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Assignment four the presenter's fieldbook


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Assignment four the presenter's fieldbook

  1. 1. Assignment FourThe Presenter’s Fieldbook By Pat Kendzierski
  2. 2. A good presentation is like a gift Get to know your learners Set standards and demonstrate Present Coach Facilitate Consult
  3. 3. Four basic levels of learning Identity Beliefs and Values Capabilities Behaviors
  4. 4. Remember KISS Keep It Straight & Simple Less is More
  5. 5. Know the organization’s stage Endings Neutral zones New beginnings
  6. 6. Three phases of learning Activate and engage Explore and discover Organize and integrate
  7. 7. Seven purposes of content Inform Communicate values Provide theory Establish credibility Prime the learning pump Focus attention Set a course for action
  8. 8. Design Effective Follow-up20% of learning happens inside the room 80% comes from practice afterwards