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Tour of Bagsnob & Slides of editorial content

  2. 2. Meet The Snob Team! <ul><li>Owners and Founders - Tina Craig and Kelly Cook </li></ul>Writer - Sharon Feiereisen Sharon is 24 and lives in New York City. Sharon writes for all four of the Snob sites in addition to attending events on our behalf in NYC.
  3. 3. Meet The Snob Team! Tech Support - Anis Kim Anis generates all the affiliate codes for the bags and helps the Snob with the tech side of its entries. Writer - Anne Winston Anne is 22 years old and lives in Los Angeles. She writes mostly for Beauty Snob but contributes every so often to Bag Snob as well. CFO and Chief Tech Nerd - Richard Cook Richard is a Software Engineer who is responsible for helping the Snob Team get started. He also pays the Bag Snob bills and keeps all the ads and artwork on our sites current.
  4. 4. Press… <ul><li>&quot;Unabashed and honest reviews of the ultimate accessory, the handbag.&quot; </li></ul><ul><li>- Women's Wear Daily </li></ul><ul><li>Bag Snob makes “The Cut” </li></ul><ul><li>- New York Magazine </li></ul>The ladies behind declared a top fashion site by “ Women’s Wear Daily”
  5. 5. Advertiser 1:Net-a-Porter This amazing shade of green reminds me of Spring and the warm days that will eventually return (it will be 75 this weekend, Texas weather is as moody as me!). Yes the Elvi is not new but it's become a timeless staple for urbanistas and though I've loved it for years, I have yet to own one. Yet. This jungle green is really tempting and if I wasn't sitting in the dark I'd be grabbing my wallet , $2,195 at It is such a cool looking bag but it is unfortunately incredibly dysfunctional. It is heavy and a bit on the clunky side . Right now, this McQueen bag is a novelty only worthy of a quick look-see. At Net-a-Porter for $2395 positive editorial negative editorial
  6. 6. Advertiser 2-Saks Fifth Avenue I absolutely LOVE the Noce Ostrich but not enough to part with $5700 to have it. Well, this iconic woven version has the same interesting shape and is obviously less expensive because it's leather for $2100. I love this mustard yellow, big bright neon 80's yellow is the trendy color of the season. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $2100. I am like schizophrenic when it comes to Prada but I am not the one to blame. Like, what is happening with this bag ? The giant drawstring straps are super distracting and it doesn't even match the color of the bag. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $1450. positive review negative review
  7. 7. Non-advertiser 1: Barneys This may not the be the most stylish bag ever but for a messenger, I say it is damn good. I swear, it looks way better in person and without the drawstring totally pulled shut. This has the softest feather weight leather that you want to cuddle up with. Comes in this deep rich blue or white, $1195 at Barneys New York . Why does Givenchy have to ruin their perfect lineup with this thing? As an evening bag, you will clean up everyone's drinks. And then of course there will be the pointing and laughing. Givenchy Evening Mini Fringe Bag at Barneys New York for $1575. positive review negative review http ://
  8. 8. Non-advertiser 2: Bloomingdale’s I don't get it, it just doesn't make sense to me. Chain mail? (scrunch) It's just not pretty&quot;. Bloomingdales for $695.                 This good size carry-all is a little bit downtown with the gold chain and hardware but is appropriate for the office. I like the flap pocket and of course you faithful readers out there know that I love this Navy. The leather is really soft so the bag slouches when carrying it, giving it life and character. &585, available at Bloomingdales . positive review negative review