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What is visible at eye level

Creativity Assignment #2

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What is visible at eye level

  1. 1. What is Visible at Eye Level? VAEL (Visible At Eye Level) Mary Payton
  2. 2.  Security visible everywhere ◦ Minimal barriers between tellers and customers ◦ No photos allowed No music Waiting in the long line? Tea and Crumpets? Sure! VAEL: Friendly tellers and advertisementsBank of America
  3. 3.  Security visible everywhere ◦ Inch thick Plexiglass between tellers and customers ◦ No photos allowed Line/life is short, can’t wait to leave VAEL: My own reflection in the PlexiglassWells Fargo Bank
  4. 4.  Music from the 60’s Crowded shelves Beware of Grandmas on a mission! VAEL (for Children): Candy and Sweet Cereal VAEL (for Adults): Steak and MetamucilSmith’s Grocery Store
  5. 5.  Noise from barking dogs, croaking parrots, and bubbles from fish tanks Crowded shelves and Crowded aisles (Owners and their dogs) VAEL (for Adults): Premium toys and food VAEL (for Dogs): Dog toys and packaged treatsPetSmart Pet Store
  6. 6.  Bright lights Warehouse atmosphere Music from 2000’s VAEL (for adults): Shoes everywhere! VAEL (for children dragged along): Boring boxesDSW Shoe Store
  7. 7.  Bright lights Warehouse atmosphere Smells like Christmas Music from 60’s and 70’s, covers not original VAEL (for Adults): the most expensive yarns and products VAEL (for Children): coloring books and cheap toysJoAnn’s Fabric Store