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Creating and maintaining the online presence, engagement, and brand visibility of businesses and professionals through multiple social media channels.

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  • Social Media Networks Agency is a startup online company providing social network management services including, consulting, and training to professionals and businesses
  • We assist with:Formulating new social networks and blog contents that are aligned with your strategic objectivesCultivate and maintain relationships with followersProvide prompt and courteous customer service and care in response to comments and complaintsIncrease traffic to social networks through social outreach
  • We offer additional value to our customers with our ability to research and develop an online presence that is professional and personalizedOur services are based on:Research Analysis Engagement Connections Networks PromotionBrand Presence
  • Our primary objective is to understand our customer’s specific social media needs and use this information to assist and maintain an online brand and presence.
  • Strategies:Create, cross-promote and maintain content on social media channels Increase followers, awareness, and engagement through social media channels Manage and grow social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn etc.Be the voice, eyes and ears of your brand Listen to user generated conversation(s) to Identify threats and opportunities pertaining your brand Tag and categorize content for search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • For many small businesses and professional time is an extremely valuable asset. Efficient and effective social media management calls for an investment of this valuable asset-time. Social Media Networks Agency’s team is available to create and maintain your social presence allowing you to use your valuable time focusing on other important area of your profession and business.
  • Increase social media presence by 10% month after monthIntegrate your social media activities into your other marketing. Share new content you’ve created on social media pages. Promote your social media presenceEncourage prospects, customers and fans to join you on social media.Cross-promote your social media profiles Include links to your other social media profiles on each platform.Encourage social sharing of all of your contentsInclude your website, emails and social media to get your content endorsed and shared by othersCreate a weekly success report that includes valuable insights such as:Number of page view, clicks, followers and connections
  • Follower statistics will show you how your follower base is growing and who is following you (demographics). It will also show you engagement on your posts- so you can see what people are taking action on and find engaging.See who is following your page and what content they are engaging with from your organizationSee how your viewership is growingHow your content is going over with your followers and visitorsWhether the material you are sharing out has gone viralWe also provide you with per post metrics 24 hours after you make a postSee impressions & engagement levels and see what types of posts specifically people are interested in getting from youThe Page AnalyticsSee who is visiting your page and the actions they take when they come to your pageCreate your Company Page to showcase what your business has to offer Build up your Follower community Engage the community with value content via posts Amplify your voice by leveraging your Followers to get broader reach on the network Analyze, refine, optimize your strategy based on what the data is showingA weekly progress report will be sent to you detailing progress
  • Creating a social presence requires considerable time and effort and can get in the way of the rigors of your day to day business or professional activities; leave it to us here at Social Media Networks Agency to take care of setting up and maintaining your online presence while you focus on more important matters. What is that worth to you?  Think of this as an investment that will eventually pay off in the long run. Contact us today!
  • Social Media Management

    1. 1. Social Media Management ServicesPresented to:Businesses & Professionals
    2. 2. Freelance Social Media Management• Extensive Social Network Experience• Certified Software Sales Specialist• BA in Human Relations• Master’s Educational Technology (candidate)• Adult Education Certificate• Information Technology (IT) Customer Care• Blogger (WordPress)Social Media Management• Extend the online social presence of businessesand professionals• Connect and engage followers in meaningful andsupportive two-way communication• Establish a balance a between industry,professional and community related issues• Serving Businesses, Government, EducationalInstitutions and Consumers2
    3. 3. Rosanna MontouteFreelance Social Media ManagerLinkedInOffer a full range of social mediamanagement services based onexperience while maintaining thehighest level of confidentiality andsocial media care and servicesWordpress Twitter PinterestFacebookGoogle+ You
    4. 4. Our mission is to connect businesses and professionals with theirprofessional communities and industries through the most influentialand powerful medium: Social Media ChannelsResearch Analysis Engagement Networks ResultsPromotionBrandPresenceLists Community SharesCircles Topics Interest Profile LikesGroups Products Conversation Engagement 4
    5. 5. 1. Develop strategy for day to day events and special coverage2. Develop relationship with community and industry leadersand influencers3. Engage and grow online community, groups and circles4. Develop social calendar that is aligned with professionaland business initiative with social networks5. Optimize professional and industry driven social initiatives6. Cross-promote with other networks7. Stay abreast of professional and industrytopics, trends, research and social news8. Start, join and contribute to social discussions andconversationsOur main objective is to increase the online presence,engagement, and brand visibility of businesses andprofessionals through multiple social media channels.onlinebrand@socialnetworksagency.com5
    6. 6.
    7. 7. Benefits of Social Networking•••••7
    8. 8. BlogsFacebookGoogle+LinkedInPinterestTwitterYouTubePost relevantinformationLike and followcolleaguesLike and followlocalbusinesses,educational andreligiousinstitutions,media, in thecommunitySparkdiscussionRespond toboth good andbadcommentsAsk questionsSharecontents.Social Channels Social InteractionSocial Engagementonlinebrand@socialnetworksagency.com8
    9. 9. Social NetworksBusinesses &ProfessionalsCustomersCommunity-Industry• Post relevant community & industryinformation about issues and topics• Highlight cultural, non-profit,sporting and other special eventsand festivals• Connect and follow people who aremaking a difference in thecommunity and industry• Monitor and manage onlinereputation on social networkchannels onlinebrand@socialnetworksagency.com9
    10. 10. • Assess social media activities andcontents• Publish, monitor and engage acrossmultiple social media channels• Manage endorsements andrecommendations• Remain up-to-date on new online trends• Develop a calendar of content updates• Oversee and coordinate communityengagementSocial Engagement• Pay attention to content receiving themost interactions• Report:• Clicks• Comments• Retweets• Replies• Get feedback on current issues and hottopicsSocial ListeningCommitted to connecting and engagingwith your industry and customersonlinebrand@socialnetworksagency.com10
    11. 11. Establish presenceAttract followersEngage followersAmplify social network presenceAnalyze and refineSaving you valuable time and money… 11
    12. 12. Social MediaPagesAttract Followers Status UpdatesFollowerAnalyticsAmplifyPresenceFollow and EngageAnalyze &
    13. 13. GoalAssess your social media goals to determine what you are hoping toachieve through social media such as: establish your onlinepresence, promote your brand or business or utilize social networksto share eventsExecutionAnalyze your current social network presenceAssist in planning your social media contentSetup a social media calendar for the purpose of sharing content andengagementPost regularly to social media pagesResultsIncrease conversion of followersHigher level of engagementMonthly growth of circles, communities, connectionsEvaluate your social media resultsCall to
    14. 14. onlinebrand@socialnetworksagency.com14
    15. 15. Increase in trafficIncrease in page viewsvisits, followers, uniquevisitorsSocial 15
    16. 16. Increasesocial mediapresence by10% monthafter monthCross-promote yoursocial mediapresenceEncouragesocial sharingof all yourcontentsContact us today! Email:onlinebrand@socialnetworksagency.com16