Ramon Magsaysay High School (Manila)


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Public Secondary School with address at Espana Blvd. corner Don Quijote St., Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines.

My high school Alma Mater

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Ramon Magsaysay High School (Manila)

  1. 1. RMHS Educational Media Specialist Presents The Pride of DepEd, Manila, Philippines Ramon Magsaysay High School RMHS EMS
  2. 3. 1952 Gov. Forbes annex of V. Mapa High School 1959 Autonomy from V. Mapa High School First Ramon Magsaysay High School Community A Glance of our History: RMHS EMS
  3. 4. <ul><li>a big improvement over its 1959 version </li></ul>Present RMHS RMHS EMS
  4. 5. Pillars of Excellence RMHS EMS
  5. 6. Mrs. Maria M. Ocampo Dr. William LI. Estrada 1959 - 1972 1972 - 1976 Mr. Mateo A. Angeles 1976 - 1987 Ms. Elena R. Ruiz 1996 - 1997 1997 - 1999 1987 - 1995 Mrs. Esperanza B. Bautista Mr. Leon R. San Miguel RMHS EMS
  6. 7. Dr. Cristina C. Reyes March 25, 1999 - Present RMHS EMS
  7. 8. Ramon Magsaysay High school is a DLS (Division Leader School) / ESEP (Engineering and Science Education Program) school that turns out students/graduates imbued with desirable traits, and possess knowledge and skills needed in college and the world of work; a school that leads in providing relevant and quality secondary education to the youth of Manila.
  8. 9. The school shall develop self-motivated, creative, research-oriented and enlightened youth with the right attitude and desirable values in life and equipped with knowledge and skills that will make them productive and useful members of society through a relevant and responsive curriculum and a team of committed and dedicated teachers and administrators ably supported by concerned government agencies and non-government organizations.
  9. 10. <ul><ul><li>Improve learning achievement emphasizing creative and critical thinking </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Acquire work skills, knowledge, attitudes and values essential for making an intelligent choice of occupation or career </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Develop an enlightened commitment to the national ideals </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Improve the holding of power of the school </li></ul></ul>
  10. 11. <ul><li>12 Hardworking Administrative Staff </li></ul><ul><li>260 Strong and Dedicated Teachers </li></ul><ul><li>23 Diligent Non-Teaching Personnel </li></ul>School Staff <ul><li>12 Hardworking Administrative Staff </li></ul><ul><li>260 Strong and Dedicated Teachers </li></ul><ul><li>23 Diligent Non-Teaching Personnel </li></ul>
  11. 12. <ul><li>Enrolment (2007) </li></ul><ul><li>- 3 Class Shifts </li></ul><ul><li>- 125 Classes </li></ul><ul><li>- 5700 Students </li></ul>Student Population Enrolment (2007) - 3 Class Shifts - 125 Classes - 5700 Students
  12. 14. Summary of Winnings LEVEL CONTEST DATE AWARDS RECIEVED District 9 th Bangko Sentral Oratorical Contest Tagisan ng Talino District Athletic Meet September ‘06 September ‘06 August ’06 1 st Place 1 st Place Over-All Champion Division On-the-Spot Poster Making Contest 6 th STEP Manipulative Skills Competition Math Match 2006 Pagsulat ng Panata sa Karapatang Pantao UN Quiz Bee Lebanon Oratorical Contest Individual Journalism Contest Drama Interpretation Contest Mini Press Conference June ‘06 September ‘06 December ‘06 November ‘06 October ‘06 January ’07 November ’06 October ’06 November ’06 1 st Place Champion Champion 1 st Place Winner in all categories 2nd Place Winner in all categories 1 st Place 2 nd Place Regional Taekwondo Championship Competition Tagisan ng Talino 5 th National Skills Development and Competition 6 th Regional Skills Competition NCR-DepEd Dept. of Energy Poster Making Contest July ’06 September ’06 October ’06 October ’06 December ’06 Golden Awards Fin & Feather Finalist 1 st Place 1 st Place 2 nd & 3 rd Place International UNESCO-DESD- Youth Envisioning Contest Winner (ASIA & the PACIFIC) International Children’s Competition-Poster Making Contest-New Delhi, India 2007 International Safety Calendar-Poster Making Contest-England UNESCO-DESD Youth Competition-Art Category Rotary International Choir Competition November ’06 November ’06 December ’06 December ’06 November ‘06 1 st Place International Winner International Winner 1 st Place Champion
  13. 16. RMHS EMS
  14. 17. RMHS EMS
  15. 18. RMHS EMS
  16. 19. RMHS EMS
  17. 20. RMHS EMS
  18. 21. RMHS EMS
  19. 22. RMHS EMS
  20. 23. RMHS EMS
  21. 24. RMHS EMS
  22. 25. RMHS EMS
  23. 26. RMHS EMS
  24. 27. RMHS EMS
  25. 28. RMHS EMS
  26. 29. RMHS EMS
  27. 30. RMHS EMS
  28. 31. RMHS EMS
  29. 32. RMHS EMS
  30. 33. RMHS EMS
  31. 34. RMHS EMS
  32. 35. RMHS EMS
  33. 36. RMHS EMS
  34. 37. RMHS EMS
  35. 38. RMHS EMS
  36. 39. RMHS EMS
  37. 40. RMHS EMS
  38. 41. RMHS EMS
  39. 42. RMHS EMS
  40. 43. RMHS EMS
  41. 44. RMHS EMS
  42. 45. RMHS EMS
  43. 46. RMHS EMS
  44. 47. RMHS EMS
  45. 48. AutoSkill ® Academy of Reading ® and Math ® (An Alternative Intervention Software for Learners) RMHS EMS
  46. 49. Patricia C. Jocson Evelyn C. Caja Olivia A. Caling RMHS EMS
  47. 50. Linda Harlan-Desamero Visual Arts Trainor International Award Winning Trainor RMHS EMS
  48. 52. “ School Brigade” Preparing the school for the opening school year Community Networking
  49. 53. <ul><li>Preparing the school for the new school year </li></ul>“ Brigada Eskwela” (School Brigade) RMHS EMS
  50. 54. Brigada Eskwela 2006 Second Place Winner RMHS EMS
  51. 55. Adopt-A-Community Program
  52. 56. PTCA Officers Joining hands with Parents and the Community RMHS EMS
  53. 57. Family Literacy Program <ul><li>Family Management Symposiums </li></ul>
  54. 58. Responsible Parenthood Seminar Educating the parents on the value of a good Parent-Child relationship RMHS EMS RMHS EMS
  55. 59. Teacher Scholarship Programs Department Sponsoring Institution/s English DISP-UP, ACELT(Ateneo), RLC(Singapore) Science ACED (Ateneo), DOST-STI, DLSU-Helenica Foundation Mathematics Monbukagakusho (Japan) Social Studies NEAP, PUP RMHS EMS
  56. 60. Monbukagakusho Teacher-Training Scholars RMHS EMS
  57. 62. Excellence in National Examination Second Place Winner in the National Achievement Test RMHS EMS
  58. 63. Excellence in Mathematics DAMATH (Math Chess) MTAP RMHS EMS
  59. 64. Excellence in Mathematics One of the Mathematics Division Level Winners RMHS EMS
  60. 65. Excellence in Science Scientific Experiments and Investigatory Projects RMHS EMS
  61. 66. Excellence in Science Future astronomers in the ASTROCAMP RMHS EMS
  62. 67. Excellence on Language Proficiency Participants in the “Tagisan ng Talino” showcasing their proficiency in the national language RMHS EMS
  63. 68. Excellence in Language Proficiency Participants in the Spelling and Reading Contests RMHS EMS
  64. 69. <ul><li>Student Leadership training programs for future leaders </li></ul>Excellence in Leadership Training RMHS EMS
  65. 70. Excellence in History Historical Awareness thru Dramatics and Mural Making RMHS EMS
  66. 71. Excellence in Information Technology Students are trained on the use of ICT and Internet based research for life long learning RMHS EMS
  67. 72. Excellence in ICT 20 Computer Units from Japan thru DTI RMHS EMS
  68. 73. Excellence in Visual Arts Showcasing the students’ creativity and noteworthy works of art RMHS EMS
  69. 74. Excellence in the Performing Arts Honing the students’ potential in the art of singing, dancing, acting and even playing musical instruments
  70. 75. Excellence in Music NAMCYA National Champion 2006 Aliw Awards’ Best Choral Group of the Year
  71. 76. Excellence in Health & Safety A program on disaster preparedness and volunteerism RMHS EMS
  72. 78. <ul><li>Home Visitation </li></ul><ul><li>Balik-Aral </li></ul><ul><li>(Home Review Program) </li></ul><ul><li>Balik-Paaralan </li></ul><ul><li>(Back to School Program) </li></ul>Oplan Sagip Kapatid (Save-A-Classmate Program) RMHS EMS
  73. 79. Special Education (SPED) for children with special needs who are mainstreamed in regular classes <ul><li>Visually Impaired </li></ul><ul><li>Hearing Impaired </li></ul>RMHS EMS
  74. 80. Social Awareness Programs Present Day Slavery Photo Journalism Exhibit
  75. 82. “ Basura Ko, Sagot Ko” “ My Trash, My Responsibility Program” (Waste Segregation)
  76. 83. “ May Pera sa Basura” “ Cash in Trash Recycling Program”
  77. 85. <ul><li>An avenue that showcase the student’s artistic faculty in dancing, singing, and playing musical instruments that display our rich cultural heritage. </li></ul>Cultural Development Programs
  78. 86. Giving of tin cans to Tahanang Walang Hagdanan (Home for the Handicapped) Donation & aid to calamity victims Charitable Programs RMHS EMS
  79. 87. Clean and green projects Cheering Squad Competition Athletic & Social Events RMHS EMS
  80. 88. Various Clubs / Organizations Different Active and Productive School Organizations RMHS EMS
  81. 89. Music / Dance Shows
  82. 91. Mentoring the Mentors Workshop Some of the English Teachers in one of their Mentoring Workshops RMHS EMS
  83. 92. Autoskill ® Academy of Reading ® and Math ® (An Alternative Intervention Software for Learners) Department Head of English and Mathematics on a hands-on session RMHS EMS
  84. 93. Utilizing the latest in educational technology, teachers and students are taught with basic and advanced lessons in English, Science and Mathematics with the Autoskill ® Academy of Reading® and Academy of Math® Software. Program of Excellence in English, Science and Mathematics
  85. 94. Teacher Demonstration Lessons Seasoned Teachers sharing their expertise With outstanding performance! RMHS EMS
  86. 95. Digital and Manual Instructional Materials Production Some members of the Educational Media Specialists Group and Media Innovators Club at work RMHS EMS
  87. 97. <ul><li>Reniel Vincent C. Bañez </li></ul><ul><li>International Student </li></ul><ul><li>Exchange Program Recipient </li></ul><ul><li>(New Jersey, USA) </li></ul>International Student Exchange Program
  88. 98. International Winner
  89. 99. A Visit from Leading Educators from the ASEAN Region
  90. 100. A Visit from Kuriyagawa Junior High School Students and Staff
  91. 101. A Visit from UNESCO/ASPNet Delegates
  92. 102. International Partnership Partnership with Japan, Singapore, United States and other ASEAN countries RMHS EMS
  93. 103. ASPNet Leaders’ Symposium 2006 in Japan
  94. 104. ASEAN SUMMIT 2006 (Campus Tour)
  95. 106. Evening Vocational School Accommodation of Students who cannot attend Formal Education RMHS EMS
  96. 107. <ul><li>A non-formal education that helps the youth and working adults to enhance their manipulative skills for lifetime employment. </li></ul>Evening Vocational Students Commercial Baking & Commercial Arts
  97. 108. Evening Vocational Students Radio & TV Mechanics & Industrial and Residential Electricity
  98. 109. Evening Vocational Students Reflexology and Basic Computer Literacy Course
  99. 111. Donation A Portable and Digital Telescope donated by an alumnus from Batch ‘81 RMHS EMS
  100. 112. Donation Marching Band Instruments from Batch ’83 & ‘84 RMHS EMS
  101. 113. Donation Rock Band Instruments from Batch ’83 & ‘84 RMHS EMS
  102. 115. Earn-While-You-Learn A laboratory for the students in Food Service and entrepreneurship RMHS EMS
  103. 116. YECS Youth Entrepreneurship and Cooperativism in School Retail Store RMHS EMS
  104. 117. Mini-Bakery Iceberg Kiosk RMHS EMS
  105. 118. RMHS EMS
  106. 119. RMHS EMS
  107. 120. RMHS EMS
  108. 121. Organizational Support Individual Contributions Collaborative Effort = Culture of Excellence RMHS Performance Paradigm RMHS EMS
  109. 122. RMHS EMS
  110. 123. Acknowledgments Department of Education DepEd Manila Dr. Cristina C. Reyes and Administrative Staff RMHS Faculty and Students Materials and presentation courtesy of the RMHS Educational Media Specialists Group RMHS EMS Copyright 2007 RMHS EMS