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Results of testing juniper branch srx firewalls


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This report features Opus One’s security test of the Juniper SRX Firewall, highlighting the test’s procedures and results. Opus One divided the test into nine categories related to security, and the report outlines the key issues and test criteria. The Juniper SRX Firewall proved to be successful in the security of its firewall. See below for a brief overview:

- Juniper SRX passed all six Firewall Criteria

- Juniper SRX passed all five UTM Features: URL Filtering Criteria

- Juniper SRX passed five of the six Criteria for UTM Features: Anti-Malware

- Juniper SRX passed all six of One’s UTM Feature Set: Intrusion Prevention

- Juniper SRX passed the six Virtual Private Networks and Remote Access Criteria – seventh criteria was not tested

- Juniper SRX passed all six Wireless Support Criteria

- Juniper SRX passed seven of the ten IP Version 6 Support Criteria

- Juniper SRX passed all five Management Support Criteria

- Juniper SRX provided a successful test of Junos Routing and Switching

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