Glc telc pilot


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Glc telc pilot

  1. 1. Pilot TELC /Buchan NH Safe Food Handling Test run Thursday 5th September 1pm • Set up room for best quality viewing and listening and had another practice run with new camera and microphones. • Registered with Jabber used the program between the 3 of us to test our accounts We Identified that due to our internet connection and up to date IT equipment we were able to use the program and connect without any difficulties. We required our IT technical support Robyn Cummings to iron out some of the problems and what we needed to successfully conduct the course. Malcolm joined the team at Buchan for a trial run We created a flyer to promote the class to local residents and advertised the class in our Neighbourhood House Newsletter delivered to all households in our region (220 copies) to also access the demand for SFH in our region.
  2. 2. Pilot TELC /Buchan NH Safe Food Handling Purchased camera microphone and lead $205.99 Jabber video conferencing was the program that needed to connect to the TELC we found it used a great deal of internet Junita Katt and Evelyn downloaded Jabber and video conferenced regular to test the software Tests were made from The Buchan Neighbourhood House and individuals homes
  3. 3. Pilot TELC /Buchan NH Safe Food Handling Problems during video conferencing Pilot • The main problem that occurred when we connected through the internet through video conferencing was our Bandwidth Upload. • Download low and upload is high so when we were transmitting audio or visual that's when the disconnection occurred • Had to revert to face to face• Having someone sit at the computer during the whole session • Unable to interact with other students or tutor online
  4. 4. Pilot TELC /Buchan NH Safe Food Handling Some Concerns • Duration of an online course 9am to 4pm is very long • Internet failure • Back up required. BbC or tutor available at the centre • Course delivery not changed to suit online delivery. • Bandwidth Issues • Technical ability of Learn Locals • Cost to Learn Locals Some Positives • Learners were keen to interact with screen • Demonstrates the benefits of having a professional join the class using the technology • Partnering pre-accredited with an accredited training organisation • Offers an opportunity for TAFE to develop a blended learning model • Time will allow for trouble shooting and solving bandwidth issues • Possibility of future partnerships with Learn Local RTO,s and TELC Lessons Learned • Things can go wrong on the day no matter how good it worked previously • Connection and bandwidth issues must be addressed • Always have a backup plan