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Vanier College Social Media Workshop Series - Business

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Social media management vc business

  1. 1. Social Media Management Business Welcome!
  2. 2. ABOUT ME • Extensive Social Network Experience • Certified Software Specialist • BA in Human Relations • Master’s Educational Technology (candidate) • Adult Education Certificate • Information Technology (IT) Customer Care • Blogger (WordPress)
  3. 3. Social Media Management Business Housekeeping!
  4. 4. Myths about Social Media Myth1 • Everybody is using social media Myth 2 • You have to spend hours a day on social media Myth 3 • Blogging is a waste of time Myth 4 • You have to be on every social network Myth 5 • • Myth 6 Social media will replace real-life networking Some people believe that social networks are there to be social and that business has no place on the platforms
  5. 5. Why Social Media For Business? “With a global reach of millions if not billions of potential customers, social networks represent a rich marketing platform for businesses…” Mike Alton – Social Media Hat
  6. 6. Social Media Trends Consumer Sharing Trends
  7. 7. Social Media Business Pages LinkedIn is a social hub where brands can highlight their unique identity, promote content and events, create awareness around products, and aggregate employment opportunities. These features are enabling companies to create a brand presence on LinkedIn where they can market to and engage with their audience in a new and powerful way. Images of: Google+ For Business Google+ Hangout Air Google+ Party - Product demonstration - Training - Project Management - Team Work - Virtual conference CEO, CFO HR Manager Recruiter Lounge/Kitchen Reception area Donation made to a charity or cause Employees Product(s), Equipment, Service Customer Testimony Events
  8. 8. Social Media Management Process Goal Assess your social media goals to determine what you are hoping to achieve through social media such as: is it to establish your online presence? promote your brand or business? or utilize social networks to promote events Execution Analyze your current social network presence Assist in planning your social media content Setup a social media calendar for the purpose of sharing content and engagement Results Increase conversion of followers Higher level of engagement Monthly growth of circles, communities, connections Evaluate your social media results
  9. 9. Social Media Key Focus Social Engagement Social Listening • • • • • • • • • • • • Publish across multiple social media channels Offers free stuff Gifts Give-a-ways Games Remain up-to-date on new online trends Update content regularly Create polls Ask questions Comment Respond to both positive and negative comments promptly • • • Pay attention to content receiving the most interactions Monitor and Engage Manage endorsements and recommendations Report: • Clicks • Comments • Retweets • Replies • Get feedback on current issues and hot topics
  10. 10. Social Media & Customer Service Customer needs is an important consideration on Social media What customers want?
  11. 11. Understanding Different Types Of Visitors Browsing Visitors • Are just surfing the net • Buy on impulse Research Visitors • Do not intend to buy • Shopping around • Collect information • May buy later Focused Visitors • Serious buyers • Repeat buyers Conversion Mechanics Content marketing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Research Visitor Browsing Visitor Focus Visitor Blog/Page/ Website
  12. 12. Standing Out! Word Cloud Word clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. Quick Response Code (QR Code) The QR code is a brand of a specific two dimensional matrix barcode. It was created by the Toyota branch Denso Wave in 1994 due to the need for tracking automotive parts during the manufacturing processes. QR codes are well established to present URLs, Telephone numbers and whole contact data e.g. business cards on websites, image brochures, online and print advertisements. They are used by smart people who recognized that most user do not want to manually write and type any data.
  13. 13. Statistics The Growth, Influence and Dominance of Social Media Today Social Media LinkedIn Facebook Google+ Twitter Pinterest Foursquare Wordpress 2010 2011 2012 2013
  14. 14. Housekeeping Social Media Management Tool Social Analytic Tools How to search for information online
  15. 15. Social (Netiquette)Etiquette Guidelines for proper behavior when communicating online is known as netiquette. Netiquette are the rules of behavior when communicating with others online. Netiquette rules are most often enforced by fellow users and moderators of social communities and forums. Sample of Netiquette rules: Netiquette guidelines Netiquette rules of behavior online
  16. 16. TIPS         Build relationships one at a time Start conversations by sharing updates and contents Have a professional looking theme: blog, website, social media Make your Social Media About Page about your business Be active: “like” post(s); if you do not like or disagree with something say so, if you are unable to say so use emoticons Thanks for sharing Appreciate the follow… Thanks for the follow Be familiar with the Social Media Terms and conditions to avoid nasty surprises
  17. 17. Feedback 3 + 1 Feedback (3 positives + 1 Improvement) Tell me 3 things that you liked…. Tell me 1 thing that need to be improved….
  18. 18. Social Media Management Business Thank You!