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JungleCat CrossFit Overview

  1. 1. JC CrossFit Program Jungle Cats, Forward! Overview11th Engineer Battalion
  2. 2. Phase I Train the trainer 6 Feb – 2 Mar Jungle Cats, Forward! Level 1 personnel will train selected Soldiers on Mvmt techniques and skills following the 5 day training plan outlined in the JC CrossFit program. 12-30 Mar Level 1 personnel will oversee selected Soldiers who will train Co leadership on Mvmt techniques and skills following the 5 day training plan outlined in the JC CrossFit program.11th Engineer Battalion
  3. 3. Phase II Implementation Jungle Cats, Forward! 30 APR -1 JUN Company leadership will train squads and platoons on movement techniques and skills following the 5 day training plan outlined in the JC CrossFit program. Level 1 personnel will continue to oversee company programs and training schedules.11th Engineer Battalion
  4. 4. Phase III Execution Jungle Cats, Forward! June – Infinite Jungle Cats will fully implement CrossFit into 5 day work week excluding mandated BN and company training events i.e. BN run, Co road marches etc…. Recommend x3 JC specific WODs  SFC Smith  JC 11  Recommend WOD??? JC website/blog established that mirrors 20th EN BN a/o Iron Major CrossFit sites. JC will hold first CrossFit competition NLT 29 JUN 1211th Engineer Battalion
  5. 5. Endstate Jungle Cats, Forward! • Jungle Cat functional fitness program is established • Jungle Cat CrossFit competition • Jungle Cat CrossFit blog and Twitter pages are established for daily use • Jungle Cat CrossFit program fully implemented x3-5 WODs/week11th Engineer Battalion
  6. 6. What is CrossFit? Jungle Cats, Forward! CrossFit Foundations11th Engineer Battalion
  7. 7. CrossFit Overview Definition: CrossFit is a physical training program centered on constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains Jungle Cats, Forward! – Constantly Varied: Prepare for the unknown and unknowable through multiple forms of fitness – High Intensity: Maximize work done over time – Functional Movement: Work through Universal Motto Recruitment Patterns (UMRP) – movements found in every day life CrossFit Athletic Pyramid: Draw on multiple disciplines IOT maximize physical readiness – Sport (competitive mindset), Weight lifting, Gymnastics, Metabolic Conditioning and Nutrition11th Engineer Battalion
  8. 8. CrossFit Goals • Increased work capacity over time Jungle Cats, Forward! • Enhance performance across multiple athletic disciplines • Maximize intensity and develop athletic state of mind • Promote health and wellness and foster elite, inclusive/general fitness11th Engineer Battalion
  9. 9. Proper Footwear discussion Recommendations: Generally you want to have shoes with a Jungle Cats, Forward! flat bottom and/or non compressible sole (recommended) • Chuck Taylors • Saucony Hattori • Merrill minimalist • New Balance minimalist11th Engineer Battalion
  10. 10. Execution Day 1 Day 1 Execution Timeline: – 0630 – 0645:– ‘What is CrossFit?’/Warm-up Jungle Cats, Forward! – 0645 – 0745: Functional MVT instruction (Air, Front and Overhead Squat) – 0745 – 0800: WOD Nancy: (Modify as needed) – 400m run – 15 Overhead squats x 5 rds Instructors: – Level 1 trained Soldiers x 2/Company11th Engineer Battalion
  11. 11. CrossFit Functional Movements 9 Functional Movements: – Air Squat – Front Squat Jungle Cats, Forward! – Overhead Squat – Shoulder Press – Push Press – Push Jerk – Dead Lift – Sumo Dead Lift High Pull – Medicine Ball Clean 5 Elements to Functional Movements: – Universal motor recruitment patterns – Core to extremity movement – Multi-joint – Natural, effective and efficient locomotors of the body and external objects – Safely and effectively move large loads over long distances quickly11th Engineer Battalion
  12. 12. The Air Squat and Back Squat Air Squat & Back Squat Points of Performance: – Lumbar curve maintained (proud chest) – Weight in heels Jungle Cats, Forward! – Depth: below parallel (full range of motion) – Knees ‘track’ over feet – Bar ‘racked’ correctly on shoulders Faults: – Loss of lumbar curve – Weight on toes (leaning forward) – Knees collapse in – Depth inadequate for full range of motion11th Engineer Battalion
  13. 13. The Front Squat The Front Squat Points of Performance: – Bar racked properly: elbows high – Bar rests on the shoulders with a lose finger grip Jungle Cats, Forward! – Elbows remain high throughout movement – Maintain frontal plane and lumbar curve – Strong core and back Faults: – Torso dips in squat – Closed Grip – Loss of frontal plane (arching or leaning forward)11th Engineer Battalion
  14. 14. The Overhead Squat Points of Performance: – Active shoulders engaged – press to the sky Jungle Cats, Forward! – Maintain frontal plane (bar stays overhead) – Strong core and back (maintain lumbar curve) Faults: – Leans forward – Drops head (will cause lean) – Bar not centered over shoulders11th Engineer Battalion
  15. 15. What is Fitness? Jungle Cats, Forward! CrossFit Foundations11th Engineer Battalion
  16. 16. Fitness Overview Fitness Overview Definition: Simply put, the ability to do increased work over time, specifically: move Jungle Cats, Forward! large loads long distances quickly. – 10 General Physical skills 1) Cardio Vascular Respiratory Endurance – ability of the body to gather, process and deliver oxygen 2) Stamina – ability of the body to process, store, deliver and utilize energy 3) Strength – ability of a muscular unit (or combination) to apply force 4) Flexibility – ability to maximize range of motion 5) Power – ability of a muscular unit (or combination) to apply maximum force in minimum time (explosive movement) 6) Speed – ability to minimize the time cycle of repeated movement 7) Coordination – ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movement 8) Accuracy – ability to control movement in a given direction or at a given intensity 9) Agility – the ability to minimize transition time from one movement pattern to another 10) Balance – ability to control the placement of the bodies center of gravity in relation to its support base11th Engineer Battalion
  17. 17. Fitness Overview Fitness Overview Maximizing fitness: Cross Modal Domains – What are Modal Domains? Jungle Cats, Forward! Methods: – Circuit and Interval Training – key to developing cardiovascular system and muscular endurance simultaneously – Gymnastics – key aim is body control – Weightlifting – develop strength, speed and power • CrossFit Olympic lifts also focus on coordination, agility and accuracy – Throwing – strength, power, speed and coordination maximize – Sport – critical to the ‘Athletic Mind State’ – Time and test everything, compete with self and with peers Critical tasks: Intensity, Diversity and Functional Movements – ‘Routine is the enemy of progress’, prepare for the unknown and unknowable – Combat is unpredictable11th Engineer Battalion
  18. 18. Execution Day 2 Execution Day 2 Timeline: – 0630 – 0645: ‘What is Fitness?’ Jungle Cats, Forward! – 0645 – 0745: Functional MVT instruction (Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk) – 0745 – 0755: WOD Push Press/Jumping Lunge Tabata (8 intervals of 20 secs of work/10 sec rest) Instructors: – CrossFit level 1 trained Soldiers11th Engineer Battalion
  19. 19. The Shoulder Press The Shoulder Press Points of Performance: – Setup: • Heels under hips (narrow stance) Jungle Cats, Forward! • Bar racked on shoulders • Head neutral – Maintain midline stability – Active shoulders at top of press – Bar travels straight up Faults: – Bar forward of the frontal plane – Loss of midline stability – Shoulders not engaged – Bar moves around head11th Engineer Battalion
  20. 20. The Push Press The Push Press Points of Performance: ● Dip, drive, press ● Dip down, thrust up, press at top of thrust Jungle Cats, Forward! ● Torso drops straight down on dip (do not lean forward) ● Aggressive ‘turnaround’ ● Quick dip and immediate drive Faults: ● Torso comes forward on dip ● ‘Cocking’ or pausing at the dip ● Muted hips – hips extend forward with drive ● Pressing shoulders before the dip/drive ● Shoulders doing the work ● Drive should establish momentum11th Engineer Battalion
  21. 21. The Push Jerk The Push Jerk Points of Performance – Dip, Drive, Catch, Stand – Full extension of hips before moving downward Jungle Cats, Forward! – Landing is in the partial squat with bar locked overhead – Duck under bar after completing drive – arms lock out under bar – Fast and aggressive Faults: – No full hip extension – Lazy landing (no active shoulders) – Landing to wide – Not finishing move11th Engineer Battalion
  22. 22. Programming Jungle Cats, Forward! CrossFit Foundations11th Engineer Battalion
  23. 23. Programming Overview Programming Overview Definition: Designing a PT Plan to optimize success Programming = developing a fitness program • Programming model = Plan for 5 on 2 off (weekend) Jungle Cats, Forward! Exercises by Modality Gymnastics Metabolic Weightlifting Conditioning Air Squat Run Deadlifts Pull-ups Bike Cleans Push-ups Row Presses Dip Swim Snatch Handstand Push- Jump Clean and Jerk ups Rope Medicine Ball Drills Rope Climb Kettlebell Swing Muscle-ups Press to Handstand Back Extension Sit-up Jumps Lunges11th Engineer Battalion
  24. 24. Programming Overview Programming Overview Workouts are composed of a mixture of ‘exercise modalities’ – Remember that variety is a key – routine is the Jungle Cats, Forward! enemy of progress • Metabolic conditioning (M) – usually described as cardio primarily improves cardio fitness and stamina • Gymnastics (G) – primarily body weight exercises or calisthenics serves to improve body control through neurological components like coordination, balance, agility and accuracy. Major improvements in the upper body and trunk • Weightlifting (W) – focus primarily on Olympic lifts and powerlifting with the aim of increasing strength, power and hip/leg capacity (move large loads, long distance, quickly) – Variety increases competency across all modalities.11th Engineer Battalion
  25. 25. Programming Overview Programming Overview Sample 3 WK Training Guide Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Jungle Cats, Forward! WK 1 M G M M W OFF OFF W G G W WK 2 G W G G M OFF OFF M W M M WK 3 W M W W G OFF OFF G M M G • Training focus always changes • Workout intensity and duration increases and decreases from mid week • Recovery days are critical to avoiding injury and continued progress • Days with single modality are more complicated/dificult tasks (i.e. long runs, complex movements or heavy weight/loads) – practice technique and precision. Multiple modality days are high intensity, rapid rep tasks11th Engineer Battalion
  26. 26. Execution Day 3 Execution Day 3 Timeline: – 0630 – 0645:– ‘Programming’ Jungle Cats, Forward! – 0645 – 0745: Functional MVT instruction (Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk) – 0745 – 0800: WOD- AFAP 7rds Med ball clean/ Hand release burpees Instructors: – CrossFit level 1 trained Soldiers11th Engineer Battalion
  27. 27. The Dead lift The Deadlift Points of Performance: – Lumbar curve maintained (proud chest, straight back) – Jungle Cats, Forward! Weight on heels – Shoulders slightly in front of the bar – Hips and shoulders rise at same time – Bars stay in contact with the legs – Hips open and knees straight at top (full extension) Faults: – Shins forward – weight on toes – Shoulder behind the bar – Loss of lumbar curve – Losing contact with legs – Arched back – straining with lower back11th Engineer Battalion
  28. 28. Sumo Deadlift High Pull Sumo Deadlift High Pull Points of Performance: – Hips open before shrug and arm bend Jungle Cats, Forward! – Bar is pulled just below chin – Fast and aggressive execution – Elbows travel and finish high and ‘outside’ • Elbows stay above hands at all time Faults: – Bending arms early – premature pull – To slow (not aggressively executed) – Squat before arms release (between reps)11th Engineer Battalion
  29. 29. Medicine Ball Clean Medicine Ball Clean Points of Performance: – Hips reach full extension Jungle Cats, Forward! – Hip is extended and shrug is initiated before arms pull – Ball is caught low (squatting) – Fast and aggressive execution – Athlete stands all the way up with the ball in ‘rack’ position Faults: – Bending of the arms early (before standing) – No hip extension – Spinning the ball – Not catching in the squat position11th Engineer Battalion
  30. 30. Supplemental Exercises Jungle Cats, Forward! CrossFit Foundations11th Engineer Battalion
  31. 31. Execution Day 4 Execution Day 4 Timeline: – 0600 Reserve/equipment Jungle Cats, Forward! – 0630 – 0730: Exercise instruction – 0730 - 0750: 21-15-9 Kettlebell Swings/Box Jump/Ab mat sit-up Instructors: – CrossFit level 1 trained Soldiers11th Engineer Battalion
  32. 32. Kettlebell Swings Pull-Ups Points of Performance: – Full Hip extension Jungle Cats, Forward! – Arms must remain straight Faults: – No full hip extension – Weight shifting under toes – Pulling of the arms11th Engineer Battalion
  33. 33. Kipping Pull-Ups Pull-Ups Points of Performance: – Chin above bar Jungle Cats, Forward! – Shoulders rock forward and back – Little movement in hips front to back – Push away from bar on ‘down’ Faults: – Executed slowly – Chin not above bar – To much movement front to back – Poor grip (off bar) – Not pushing away of following through on ‘Kip’11th Engineer Battalion
  34. 34. Box Jumps Box Jumps Points of Performance: – Rapidly executed Jungle Cats, Forward! – Full leg extension on box – Rest in up position – Good trunk posture throughout Faults: – Dipping forward on jump – Not jumping on to box – No extension at top of box – Not rapidly executed11th Engineer Battalion
  35. 35. Burpees Burpees • Points of Performance: – Rapid sprawl or squat to down position Jungle Cats, Forward! – Chest to ground on Push-Up – Explosive push to squat position (pushup should finish with landing in squat) – Rapid transition from down position (squat) to jump with arms above head • Faults: – Not rapidly executed (per rep) – Failure to maintain trunk stability during push-up – Failure to explosively move from down to jump – Arms not above head11th Engineer Battalion
  36. 36. Hand Stand Push-Ups Hand Stand Push-Ups • Points of Performance: – Midline stability maintained (straight back and Jungle Cats, Forward! body) – Head to ground dip – Explosive push – Heels to wall (not toes) • Faults: – Failure to maintain midline stability – Failure to dip (poor range of motion)11th Engineer Battalion
  37. 37. Double Unders Waiter Walks Points of Performance: - Rope passes thru two times /jump Jungle Cats, Forward! Faults: – Lack of coordination skills – Rope doesn’t pass thru two times/jump11th Engineer Battalion
  38. 38. Bottom to bottom Squats Tabata Squats Points of Performance: – Rapid and explosive sets Jungle Cats, Forward! – Technique maintained throughout – Max effort for timed iteration Faults: – Form/technique sacrificed for reps – Insufficient effort/work11th Engineer Battalion
  39. 39. Turkish get-ups Tabata Squats Points of Performance: -Maintain 4 points of contact Jungle Cats, Forward! - Arm fully extended at all times during ascent/descent - Extended arm = flexed knee (same side) - Kick back to a good kneeling position Faults: – Form/technique sacrificed for reps – Arms not extended during movement - Sloppy kick back (transition) resulting in loss of balance11th Engineer Battalion
  40. 40. CrossFit Total Jungle Cats, Forward! CrossFit Foundational strength movements11th Engineer Battalion
  41. 41. Execution Day 5 Execution Day 4 Timeline: – 0630 – 0730: Warm-up/ Exercise instruction Jungle Cats, Forward! – 0730 - 0750: CrossFit Total – 0750 – 0800: Cool-down – 0800 – 0815: AAR Instructors: – CrossFit level 1 trained Soldiers11th Engineer Battalion
  42. 42. WOD: Custom CrossFit WOD: CrossFit Total WOD: CrossFit total – x 3 attempts each of Jungle Cats, Forward! – Deadlift – Back squat – Press 1 rep max lift (score combined total weight)11th Engineer Battalion