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  • Who wants to_be_a_millionaire_

    1. 3. Charlie’s uncle walked out from the shadows and _______ in front of him. A.) stand B.) standing C.) correct answer D.) was stand L C.) stood F
    2. 5. Initially, it was just a _____ of escaping the fact that I had run into a dead end. A.) correct answer B.) meaning C.) mean D.) meanings L F A.) means
    3. 7. That day ___ the beginning of my troubles. A.) are B.) correct answer C.) is D.) were L B.) was F
    4. 9. He stood ____ the curtains which were fluttering in the night breeze . A.) correct answer B.) on C.) in D.) at L A.) by F
    5. 11. Quest ion 5: The girls were standing _______ the tree. A.) between B.) under C.) correct answer D.) along L C.) beside F
    6. 13. Quest ion 6 She was sure that she _______ to be friends with them for the rest of her life . A.) wants B.) correct answer C.) want D.) wanting L B.) wanted F
    7. 15. However, as his uncle’s movements were very clumsy due to the effects of the alcohol, Charlie managed to _______ his attacks.  A.) dodged B.) dodging C.) dodges D.) correct answer L D.) dodge F
    8. 17. Life is not about weathering in the storm, but learning how to ________ in the rain. A.) dancing B.) correct answer C.) danced D.) dances L B.) dance F
    9. 19. I never had to worry about the happenings outside the little world my parents created _____ me. A.) in B.) of C.) correct answer D.) into L C.) for F
    10. 21. Arguments soon _____ and my household felt like a battlefield. A.) ensue B.) ensuing C.) ensues D.) correct answer L D.) ensued F
    11. 23. The working world _____ my eyes through the people I ________ with. A.) open, interact B.) opening, interacting C.) opens, interacts D.) correct answer L D.) opened, interacted F
    12. 25. Charlie’s uncle ______ up the wooden stick nearby and ________ it towards him. A.) pick, swung B.) correct answer C.) picked, swinging D.) picked, swing L B.) picked, swung F
    13. 27. Charlie always has to go without his meals unless he ______ find scraps of leftovers. A.) will B.) would C.) can D.) correct answer L D.) could F
    14. 29. He ______ the awful clutter inside the house just now . A.) can see B.) could saw C.) correct answer D.) could seen L C.) could see F
    15. 31. It was ______________ minutes of physical torture to pace through the crowd….. A.) correct answer B.) a painful five C.) a painful D.) a five painful L A.) five painful F
    16. 32. Congratulations! Thank-you for playing…