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Social Media Introduction


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Introduction To Social Media

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Social Media Introduction

  1. 1. Getting Started With SocialMedia                   
  2. 2. Getting Started With Social MediaSocial Media“the new way of doing and getting things done“
  3. 3. Getting Started With Social MediaWhat exactly is Social Media?Social Media is rapidly becoming the primary channels forsharing and disseminating information including:<<< Discussing ideas, expertise and opinions<<< Asking and answering questions<<< Giving and receiving feedback and advice<<< Promoting and marketing a business, profession andskills<<< Searching for jobs and finding qualified employees
  4. 4. Getting Started With Social MediaMyth about Social Media?It is a popular belief that social media is gearedtowards teenagers and young adults and is not atool, resource or platform for professionals andbusinesses to network and reach out to friends,colleagues and customers….What say you? True or False?
  5. 5. Getting Started With Social MediaWhich are the most influential Social Medias today?FACEBOOK GOOGLE+ LINKEDINTWITTER PINTEREST YOUTUBE
  6. 6. Getting Started With Social MediaWho needs Social Media?<<< Businesses, Government, Education<<< Professionals<<< Customers<<< Colleagues<<< Politicians<<< Experts<<< Students: Grads<<< Friends, Family<<< The whole wide world
  7. 7. Getting Started With Social MediaWhat is init for me?A Lot!
  8. 8. Getting Started With Social MediaWhy invest time and money with Social Media?<<< To connect with a global audience andexpand brand presence<<< Engage others online<<< Build more meaningful relationships withyour network<<< Share relevant information<<< Benefit from word-of-mouth marketing
  9. 9. Getting Started With Social MediaWhat are some of the benefits ofSocial Media?Remind me again…..<<< Expand your customer base<<< Seek advice and learn new things<<< Listen and share diverse perspectives<<< Promote and develop your Skills<<< Promote and market your business or profession<<< Generate traffic to your website or blog<<< Search for jobs<<< Enhance your career<<< Connect and network with professionals<<< Ask and answer questions<<< Seek support for an initiative or cause
  10. 10. Getting Started With Social MediaI don’tknow howto type….On Social Media? Ifyou can wiggle yourfingers….you’rein....
  11. 11. Getting Started With Social MediaI have nofriends….No worries!Social Media haveeverything….evenfriends.
  12. 12. Getting Started With Social MediaThere is no question that SocialMedia Management calls for aconsiderable amount of time andeffort …leave it to us here atSocial Media Networks Agency totake care of setting up andmaintaining your online presencewhile you focus on more importantmatters.
  13. 13. Getting Started With Social MediaHow aboutmy privacy ?Privacy issues: such as name,location, age, telephonenumber etc., are a primaryconcern of Social Mediausers…the good news is thatall the Social Media Networksare setup so that you shareonly the information youwant to share and whom youwish to share it with….
  14. 14. Getting Started With Social MediaWhat do I need to get started withSocial Media?<<< Name, business name<<< Secure login name and password<<< Active email address<<< Photo (professional looking for select networks)<<< Brief bio<<< Updated resume or CV<<< Information about your business or profession<<< Information including photos and videos that you wish toshare
  15. 15. Getting Started With Social MediaWhere can I find help getting started…..?Look no further. You’ve come to the right place…..At Social Networks Agency we like you already!Contact us todayonlinebrand@socialnetworksagency.comWrite the words help me in the subject line…..
  16. 16. Getting Started With Social MediaSocial Networks AgencyIs here to guide you through theSocial Media maze….Contact us immediately!onlinebrand@socialnetworksagency.comWrite the words help me in the subject line…..