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Finding The Best Place For Auto Body Repair


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Here are a few basic principles on what to look for when choosing an auto body shop, as well as tips on how to be a proactive participant in your car’s auto body repair to ensure that it comes out looking fantastic and costing you no more than necessary.

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Finding The Best Place For Auto Body Repair

  1. 1. Finding The Best Place For Auto Body Repair If you have been in an accident, it’s crucial that you know that auto body shops only sometimes have your best interests at heart. Unfortunately, some auto body shops will routinely downplay claims, minimize auto repair costs, use cheap parts, or even fail to fully repair problems. These practices can devalue your vehicle and give you even worse problems in the future. Here are a few basic principles from Jungerman CARSTAR in St. Peters, MO on what to look for when choosing an auto body shop, as well as tips on how to be a proactive participant in your car’s auto body repair to ensure that it comes out looking fantastic and costing you no more than necessary. Research Before You Repair,, and Google reviews are useful sources to get a sense of an auto body shop’s quality based on customer reviews, but take the online reviews with a grain of salt. You will want to concentrate on well written, thought out reviews – not unpleasant one-liners, because even the best businesses can end up with an unsatisfied customer from time to time. You might also be able to find discussion forums specific to your vehicle’s make and model where forum members can recommend good auto body shops near your home. Choose an Auto Body Shop with a Warranty Some auto body shops offer their own independent warranties on their repairs for fit, finish, functionality, and overall quality. Ask to see their warranty and ask some questions about it before agreeing to work with a given auto body shop and make sure it doesn’t have a time limit. A good auto body shop will offer a lifetime warranty. Jungerman CARSTAR offers such a warranty for the people of St. Peters, St. Charles, O'Fallon, and Lake St. Louis, Missouri.
  2. 2. Keep Your Existing Manufacturer Warranties Intact Ask your chosen auto body shop if any mechanical repairs will nullify or alter any existing warranties you might have on your new or recently purchased automobile. Factory warranties on engines and accessories may be compromised if your car needs mechanical repairs following a collision, so be sure your car’s factory warranty isn’t being compromised with aftermarket parts, or repairs that otherwise are not manufacturer-approved. If your insurer is trying to “mandate” aftermarket or used parts that will void your factory warranty, demand that the insurer give you a written warranty exactly the same as your factory warranty. Nine times out of ten they’ll simply pay for original parts, rather than giving you the runaround. Get More Than One Estimate It’s best to get quotes from several different auto body shops. After the initial estimate, show their estimate to the second shop and the third shop, and ask how they match up against the first auto body shop’s quote. You might find that one or the other is skipping over a lot of important items. Do not merely compare the final estimated cost, because one auto body shop might be quoting for an entirely different method of repair than the other. You will want an auto body shop that is both thorough and friendly. Do Not Be Willing To Settle Do not settle for anything less than totally new factory-original parts for your vehicle, and be sure to let the auto body shop know it. Of course, there are some jurisdictions where auto body shops can opt to utilize aftermarket or used parts, but those are generally not the way to go. Look at the work closely to make sure that your vehicle was restored to original condition by the parts used, or you have the right to ask for new parts. The shop managers should have no doubt that you are not willing to settle and that you want nothing but top- quality work. If you do not tell them that you won’t settle, there might be shoddy work done on your vehicle. That is why you need to look for qualities like thoroughness and friendliness in every auto body shop you consider.
  3. 3. Make Sure Everything Is Written Down It used to be that you could trust people to live up to their word. Sadly, that’s just not the case anymore. There are key phrases that insurance adjusters and auto body shop people like to throw around like “totally cover the rental car,” “restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition,” and even “pay for everything.” Those words sound really great, but you will want to make sure that those kinds of things are all in writing. If you are talking to an insurance adjuster over the phone, follow up with an email so that you have a written record of what was promised by all parties involved. That will also make sure that everything is clear for everyone so all parties are on the same page. If you end up having to appeal a decision or call someone out for a broken promise, you will be glad that you got it all in writing. These are just a couple of the precautions that you ought to take whenever it comes to your next car repair. After all, your vehicle is the second-largest investment you'll make after your home, why not make sure that it’s repaired right? If you have any more questions regarding auto body repair or would like an estimate, get a hold of Jungerman CARSTAR in St. Peters, MO to get the answers you need.