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Final presentation- marketing strategy-The Body Shop


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Digital marketing strategy about The Body Shop

Published in: Marketing
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Final presentation- marketing strategy-The Body Shop

  1. 1. Digital Marketing- The Body Shop Jun Kyung Kim
  2. 2. Promoting Seasonal Items New Seasonal Fragrances- Cranberry, Vanilla, Ginger
  3. 3. Target Audience • • • • Women All ages Interested in body care Like ginger, cranberry or vanilla smell 3/ 12
  4. 4. Twitter • Create new Twitter account for The Body Shop’s winter season items. • Interactive connection with followers • Interesting, witted mentions • Key performance indicator: the number of followers. 4/ 12
  5. 5. Blog • Use blog effectively to promote The Body Shop’s seasonal items. • Posting promotions of the new products. • Sharing how I personally feel about the products. • Other strategies SEO Other Blogs 5/ 12
  6. 6. Utilizing Blog - SEO • Using appropriate keywords in the blog posts. • Using “Wordtracker” to finds keywords • Using both popular keywords & Low competition keywords • Google Analytics-to find out who visit the blog, which pages catch visitor’s attention longest, and what pages people leave the blog. 6/ 12
  7. 7. Utilizing Blog – Other blogs • Giving out samples of the seasonal items to famous bloggers. • Asking them to write reviews about the new seasonal items on their blogs-directly connected to The Body Shop’s blog. It will be helpful to get more visitors. • Giving out coupons or promotions to people who write reviews on The Body Shop’s blog. 7/ 12
  8. 8. Google Adwords • Important keywords in the advertisement • Targeted Audience- people who live in U.S., want to find gift ideas, interested in body care & good fragrances • Add plural keywords & misspelled words • Consider negative keywords • • • • • Limited Budget: $250 per day Maximum cost-per-click: $2.09 Clicks per day would be: 171.08 Impressions per day: 7245 Total cost per day: $248.05 8/ 12
  9. 9. Facebook Page • Facebook: 1.19 billion monthly active users • Effective PR without costs • Create a Facebook page about the seasonal items • Give promotions on the Facebook page • Communicate with customers constantly • Prepare negative comments to give positive image of The Body Shop • Emphasize The Body Shop is against animal testing, supports community fair trade, & protect the planet using recycled containers. 9/ 12
  10. 10. Mobile Strategy • The primary access point to SNS is mobile • Mobile users share contents twice as often • Update information about beauty products through The Body Shop’s mobile app • Use Instagram mobile apps • Focusing on sharing images outside of what we sell • Pictures related to companies’ culture & helpful to connect with customers 10/ 12