Guest wed 5 june 2013 quick revision - wik is - activity


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  • Quick Revisionon the 5 of the Different Main Programs we have discussed in session over the last 7 weeks. – PRIZES OptionalWhat are they used for?How do you Log In, Sign In, Log Out or Exit?
  • These are 5 different Programs we have talked about so far. – ASK the Learners the Following 5 Questions.What is Blackboard used for? Weekly Webinar / Classroom with Whiteboard for Interaction, share files, chat, PPTs, Polls. Exit Blackboard by Going to File and Exit.What is Moodle used for? Learners to access Learning Tasks, Tutorials, class PPTS, Recordings and links, Forums/chat and to information and to submit their work for grading.What is Dropbox used for? Store your files up in the Clouds on the Internet, access at home and work, DeskTop, LapTop, Phone or Tablet. Share Folders or Directories. Share files for Projects.What is MS Lync used for? Communication between 2 or in groups, Classroom Webinar or Meetings, Share files, Whiteboard, Polls etcWhat is a Wiki used for? Mini Website(Similar), blog Site, can use for Trainers/Teachers to Place Unit Readings, PPTs, Activities and Assessment Tasks for Learners to access and Place back in the wiki/email/hand-in. Interactive Chat, Forum and Tips and Tutorials.Common elements between this Programs: Register or Sign Up for User Accounts, Passwords, Log In, Log Out, Create your Profile contact Details, Photo, Professional Description. Forums to Chat with others. Access and Interaction with other via Technology/computers or Remote Devices and the Internet.
  • So far Learners have had the opportunity to participate in the following Activities. – Tick a Box a DONEAim to Share folders to Access Files in Dropbox, to use in Sessions. GEST Project Learner ActivitiesAim in the distant future to use MS Lync for Wednesday Sessions – this may take some time.Aim to Access Wikis for Files and Activities for Sessions.
  • Guest wed 5 june 2013 quick revision - wik is - activity

    1. 1. Presented By Junita Lyon & Mandy Billingsley Date: 5 June 2013 Revision 7 Weeks of Learning Activities M
    2. 2. What are the following Different Programs used for? Moodle MS Lync DropboxWiki Blackboard Collaborate Online Webinar Classroom M
    3. 3.  Blackboard Collaborate  Updated Profile Name & Photo.  Moodle  Viewed a Course Tutorial.  Updated Profile - Photo & Description.  Dropbox  Signed Up for an Account ready for class.  MS Lync  Completed forms  Uploaded to computer & practiced using Lync.  Wiki  Once Invited create a User Account.  Created a basic Page in your Wiki. Learner Activities M Tick a Box DONE
    4. 4. Presented By Junita Lyon & Mandy Billingsley Date: 5 June 2013 Wikis J
    5. 5. 4 - GEST Wikis J/M
    6. 6. Go to the Wiki Address below. Learner Hands-on Activity M
    7. 7. Go to the Wiki Address below. 1. Instructions in the Gippsland Touch Tech Training Wiki. 2. Type the Wiki Address Link into the Internet Address box. 3. Once in the (GTTT) Wiki, you will be able from the Home Page to Select the Activity Pages – down the Left Side. 4. In the Activity Page - Select 1. Create a new Page in a Wiki Create a Page in a Wiki M
    8. 8. Next Week…. End Slide