HPH 930.9716Minton Multiresources, Inc. POSH 365.0695M.J. Kim Enterprises (with PS mark) KIM/KPM +63922.8415439Motoactive Corporation AINON/KOR/KOR HF/NEXX/XPOT 570.6712Motorcycles & Scooters, Inc. VCAN/TANKED 813.4432 2/AGV/CABERG/KBC/LS2/NOLAN/Mworld Trading 640.1743 SHOEI/ZEUS/SUZUKI/SA-070Mybike, Inc. AVEX/HONGYING BIO HELMETS 895.4294New Fullspeed Marketing YEMA 367.0621Philippine SGC Corporation PENGUIN/ST/SUN 364.3865Philippine Suntal Corporation SUN 367.8911Reachable Enterprises GDR 354.2104Richflow Trading ZEBRA/CARTING/GDR/HNJ 354.2084Roshan Commercial Corporation SPYDER 638.6556Specialist Motorcycle Parts and AXA 992.2259AccessoriesStavellan International Company BIO/H +63917.8950504Timeless Trading SNELL 291 2269Triumph JT Marketing Corporation HJC 361.2044Urrutia Trading KH 291.1143; 292.6368Vicma Marketing Corporation AM 241.2682Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. HJC/YAMAHA (043) 455.1901Yohingco Trading LEVIN LEV3/LEVIN LEV4/SOL 454.0070 ICC Mark (2012) CERTIFIED PS Mark ICC Mark (2009-2011) Product Safety Import Commodity Clearance (ICC); Philippine Standard (PS)