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Keep Your Sleigh Safe This Holiday Season


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Whether you’re on the road to grandma's home or perhaps just going to the mall for some last-minute shopping, it’s intelligent to take a couple of precautions to stop the holiday headache of a collision.

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Keep Your Sleigh Safe This Holiday Season

  1. 1. Keep Your Sleigh Safe This Holiday Season CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Experts Give Strategies For Safe Driving During the Holidays Whether you’re on the road to grandma's home or perhaps just going to the mall for some last-minute shopping, it’s intelligent to take a couple of precautions to stop the holiday headache of a collision. Heavy traffic, motorists sidetracked with holiday plans and cold weather create the perfect storm for car owners throughout December. In point of fact, it’s one of the top months for traffic crashes in St. Peters, St. Charles, O'Fallon, and Lake St. Louis, Missouri. However with the right preparation, some preventive driving measures and an eye on the weather report, car owners can guard themselves and their vehicles throughout the holidays. The professionals on holiday driving collisions, CARSTAR Auto Body Repair Experts, repairs a great deal of automobiles every year damaged in arctic, frigid catastrophes and crashes. Jungerman CARSTAR in St. Peters, Illinois provides drivers some helpful tips to make holiday driving less dangerous. Keep In Mind: • Examine your route: check road conditions in advance to verify if there'll be any delays • Keep in contact: Bring a cellular phone in case of emergencies • Lower the Jingle Bells: lessen distractions such as excessive music • Don’t ask for theft: Gifts inside the back seat are considerably more welcoming than cookies and milk for Santa Claus. Secure them in the trunk to prevent break-ins • Have a break: For those who are traveling a long distance, take breaks or a quick nap at a rest stop to remain vigilant • Shield yourself: Always put on a seat belt • Don't Text and Drive: Sending texts and driving can not only potentially harm yourself and your family but other drivers. Keep the phone put away for issues. When it is essential to send out a text message, properly move to the side first Check Your Visibility: • Refill your liquids: Add de-icer to your windshield wiper fluid • Update your wipers: Make sure that your windshield wipers are free of ice before venturing out on the road – and start thinking about updating with new flexible windshield wipers until the snow strikes
  2. 2. • Check your visibility: Be certain that all the mirrors are clear and adequately aligned • Look at your lights: Clean hazed car headlights and inspect light bulbs in all of your vehicle's lighting – back and front Slow Down and Keep Back: • Keep away from holiday revelers: Some individuals may very well have a few beverages before reaching the roads. Remain alert and watch other people in case they start to swerve • Make it slow: When there's snow or ice on the road, lower your vehicle's speed 10 to twenty miles- per-hour under the maximum speed limit • Allow for some space: Facilitate at minimum two or three vehicle lengths between your automobile and the car or truck ahead of you • Cruise with extreme caution: Avoid cruise control on frigid roadways • Stay alert to the surface: Make use of extreme care on bridges, overpasses, and seldom traveled roadways since these might be slick from ice and use extreme caution when traveling on one-lane roads Get ready for a Snow Day: • Weight it out: In the event the vehicle has rear wheel drive, put in bags of sand, litter or bricks in order to keep your automobile much easier to control • Stock up on supplies: Pack a snow day kit in case you get stuck. Critical items to include are a blanket, gloves, hat, water, granola bars, flashlight and extra batteries, extra cell phone battery, flares, compass, scissors, rope, wooden matches in waterproof container and first aid kit.
  3. 3. • Take your tools: Make a toolbox for digging your vehicle out with foldable shovel, 2x4 planks to put below tires, ice scraper and snow brush, reflective triangles, flares and exterior windshield cleaner You'll never be too careful when driving in holiday traffic and in winter months. Incidents can happen so rapidly on slippery, icy roadways, so slowing down and taking the additional precautions is exactly what Jungerman CARSTAR advises to really make the difference. A vehicle accident is not an easy task to handle, but having any sort of accident during the holidays can put a cramp in the holiday cheer. An additional measure of safety is always an excellent present throughout the Christmas season. In the event that the unfortunate holiday collision does happen, we advocate having a collision plan set up so you aren’t marooned on the roadside waiting around for help. Jungerman CARSTAR provides top- quality, reliable repair service in the St. Peters, Missouri area. Just call 1-800-CARSTAR when you have an accident and they'll send the tow truck, contact your insurance firm, plan for a rental car and fix your automobile.