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Heart rate assessment


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Heart rate assessment

  1. 1. Heart Rate Assessment Name: _____________ Direction: While we are participating in class activities, we will measure our heart rate by heart rate monitor. First, we need to find our target heart rate zone. To do this, we need to estimate our maximum heart rate. In order to estimate our maximum heart rate, we need to subtract our age from 220. For example, if you are 16 years old, your estimated maximum heart rate is 204, because your subtract 16 from 220. Let’s calculate your maximum heart rate! Maximum heart rate = 220 – (your age) = Once you calculate your heart rate, let’s calculate our target heart rate zone. According to a study, a zone of 70 to 85% of HR max has a positive effect on our heart and aerobic fitness, without being to strenuous. There are two limits, upper and lower limit. The target heart rate zone is between upper and lower limit. To calculate upper limit, you need to multiply .85 to your maximum heart rate. Upper Limit = .85 x HR max = For lower limit, you need to multiply .70 to your maximum heart rate Lower Limit = .70 x HR max = After class, you need to watch your heart rate monitor and fill out the following table. Please write your total time in the target zone, below target zone, and above target zone. ` Time spent in target zone Time spent below target zone Time spent above target zone