Monkey tails


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Monkey tails

  2. 2. Mr. Nurse Man Once upon a time there was a monkey who was a nurse. How do you think that turned out? She was always screwing up and handing the doctors the wrong tools. By then, the towns population was only 23, including her and her three friends. The govener was furious, not only because of her, also aliens on the moon had a plan to destroy Earth. So they sent Mr. Nurse Man up to the moon, and guess what? The alien population came flying down to a big fat 0. The governer sent her down and made her president. Boy, was that a mistake!
  3. 3. Coco Nut Part 1 There was once a girl in Bananaville who’s name was Coco Nut. Coco was in many ways a normal girl. She had some friends, and enjoyed hanging out on a tree with them. She also was very good at sports. One day, Coco was at her soccer game, five seconds left at the game, she was on offense, she was about to shoot, and whoops. She slipped on a Banana Peel. She would never forgive them, ever.
  4. 4. Coco Nut – Part 2 Coco never ate a banana ever again. One day when she was 23, she was hiking in the coconuts, when she was very hungry. But the only thing to eat was bananas. So she had to eat them, and then she liked them. The End
  5. 5. Tyler the Fashion Disaster Tyler Atjungle was a big fashion disaster. He wore orange pants and a green and brown long-sleeved shirt to picture day! Sadly, he got kicked out and didn’t get his picture taken. When he got home, his Mom was furious. She laid out clothes for him, but he didn’t wear them. The next day he got beat up for wearing blue polka dots, pink jeans, and a purple shirt. Tyler solved his problem by shopping with his mom instead of his dad, and he was never ugly again.
  6. 6. One beautiful morning in Bananaville, a young monkey called Tyler Coconut was riding his banana. He was going to the Jungle King, and got a triple banana burger. He was SO hungry. After that, he was still hungry, so he got some coconut fries. He was still hungry, and he decided to get a Banana Shake. Then he was SO full. The next day, Tyler went to Banana Bell after school. He felt like he needed a triple coconana hot dog. But then he was still hungry, and he got a quadruple coconut sundae. But he was so full, he couldn’t eat anything for the next week. Tyler the Jungle King
  7. 7. Katy Banana Katy Banana was a normal monkey. Well, she was the smallest monkey ever. She was very picky and wouldn’t even eat liver. Her parents always went bananas at dinner, but she’s used to it. So one day her parents set up a plan. They put liver into a banana, and gave it to Katy. She ate it immediately, and loved it. Sadly, Katy found out it was liver and barfed all night. She never ate dinner again.
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