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Influence mapping Toolbox Presentation London 2015


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Presentation of the progress in our work with the influence mapping toolbox at the investigative journalism technology conference.

Published in: Technology
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Influence mapping Toolbox Presentation London 2015

  1. 1. information innovation lab
  2. 2. Innovative Technology for Social Impact
  3. 3. Open Integrity Initiative - Digital Security and Privacy Open Oil Navigator - Oil and Gas Industries Panic Initiative - Mobile App with Amnesty Ultra-Rural Tech - Lake Tanganyika Medical Records
  4. 4. Agenda ●Context oProblem, Process, Current Results ●Your Feedback oStructure oContent
  5. 5. Problem How do I get started with my influence mapping project ? (who?) (whose?) (say what?) (what kind?)
  6. 6. Goals
  7. 7. Process Kick Off Aug 2015 Sep 2015 Research Structure Oct 2012 Dec 2015 Content Launch Bit of Tech Mid-Dec 2015
  8. 8. Survey
  9. 9. Journey Entry Points Primary ● "How to identify data for your project?" (Practices/Projects/Tools) ● "How to organise your data?" (Practices/Tools) ● "How to make sense of your data?" (Practices/Tools) ● "How to present your data and findings?" (Practices/Tools) Secondary ● "Take a tour of the tools available" (End User Tools) ● "What are the best approaches to build your own tools?" (Dev Tools) ● “Who’s doing work like yours?” (Projects) ● “Influence mapping success stories” (Case Studies) ● “Influence mapping essentials” (Practices)
  10. 10. Expanded User Journeys
  11. 11. Structure Projects: Existing influence mapping project including projects aiming to provide data to others Tools: Include End user tools, such as spreadsheets or online services that don't require development skills Dev Tools: Libraries, Framework, Programming Languages, Database systems… Practices: Activities, tasks (recipes) or methods that are linked to the practice of influence mapping. Case Studies: Detailed analysis of existing projects in order to help others learn about various concrete practices Guides, Data Providers,...
  12. 12. Practices
  13. 13. Tools
  14. 14. Projects
  15. 15. Guides / Case Studies Abstract Use Cases Growing the data little by little by themselves Big data dump (like a leak) Lead generation (Discovery, finding about a new topic) Concrete Use Cases Police Corruption (Overview, Topic mapping to "remove" and then manually analyse the ones that don't fit). WSJ, Organic Farms violations (Overview) Dealing with EU Data Protection requests (Open Corporates)
  16. 16. Contribute! ●Give us more feedback about structure ●Tell us if you want to contribute to the content (manage your project page, your own tool page, share your practices/recipes...) ●Get in touch if you have colleagues or partners that could test this in beta in about a month or two.
  17. 17. information innovation lab @iilab