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Alexa Skills Kit


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Introduction of Alexa Skills Kit

Published in: Engineering
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Alexa Skills Kit

  1. 1. AlexaDays 2017〜各地でAlexa、AI、IoTを語る 2017/5/17 Alexa Skills Kit
  2. 2. @sparkgene Jun Ichikawa Favorite services: AWS IoT Amazon Alexa infrastructure engineer
  3. 3. What is Alexa Skills Kit (ASK)? ▸Collection of self-service APIs ▸Tools ▸Documentation ▸Code samples
  4. 4. What can we build with ASK? Order Foods & Drinks Get a ride Control smart home device Check bank account Game scores Todays game Get latest news Learn
  5. 5. Alexa Skills Types ▸Custom Skills ▸Smart Home Skills ▸Flash Briefing Skills
  6. 6. Custom Skills ▸design your own interaction model ▸interaction name is required ▸customer need to remember interaction name or invocation phrase ▸you can use any server to host custom skill
  7. 7. Flash Briefing Skills ▸only way to add contents to Alexa flash briefing ▹ Alexa, what’s new? ▸pre-recorded audio clips and text-to-speech ▸RSS feed format or JSON format
  8. 8. Smart Home Skills ▸built-in interaction model ▸natural utterances to control device ▹Alexa, turn on living light ▸Alexa need a grant permissions (OAuth) to retrieve device information and control device ▸You need a cloud service to manage customers smart devices ▸Skill must use AWS Lambda function
  9. 9. Skill Type Custom Skill Smart Home Skill Flash Briefing Skill
  10. 10. Custom Skill
  11. 11. How does custom skill work? [1] Alexa, ask weather Weather Skill [2] Invoke Intent with arguments [3] Text response (and card data) [4] Audio response [4] display card
  12. 12. How user invoke custom skills Alexa, ask Plan My Trip to plan a trip from Seattle to Portland on Friday. Alexa ask Plan My Trip to plan a trip from Seattle to Portland on Friday = wake word = starting phrase = Invocation name = some word = slot = connecting word = slot = connecting word = slot
  13. 13. Starting phrase Ask, Begin, Do, Launch, Load, Open, Play, Play the game, Resume, Run, Start, Start playing, Start playing the game, Talk to, Tell, Use But starting phrase is not required. begin-a-conversation
  14. 14. Invocation name ▸User say invocation name to use the skill ▸invocation name must not contain the wake words or launch phrases and connecting words. (Alexa, Amazon, Echo, ask, tell, etc.) ▸must not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of an entity or person. ▸and other... name-for-an-alexa-skill#invocation-name-requirements
  15. 15. Slot contains a collection of word which you want to recognize. There are two type of Slot. ▸built in type ▸ AMAZON.DATE、AMAZON.NUMBER、 AMAZON.US_CITY、AMAZON.US_FIRST_NAME、etc ▸custom type ▹ you can create a original list. ▹ ex) ▹ slot “JAWS-UG” = KOBE, OSAKA, NAGOYA, IoT, .... Slot reference
  16. 16. Interaction Model
  17. 17. ▸PlanMyTrip i want to visit {toCity} ▸PlanMyTrip Plan a trip ▸PlanMyTrip I'll go to {toCity} on {travelDate} ▸PlanMyTrip I want to travel from {fromCity} to {toCity} on {travelDate} Sample utterance When users say one of these utterances, the Alexa service sends a request to your service that includes the corresponding intent.
  18. 18. { "intents": [ { "intent": "PlanMyTrip", "slots": [ { "name": "travelDate", "type": "AMAZON.DATE" }, {"name": "toCity", "type": "AMAZON.US_CITY" }, {"name": "fromCity", "type": "AMAZON.US_CITY" } ] } ] } Intent Schema declares the intents that can be handled by the service for a custom skill
  19. 19. How does Plan My Trip work? [1] Alexa, ask Plan My Trip to plan a trip from Seattle to Portland on Friday. Plan My Trip Skill [2] Invoke PlanMyTrip with toCity=Portland fromCity=Seattle travelDate=May 19 2017 [3] Text response[4] Audio response
  20. 20. Alexa Skill Updates
  21. 21. Skill Builder (Beta) and Dialog
  22. 22. Skill Builder can make Dialog more easily ▸the old interaction model need to return question if required slot is not passed to your skill ▸skill builder can define question for required slot
  23. 23. Alexa List ▸You can add and read the Alexa List ▹shopping list ▹to-do list and-to-do-lists
  24. 24. Device Address information ▸You can get device location ▹ country + zipcode ▹ country + zipcode + address and-to-do-lists
  25. 25. Start building your own skill
  26. 26. ▸Step 1: Create your free Amazon Developer Account and name your skill ▸Step 2: Get Space Geek from the GitHub repository ▸Step 3: Upload code into AWS Lambda ▸Step 4: Configure and test your code ▸Step 5: Customize your Alexa skill ▸Step 6: Fine-Tune and Publish Your Skill 6 Steps to Build Your First Alexa Skill
  27. 27. THANKS! You can find me at @sparkgene