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Mc d final presentation


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Mc d final presentation

  3. 3. MC DONALDS McDonalds was started in 1940 in California by two brothers named Richard and Maurice McDonald It is worlds leading food service provider with 31000 restaurants serving in 119 countries Serves 50 million customers each day McDonald’s entered India in 1996 McDonald in India was a 50-50 joint venture between Connaught Plaza Restaurants and Hard Castle Restaurants, Which are owned and managed by Vikram Bakshi and Amit Jitia Business Model:• Franchise Model – Only 15% of the total number of restaurants are owned by the Company• Acts like a retailer and think like a brand
  4. 4. Objectives To study the awareness level of Mcflurry in market To study the customer satisfaction for McDonalds Flurry To study the Frequency of customers going to McDonalds To study the customer satisfaction for McDonalds outlets To know the suggestions for improvement of McDonalds from customer end
  5. 5. Mcflurry Focus of this research is to promote Mcflurry Recently, McDonald has launched Mcflurry in India Available in Oreo and Chocolate flavors Television Commercial launched Brand Concept - “Slow Down”, “When was the last time you relaxed? Target market- Those who feel stress, want to relax from work
  6. 6.  Scope Research Methodology Questionnaire design Research Design Sampling Design Sample Size Data Collection
  7. 7. No of people visited to McDonald No of people visited to McD Yes No 9% 91%
  8. 8. Frequency of people visit to McDonald Frequency of people visit to McD 1-3 times 4-6 times 7-9 times > 9 times 4% 3% 21% 72%
  9. 9. Visit to McDonald Visit to McD Very Dissatisfactory Satisfactory Neutral Very satisfactory Dissatisfactory 2% 0% 25% 15% 58%
  10. 10. Efficiency of service at McDonald Efficiency of service at McD Very Dissatisfactory Satisfactory Neutral Very satisfactory Dissatisfactory 3% 0% 34% 50% 13%
  11. 11. Ambience of McDonald Ambience of McD Very Dissatisfactory Satisfactory Neutral Very satisfactory Dissatisfactory 2% 0% 30% 47% 21%
  12. 12. Reason to visit McDonald Reason to visit McD For Celebrating Occasions For Spending leisure time Family outing For eating something different 12% 31% 11% 46%
  13. 13. Which McDonald outlet prefer to visit Which McD prefer to visit Near Home Near college / office Any specific outlet 13% 41% 46%
  14. 14. Awareness about Mcflurry Awareness of Mcflurry Yes No 37% 63%
  15. 15. How people knows Mcflurry How people knows Mcflurry By friends By McDonalds outlets By Relatives By Advertisement By Others 0% 23% 37% 10% 30%
  16. 16. No. of people tasted Mcflurry No. of people tasted Mcflurry Yes No 23% 77%
  17. 17. Taste of Mcflurry Taste of Mcflurry Very Dissatisfactory Satisfactory Neutral Very satisfactory Dissatisfactory 0% 23% 32% 45%
  18. 18. Flavour liked most Flavour liked most Chocolate Oreo Both 32% 43% 25%
  19. 19. Price of Mcflurry Price of Mcflurry High Low Reasonable 34% 61% 5%
  20. 20. Findings During the survey it was found that McDonald is very popular amongst people 32 % people are not having awareness about Mcflurry Awareness for Mcflurry from advertisement is very low Majority of people said that price of Mcflurry is reasonable Response from the people for the taste of Mcflurry is positive.
  21. 21. Recommendations Awareness level for Mcflurry should be increase Little more quantity of Mcflurry required as per price Mcflurry should have more flavors Chocolates should be mixed properly with ice-cream in Mcflurry Cleanliness must be little more focused There should be more items in vegetarian segments McDonald should increase the area for sitting
  22. 22. Suggestions McDonalds can increase Awareness level for Mcflurry through Advertisement on T.V Leaflet in the tray with food ordered from customers at outlets, so that all existing customers will know about Mcflurry and it is less costlier way of promotion Attractive Hoardings at outlet as well as in other areas They can offer Mcflurry to customers in Combo Package by charging less price McDonald can start new outlets near Offices or Colleges
  23. 23. Reference Cooper, D. and Schindler, (2007), Business research methods, Tata Mcgraw hill, New Delhi, 138 -170. Kothari, C.R. (1999), Research methodology: methods and techniques, Vishwa Prakashan, New Delhi, 21-151. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia of McDonald downloaded on the15th February 2012