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Assignment 1 Part 1


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Assignment 1 Part 1

  1. 1. Drama Series English 2 (ENGL 0205)Assignment 1: Comparison Essay Chew Jun Ming 0310173
  2. 2. Drama Series What is drama series? “Drama series generally is a television content that is scriptedand fictional with a plot. This excludes, for example, sports, news, reality and gamesshow, stand-up comedy and variety shows” ( Farlex Incorporate, 2012 ).An amusing andinteresting plot is necessary because it is the soul in the entire drama series. A dramaseries with unplanned plot is going to fail. The most important role of plot is display ofcharacter service. At the same time, the plot itself is relatively independent in art andaesthetic value to entertain the audience. Besides that, the beginning of a plot is importantas well because it can influence the success or failure of the drama series. These showthat the role and significance of a plot. My topic is drama series, it signals that I am required to choose some drama series todo further explanation about the drama but what actually I am going to do is choose twoset of drama series to do a comparison or contrast. It seem a hardship for me becausethere is too many drama series within my knowledge. Before I proceed to next step, thefirst task I going to do is analyze the meaning and definition of drama series. What isactually a drama series means? It is shameful enough for me that I am unable to definitedrama series although I had watch countless drama series, well, at least it cannot countedby my fingers. After I ponder approximately 33 minutes and 33 seconds, I eventuallydecide to choose Rooftop Prince and Dream High as my topic to make a contrastamong them. The first drama series I am going to analyze is Rooftop Prince. After I sit throughthe drama series, I can conclude that it is a romance drama because Crown Prince of theChosun Dynasty who loses his beloved princess then travels with his consorts 300 yearsinto the future to the modern day to continue his unfinished romance. He was strived tofind out the truth although he was set in a different condition. Besides that, he was adetermined person. This was shown through his willpower to find her wife in futurealthough there were many barriers awaiting him up ahead. He never gave up to find outthe truth although he was used to experience many hardships. He was an intelligent manas well because he could adapt the situation better and faster than his retainers. Of course,but that is not all of it. He was also used his ability and wisdom flexibility to overcomethe problems he faced and deal with his enemy. His extraordinary charm was really
  3. 3. fascinated a lot of audience of course included me. The ending of this drama series wasquite a bit different compared to any other drama series. The ending was quite sad and‘heart-broken’ but fortunately my heart is made of stainless steel. The ending narratesthat the crown prince travels back to his era while his lover was still staying in the future.They were both half a world away from each other in different place, different era,different time. What prince crown does daily not other but just miss his lovers. The second drama series I am going to analyze is Dream High. Dream High isactually a school play. It takes place at Kirin High School of Art and follows the lives ofstudents as they aspire to become superstars. This is reasonable because superstars canget both reputation and ‘moneysss’. I believe that everyone is hopes to gain respect fromother people to increase our self-esteem, I am no exception. It was school play not justbecause it took place in school instead of the students were aspire to interview as astudent at Kirin High School and there was five participants succeed in the interview.Misunderstanding and contradiction have break up their relationship and caused themsuspected at one another. This was a great impact on them thus caused they could notcooperate with each other well. Song Sam-Dong, the main character of this drama series,was an innocent person. He falls in love with Ku Hye-Mi at first sight and followed her toKirin High School of Art. On the other hands, it showed that he was not good in decisionmaking. Besides that, he has unlimited potential in music. He was gradually discoveredthat his genius like musical talent as he was training in Kirin High School. Besides that,he has very high aspirations to own to stock farm although he was a poor guy. This washappened before he accessed to Kirin High School. The happy endings stated that the fiveparticipant were finally become friends again as before. They were respectively movedtoward their goals and eventually became superstars. In conclusion, they are absolutely two different types of drama. Rooftop Prince is aromance drama while Dream High is a school play. Besides that, their characteristic alsoshow that the identity of the characters. They are both perfect for all ages but I personallyrecommend Rooftop Prince because I find that the plot and characteristic are moreinteresting than Dream High. The ending of Rooftop Prince is not bad too because ittells me that there are many thing that we cannot manipulate like the affairs of humanlife. At the same time, it can be an educational drama and that why I loved this dramaseries so much.
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