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JavaOne Keynote: Programmable Networking is SFW


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David Ward's keynote from JavaOne 2011 on how networks are now programmable & intuitive, allowing application developers to access real-time data, geo-loc, and more information from the network through APIs and new protocols.

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JavaOne Keynote: Programmable Networking is SFW

  1. 1. Programmable Networking is SFW David Ward CTO & Chief Architect Platform Systems Division, Juniper Networks
  2. 2. The Developer and The Network We should care about each other YOU ARE DEVELOPERS WE ARE THE NETWORK Connecting Experience everybody to everythingProgrammable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  3. 3. The Developer and The Network Improving user experience by programming the network Real Problems. Real Revenue. Real Attention. Application Network World WorldProgrammable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  4. 4. Beyond ferreting the information Current approximation techniques are barely sufficient and inefficient APPLICATION WORLD: GUESSING NETWORK WORLD: DERIVING Applications blindly probe the Networks spy on traffic to try network to understand what it to understand applications can deliver ? Network Aware Applications ? ? Application Aware Networking ?§  Game ping-stats, doppler, geo- §  Deep Packet Inspection location, whois §  Stateful flow analysis§  Proprietary codecs §  Application fingerprinting§  Approximate topology/location §  Service specific overlay topologiesProgrammable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  5. 5. How to ensure the best experience? Bringing together the important elements … … enabled via real-time interaction to influence the experience of the end user Application: Content: End-User: Network: Knows end-device Adjusts placement, Knows what it Real-time interaction capabilities. Proximity selection & insertion wants and is between application, of end-user to content. of content from directed there content and end-users. Controls resources. analytics.Programmable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  6. 6. Let’s talk about why networks & applications need to work togetherProgrammable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  7. 7. What brings the two together? THE APPLICATION WORLD THE NETWORK WORLD Bi-directional interaction and programmabilityProgrammable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  8. 8. Interaction at multiple touch points Inform network of desired behavior     Inform application of data intrinsically in the network THE APPLICATION WORLD THE NETWORK WORLD Network Programmability User service profile Billing profile Programmable Enterprise edge Business edge service profile Touch points Hypervisor stack VPN/mobile/security gateways CDN Extract informationJuniper  Networks,  Inc.   Copyright    2011  Programmable  Networking  is  SFW   or program desired behavior
  9. 9. What is possible in this new world? APPLICATION NETWORK NETWORK APPLICATION Applications made better by Networks made better by information from network information from application §  Understanding of    end-device §      Bandwidth and resource optimization capabilities §  New service topologies §  Real location / topology §  Security identification §  Adjust behavior to real-time usage §  Service-specific packet treatment §  Billing granularity Flexibility of service placement Control of resources from         applicationsProgrammable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  10. 10. How do networks & applications work together?Programmable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  11. 11. Application and network interaction As a developer you will have many ways to influence the network or application Choices depend on your touch point to the network Intuiting Info Communicating Application §  OpenStack   Application programming §  CloudStack   deriving network Proprietary control network §  OpenFlow   channels, pingstats, GSM, §  PCE   check-ins, §  GenApp   traceroute Dynamic §  Provider-­‐based   interaction development   plaJorms   Network spying DPI, Netflow, Network informing §  ALTO   on application IPDR, IDS application §  BGP-­‐TE,  BGP-­‐CDNI  Programmable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  12. 12. How do we make this happen? Without breaking everything …THE APPLICATION WORLD THE APPLICATION WORLD Real-time topology understanding (ALTO, BGP-TE) SI   ISV   Service   Research   Enterprise   Partner   Partner   Provider   InsQtuQon   Customer   Steering traffic through optimal paths Web Services API (PCE) Network Orchestration Across Networks Programmability Selecting specific traffic GENAPP OpenFlow (OpenFlow) BGP-TE ALTO Mgmt PCE Network APIs …       New touch points: gateways, billing collectors, service appliances, CDN, DPI THE NETWORK WORLD THE NETWORK WORLD Programmable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  13. 13. Orchestration and Development Platforms §  Tradi&onal  IT:   –  OperaQon/Billing  systems  =  device  and  sAPI Web Services ubscriber  management   •  COPS,  Radius,  Diameter,  netconf,  DHCP,  CAPWAP,  GSMP   Orchestration Across Networks §  Emerging  Network  Func&on  Specific   –  SLA  monitoring,  OTT  virtualizaQon,  Path  management,  Unified  CommunicaQon   Operation Emerging Emerging New §  Emerging  Service  Specific   Network Billing Service Provider- –  Systems Flow  intelligence,  user  telemetry  informaQon,  sensor  networking,  Based Function Specific service   Specific Platforms profile  updates,  network  appliance  and  CDN  control   §  New  Provider  Based  Development  Pla=orms   –  Specific  funcQonality  for  a  specific  customer  set:  mobile  phone,  STB  Programmable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  14. 14. Network Operators Building Development Platforms Network operator innovation centers around the world Pla=orm  poten&al:  Reaching  ~53%  of  world  popula&on;  Equals  ~64%  of  world  GDP  Programmable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  15. 15. Example: Content Request Routing APPLICATION NETWORK NETWORK APPLICATION From where the user is connected… … to where the content is best served 1 2 Network Based on: 3 §  Network proximity §  Network availability §  Network congestion Open standard: ALTO Application §  Content availability Application Layer Traffic §  Content load Optimization §  Content capacity Chicago ALTO cost - 200 Content Content Content Amsterdam ALTO cost - 10 This is new because: London ALTO cost - 50 §  Uses information of the network infrastructure ALTO directs traffic to best POP based §  Runs across multiple service providers on network conditions §  Mobile & broadband subscribersProgrammable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  16. 16. Example: Content Request Routing APPLICATION NETWORK NETWORK APPLICATION §  Server Availability §  Per-network response DNS and Plug-ins §  Server Load times and site availability §  Server Capacity New York Chicago Data Center Answer: Where do I get §  Network Proximity DNS my content? §  Network Availability Chicago! §  Network Congestion ISP A Media Server ALTO   London London Data Center DNS ISP B BGP   BGP   Media Server Paris ALTO Server Amsterdam Data Center DNS Media Server ISP CProgrammable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  17. 17. Example: Bandwidth Calendaring NETWORK APPLICATION Schedule a reserved path for your session… … without having to know the network Technology used: §  Real-time topology understanding (ALTO, BGP-TE) §  Steering traffic through optimal paths (PCE) Web Services API §  Reservation transaction (WebServices API) §  Selecting specific traffic (OpenFlow) Orchestration What would I use this for? §  Flexibility of service placement §  Scheduled data center backups §  Managed content distribution Location 1 Location 2 §  Cloud orchestration NetworkScheduled application/session specific path in the network Programmable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  18. 18. Example: Social Networking Today’s wheel of missed fortune Untapped mine of information §  Access technology and capability §  Mobility events Collected Content/Gaming Approximate §  Bandwidth, utilization End User Analytics Platforms End User §  Capabilities of device and network Information Location Pure Social §  Network location SN topology platform types §  Proximity to caches / servers Advertising §  Bandwidth / billing / usage caps Commerce §  Security profile Communication NetworkProgrammable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  19. 19. Tune in - turn on: Be “in the topology” Weak architecture = one-legged tap dancing Continuous, real-time streaming of surrounding content, resources, places, people And this is Where am I? I am here! You’re here! around you: <access> <content> §  AcQve  broadcast   <capability> <resources> §  Game  broadcast   <BW> <places> §  Passive  derivaQon   <profile> <people> … ! “Above the topology” “Visualize the topology” “In the topology” “Below the topology” Low value in navigational coordinates APPLICATION NETWORKProgrammable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  20. 20. What did he just say? UNLEASH THE POTENTIAL! PROGRAMMABLE NETWORKING Today  the  two  worlds  are  not  interlocked   DEVELOPMENT PLATFORMS EMERGING AND GETTING A LOT OF VC Enables: Decisions that impact your applications are being made by: §  Flexibility of service placement §  IT departments §  Fungibility of assets §  Network equipment vendors §  Control of resources §  Providers delivering your application §  Derivation of telemetry and proximity §  Application developersProgrammable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  21. 21. Network Programmability This is not a lottery This is a game of skill Enhance your skills t/develop   er   @j u n o s d e veloper   Enhance your applications   slideshare .net/juno sdevelope r  Programmable  Networking  is  SFW   Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.  
  22. 22. Unlocking Innovation TodayOn-device Cross-device End-point & MobileInnovation Innovation Innovation Network Layer Network Application Layer User Application Layer Copyright    2011  Juniper  Networks,  Inc.