Shifting the Network Paradigm: Network Programmability


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The New Network unlocks valuable information for developers to be used in building smarter, faster applications. Use real-time data and more with Junos when building applications. Learn how in this presentation.

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  • Current:- Limited Extensibility: Software, Applications & APIs control just devices. - Legacy Systems: Hardware, not software, driven efficiency and economics. Scale through boxes, not software- Vendor Lock-in: Network software comes from the network hardware vendor.- Massive inefficiencies: Siloed and disparate systems with limited methods of communication, paths and protocols by which to communicate with systems.- Limited extensibility & growth opportunity: Limited scale & simplification for virtualized & cloud-based systems.Emerging:- Open & Extensible: Open Application Models to control devices and redefine software behavior & communication; creation of value-added services. New Tools for simplification of data extraction. - New Architectures & Better Efficiencies: A combination of both centralized and distributed architecture models for simple & scalable communication. - Vendor agnostic: Software & Applications that run across networks of all types & brands. Economics defined by software allowing for massive scalability at lower costs. - Opportunities for Growth: Ability to alter, simplify, and scale network paths & protocols not only to systems but to the cloud & more efficiently.
  • There is a divide between IT and developers that doesn’t allow for innovation. Demands on the network drive massive scale, including increased bandwidth for content, streaming, videos, and more. Difficult to solve deep network problems, such as how to content distribution, protocol compatibility, performance, security issues, and more. Need to be able to control networks in new ways with specialized customization. Web-based organizations unable to take advantage of rigid, OOB hardware offerings. Lower barriers to entry needed for new services or offerings, whether in-house developed or from a partner or third party.Adding boxes to solve problems is not economical nor operationally efficient; Economies of scale are creating constraints that typical networking platforms cannot fix.
  • Applications have no crisp way to express themselves to the network, and v.v.I know and don’t care… / workaroundsShips in the night
  • Typical definition of SDNWhy important to developers: - the network and its applications are intimately tied- what java started in terms of thinking about every application on  the network in 1995 is now the default, and that makes the network  a bigger/more dominant term in the equation.  - This is why Juniper is here and making huge strides to help developers build better apps & services
  • There is more out there that can be offered. Here is what you want as a developer.
  • The only way to make your network more intelligent is to give you great software platforms, tools, technologies, and products to extract valuable network data and use it to optimize your network’s operation. You can build amazing software that helps you run your network better than ever before.
  • You’re thinking you can already do this, right? But you can’t. We’re making development move up a level – by giving you access to new technologies, products and platforms that will up-level your development abilities for new applications & services. Network-Aware ApplicationsNetwork visibility in an application or delivery service used to build enhancements. Focus is on location of the end user and proximity to the server/cache. Examples include services for network performance management, WAN Optimization, customer experience management, content filtering, and internal billing of networked applications. Application-Aware NetworksReal-time data capture and extraction & correlation of information from the network to be used in applications, services, & solutions. Allows for new service topologies, new paths, ability to dilate or constrict bandwidth on a link, path,  take preventive measures and protect network assets in real time. Allows developer to create better services such as Bandwidth & Resource Optimization, Quality of Service (QoS), Content-Based Billing, Quality of Experience (QoE), VoIP Fraud Monitoring and Regulatory Compliance.Programmable NetworksA networking device with a published set of APIs or SDK that is enabled with standardized protocols allowing Applications to program the forwarding, control or management plane of the device. Include orchestration (OSS/BSS), Routing Signaling Activity, Analytics, and Perimeter Service Control.
  • hal: attempting marketing here
  • Intelligent- Simple data extraction from the network allows for new service creation. - APIs on Services that go deeper into network elements.Ability to alter, scale, and simplify network paths & protocolsOpen- Simple & Powerful APIs eliminate information & hardware silos - Visibility: Exposing Network elements and allowing insight into formerly closed systems. - Data is unlocked; info on consumption, users, subscribers, flows and policies is now available to communicate across systemsEfficient- Easy to use OpenAPIs and North/South-bound and East/West interfaces for connectivity to a multitude of devices & systems.- Integration of core functions to increase performance. - Applications improve cost-savings, operational improvements, security & more.Extensible- Opportunities for customers and partners to create revenue-generating services- Creating resources for developers with REST APIs, exposing resources for manipulation. - There is a further multiplicative effect when third parties insert and leverage network services
  • Objective of this slide:Goal is to lay out that opportunities and the domains where the developers can build apps are limitless. Speak to “What are YOU going to build”, “What is your domain”. Close w/ that our platform enables you to do that easily, effectively w/ a singleton UNIFIED Dev stack.===Juniper Networks programmable platform provides innovation throughout the network. It is a singleton platform offers YOU and I to develop a variety of network applications to solving a variety of business problems.As you can see here, We have listed JUST A FEW of those possibilities and solution domains. You could build apps that fall under the “Security” bucket, “Content and Media”, “Green Computing”, Network Monitoring and Performance”, “Cloud Computing and SAAS” based offerings, etc. The possibilities are limitless. <<SPEAK TO THE “WHAT WILL YOU BUILD” – the “?” bubble >>>So, WHAT WILL YOU BUILD, What will be your innovation on the network; which solution GAP will you help fill for our customers and Juniper; and what will you define as YOUR speciality. The opportunities are endless and we make this easy for you by providing the right developer tools and platform.<<SPEAK TO THE BOTTOM BUBBLE>>>As we saw in the earlier slide, With Junos SDK, Space SDK and “the coming soon” Pulse SDK, you are EMPOWERED to TOUCH and PLAY in every layer of your networkYou pick where you want to play and start building applications. We rely on you to help fill the growing demands in the market place todayTransition to next slide:We believe by empowering our developers, the power and capabilities of the network comes to life. I just want to show you a short glimpse of just a few of our growing partners and developer community. It is growing ever so rapdily!!!
  • Objective of this slide:One of the common fears of developers is the amount of net new investment s/he has to make on the platform. “HOW MUCH time do I have to invest in getting started here”. The Goal here is to emphasize the strengths of our SDKs – in that our SDKs come out of the box, comprehensive and enables the developers to focus on INNOVATION and NOT on the plumbing. Goal here is also to stress that we enable GTM faster and efficiently. Re-iterate 3 principles.===In the past developers are forced to create the plumbing before they can start building applications. Much time was spent and wasted in focusing heavily on the foundation aspects than the business and innovation aspects of application development.That’s the reason at Juniper we decided to take a different approach. Where Juniper Platform exposes the needed plumbing thru the SDK and APIs so developers can focus more on innovation and less on the plumbing aspects. Thereby enabling the developers to unlock and expose the network intelligence thru their applications easily, effectively and efficiently.Some of the key benefits our developers are already seeing :Faster development timeGTM quickerMore intelligent applications at a faster time. Less time on the plumbingTransition to the next slideTo summarize in one slide, you as a network developer now have the capability of building a variety of solns on our platform
  • Identify cost savings or operational improvements based on network element, subscriber and flow data. Applications that improve the security, policy enforcement or end to end reliability of the network are other efficiency-driven models. Converge networks & layers by integrating functions for increased performance. Simplify: Reduce number of network elements and the number of control points into the network. Maximize utilization of existing resources, creating opportunities for customer-specific or fine-grain services, or end user experience improvement.Integration of core functions to increase performance. Drastically reduce number of network elements and the number of control points into the network. Added Value through Services: Reduce network data to context specific information, create delivery paths for new services, and integrate multiple external data sources that increase in value as they are correlated with network-centric data. Opportunities for customers and partners to create revenue-generating services with the programmable network – from subscriber-centric services to in-depth services specific to each customer needs.
  • Objective of this slide:To make the developer successful, Juniper believes it is important to offer the whole package – that includes the Platform, community, training, etc and enablement to make money.===You saw today that Juniper Networks Programmable Platform includes our power platform, platform SDKs and building blocks thru our product line, Junos, Junos Space and the coming soon Junos Pulse. Juniper equally believes that to enable developers to be successful the community infrastructure is key. We will provide access to the vast range of education material, code samples, “How tos”. We will have Workshops, Developer Community Site, Trainings and last but, never the least, “Developer Support”.As we saw in the previous slide, Monetization is a key factor to a successful developer,. Thru our Partner Engagement program, We will provide access to our growing customer base and channel partners. We will enable the “Sell To” and “Sell With” selling efforts for you and your applications’ success.Transition to next slide:We saw this next slide today, a glimpse of a few of our partners and customers building on our platform – I would like to show it again quick…
  • Shifting the Network Paradigm: Network Programmability

    1. 1. Shifting the networkingparadigm:Network programmability<br />
    2. 2. CONNECT EVERYTHING<br />from Client, through the Network, to the Device<br />Juniper’s mission & Commitment<br />SILICON<br />SYSTEMS<br />SOFTWARE<br />
    3. 3. Challenges Overshadow Opportunities<br /><ul><li>Increased Opex Costs & Reduced Budget
    4. 4. Software offerings fragmented & stuck in organizational silos; limited access to network data.
    5. 5. Lack of developer tools accessible to many limits innovation at the network level; hardware companies not able to make products for specific web-based companies.
    6. 6. Revenue opportunity creation complex & not easy to integrate into existing infrastructures.</li></li></ul><li>Current Versus Emerging<br />Network Programmability Redefines Software Behavior <br />Enabling New & Integrated Solutions<br />
    7. 7. Why Do We Need a Programmable Network? <br />Every IT department and enterprise has a unique combination of applications, network architecture, efficiency constraints and goals, so out out-of-the box solutions rarely fit your needs. <br />IT and Development often live separate lives<br />Information Technology<br />Developers<br />Developers<br />Enterprises / Customers<br />Telecom Infrastructure<br />Information Technology<br />OSS/Network divide<br />Application/Network divide<br />
    8. 8. APPLICATION/NETWORK DIVIDE <br />NO<br />CUSTOMER/DEVELOPER <br />DIALOGUE<br />APPS USE <br />WORKAROUNDS<br />NW AGNOSTIC APPS<br />Assume network<br />or <br />Suffer consequences<br />Localized problem solving <br />Limits service flexibility <br />prioritization<br />activity<br />demographics<br />usage<br />profiles<br />optimization<br />devices<br />trends<br />speed<br />quality<br />performances<br />VALUE EMBEDDED IN THE NETWORK<br />Copyright © 2010 Juniper Networks, Inc. <br />
    9. 9. Current Capabilities for Building Apps<br />Flexibility of Service Placement<br />Place your services where you want, not necessarily where the user is physically connected<br />Control of Resources from Applications<br />Customize network behavior to better meet user/application needs<br />Introduce non-configured device behavior changes: ephemeral classifiers<br />Lowering of operational barriers<br />Decrease dependency on the traditional provisioning workflow<br />Enable automation and dynamic adaptability within constraints<br />
    10. 10. This simply isn’t enough. <br />Customers, Developers & <br />Partners need more.<br />It’s time to shift the Networking Paradigm<br />
    11. 11. Juniper is Introducing More.<br />Open Application Models: Breaking the IT/Developer Divide<br />Decoupling of Software from Systems<br />Real-time Data, Analytics, and Better Reporting<br />Visibility of Applications in the Network<br />New Protocols & Communication Methods<br />New Service & Revenue Opportunities<br />You Need to Make your Applications Smarter, <br />More Flexible & Faster<br />
    12. 12. Programmability Changes how Networks Work<br />The New Network allows you use software to change the behavior of the existing box, rather than adding additional equipment to your network. You are no longer limited to the imagination of the network equipment vendor, you are free to innovate and extend anything you can imagine. With programmability implemented in your network the power of creation belongs to you.<br />The New Network drastically changes network economics through customizable software, allowing for massive scalability, resource efficiencies, and unprecedented extensibility – across networks, devices, and to the cloud. <br />Simply, Efficiently, and Cost-Effectively. <br />
    13. 13. Enabling Invention, Not Re-Inventing<br />Networks Help Build the Best Applications<br /><ul><li>Network-Aware Applications
    14. 14. Network visibility in an application or </li></ul>delivery service.<br /><ul><li> Application-Aware Networking
    15. 15. Situational Awareness of your </li></ul>application in your Network<br /><ul><li>Programmable Networks
    16. 16. Sets of APIs & Protocols that allow </li></ul>applications to control & manage devices<br /><br />
    17. 17. The New network is Programmable<br />Programmable Pillars<br />Future Innovation<br />Language independent, scalable and accessible to the general purpose developer: meet disruption where it happens<br />New Standards & Protocols<br />Provide fine-grain control over where services and content are placed in the network, and how traffic is routed to and from them.<br />Programmable Perimeters<br />Security, services, devices: make them more functional, flexible, and valuable through data flow intelligence.<br />Open Data Access<br />Get data about network flows, users, applications, and network topologies to inform applications, and have applications inform the network<br />Intelligent. Open. Efficient. Extensible.<br />The New Network enables flexible business models and <br />innovative service delivery.<br />
    18. 18. Intelligent, Open, Efficient, Extensible<br />New Service Creation<br />Revenue Creation <br />
    19. 19. Programmable NetworksA NEW OPEN & INNOVATIVE DEVELOPER-CENTRIC APPROACH <br />
    20. 20. The New Network is programmable:reducing complexity through software<br />One Platform MANY VARIETY of Applications – What will YOU Build?<br />?<br />Content & Media<br />Green Computing<br />Monitoring & Performance<br />Cloud Computing<br />Security<br />across the Network<br />Network & Beyond<br />on the Client<br />Common Tools & IDE<br />Enterprise, Mobile,Home<br />in the Network<br />
    21. 21. the New DEVELOPER-CENTRIC APPROACH<br />Rapid Development of Differentiated Apps<br />Application<br />Innovation<br />Application<br />Innovation<br /><ul><li>Focus on innovation
    22. 22. Decrease production costs
    23. 23. Increases speed of development
    24. 24. Decouple velocity of application innovation from platform innovation </li></ul>Platform Interfaces and Foundation development<br /><ul><li>Expensive and inefficient
    25. 25. Consistency, security and performance lapses</li></ul>Junos SDK & Junos Space SDK<br />Unlock Intelligent Data<br />APPS + SERVICES<br />OLD WAY<br />APPS + SERVICES<br />NEW WAY<br />
    26. 26. Types of Developer Application Models with The Programmable Network<br />
    27. 27. JunosDeveloper Tools<br />
    28. 28. Junos SDK: On-Device Innovation<br /><ul><li> Create, deploy, and validate innovative network applications tailored to your needs.
    29. 29. Enable network software developers to build additional intelligence into their networks with applications capable of SLA assurance, traffic monitoring, encryption and tunneling, signaling, and Quality of Service.
    30. 30. New customization and product opportunities:
    31. 31. Customers can customize their own networks through applications or in-house development.
    32. 32. ISVs and System Integrators are realizing new business opportunities to take to market.
    33. 33. IT Departments are using innovations developed in-house to create business opportunities with new customers and partners. </li></ul>On-device Innovation <br />Network Layer<br />
    34. 34. The Junos Space SDK: Cross-Device Innovation<br /><ul><li> Decreases complexity in the application development process and reduces the time from development to deployment, allowing for solutions to be created at the speed business runs.
    35. 35. Open APIs provide RESTful Web Service access to all Junos-based devices, serving as a single entry point that abstracts your network to enable you to manage, monitor, control and gather insight across your entire network infrastructure, as well as create network-aware applications.
    36. 36. Developers can extend the capabilities of existing applications with network insight, build new and unique workflows, or combine the capabilities of multiple applications or cloud-based services into a unified user experience or application.</li></ul>Cross-device Innovation<br />Network Application Layer<br />
    37. 37. <ul><li>The programmable network approach adds unique value propositions for Juniper and our customers: the creation of new services, the ability to insert services at multiple points in the data or control paths of the network, and the ability to open these entry points to Juniper’s and our customers’ software and services partners.
    38. 38. There is a further multiplicative effect when third parties can insert and leverage network services.
    39. 39. Traditional network models are defined by a north/south operational model, while the programmable network expands applications east/west, allowing new services to be inserted and monetized with finer-grain control over flows between service and network elements.
    40. 40. Opportunities for customers and partners to create revenue-generating services with the programmable network – from subscriber-centric services to in-depth services specific to each customer needs. </li></li></ul><li>Juniper software PRODUCTS & OFFERINGS<br />Platform, SDKs, APIs, Building Blocks, & Support<br />Community & Education Resources<br />Monetization & Channel Opportunity<br />Access to a large & growing installed customer base<br />Educational activities<br />Partner Engagement Program<br />Junos Developer community site<br />Evaluation & commerciallicense agreements<br />Workshops<br />Training<br />Support<br />
    41. 41. Thank you!<br />