Social Media Steroids: Spread Your Content, Grow Your Business


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Presentation from Joe Pulizzi (Junta42) given at the 2009 eComXpo Virtual Summit. Contents include why content is key to a social media strategy, social media basics, useful social media tools (Twitter, Facebook, Slideshare and more) and social media distribution options.

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Social Media Steroids: Spread Your Content, Grow Your Business

  1. Social Media Steroids: Spread Your Content, Grow Your Business Joe Pulizzi Co-Author, Get Content Get Customers Founder, Junta42
  2. Hi! I’m Joe Pulizzi (@juntajoe) • Evangelist, speaker, author for content marketing – why marketers need to be publishers. • Founder and Chief Content Officer for Junta42 • Co-author of Get Content Get Customers (McGraw-Hill) • Former Vice President at Penton Media, Inc., North America’s largest independent b-to-b media company
  3. Let’s Start Off with Some Questions
  4. Information Evolution CBS Fast Draw
  5. Information Evolution CBS Fast Draw
  6. Information Evolution CBS Fast Draw
  7. Buyers Used to Solve Problems… • Talking to Company Sales Reps • Distributors/Resellers • Product Literature • Seeing Ads in Magazines
  8. Educated Buyers Now Solve Problems… • Google searches. • Online portals and news sites. • Listening to bloggers’ advice and opinions. • Word-of-mouth & “Word-of-mouse” • Direct to company websites.
  9. Forrester Research
  10. FIRST For Social Media to work, it’s about Publishing.
  11. Everyone is a Publisher Today • Like it or not, everyone is a publisher, and you need to understand what that means. • Look at your marketing activities…starting to feel a lot more like publishing. Magazines Newsletters
  12. You Are the Publisher  A Blog  eZines  White Paper Series  Podcasts  eBooks  Wikis  Case Studies  Vodcasts  Vertical Search  Video Portals  Website RSS Feeds  Content Microsites/Portals  Social Networking Sites  Online Quizzes  Webcasts/Webinars  Digital Magazines  Virtual Trade Shows  Community Forums  Online Games  eNewsletters  Content Widgets  Variable eNewsletters
  13. Social Media does not work without having something valuable to say!
  14. How to Create Engagement w/Social Media • Give your customers relevant, compelling information or • Give them a good time…
  15. The Big Shift Then… A provider of XYZ products and services
  16. The Big Shift Now… The trusted, expert resource for something relevant to your customers (and your business)!
  17. It’s Not about You! Provide relevant content that gives solutions to some of the toughest problems customers are facing. (leave out the sales pitch while building the relationship!)
  18. Your Ideas Spread! • Should be the core of your marketing campaign. • Position yourself as the trusted solutions provider for your industry and help people spread the word!
  19. The Basics
  20. Don’t Forget • Buy Your Domain Name and work it While your at it, get your whole family. • Input All Business Cards to LinkedIn/Facebook • Hire a professional to take your picture
  21. Twitter To Do’s • Never answer the question “What are you doing?” • Assign ownership • Be democratic • Be human • Have a strategy!
  22. Twitter To Do’s • Then…use it as a distribution mechanism.
  23. Conversations/Listening
  24. • Follow and Comment on Top 10 – 20 Blogs where Your Customers Are At. • Be Generous with Advice
  25. Google Alerts
  26. Blogging Tools
  27. Distribution
  28. Find your social channels…
  29. Thank You! Joe Pulizzi (216) 941-5842 Site: Blog: Book Site: Ways to Connect: LinkedIn: Joe Pulizzi Facebook: juntajoe Twitter: juntajoe