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SaaS Engineering 2020

This presentation explains what IT technologies, architectures and features should be employed to develop a successful SaaS service. It then explains key strategic management factors that enable the SaaS business to be desirable, feasible and viable. These strategic management factors are shown to be deeply related to the essential technologies, architectures and features addressed hereinbefore. The last chapter shows a recommendable process of engineering a SaaS which is based on the Value-Obsessed Lean Framework (VOLF) (, and a traceable network of work products to be produced in that process.

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SaaS Engineering 2020

  1. 1. 5/22/2020 GSIP 1 박준성 박사 KOSTA 회장 / GSIP 기획위원장
  2. 2. SaaS사업 성공전략 G S I PGlobal SaaS Incubating Project 과학기술정보통신부 2020 박준성 박사 KOSTA 회장 / GSIP 기획위원장
  3. 3. SaaS 사업의 성공요인 1. 고객의 사랑을 받아라. 1) 사랑 받는 경쟁에 이겨라. 2) 수입대체보다 수출을 노려라. 2. 원가를 최소화하라. 5/22/2020 GSIP 3
  4. 4. Table of Contents I. Cloud-Native App이란? II. SaaS의 기술적 요건 III. SaaS 사업의 경영모델 IV. SaaS의 개발 공법 SaaS 5/22/2020 GSIP 4
  5. 5. I. Cloud-Native App이란? 5/22/2020 GSIP 5
  6. 6. Cloud-Native Application 1) IaaS + PaaS 환경에서 개발, 운영되는 애플리케이션으로서 2) 서비스 지향 아키텍처(Service-Oriented Architecture: SOA)로 구축돼, 서비스 간에 API를 통해서만 연계되고, 3) Deploy, Operate, Monitor, Configure 등의 인프라 배정, 운영, 관리를 자동화함, 즉 Infrastructure Automation을 적용함. 5/22/2020 GSIP 6 Cloud Native Computing Foundation, CNCF Cloud Native Definition v1.0, 2018. (
  7. 7. 1) 왜 IaaS+PaaS? 5/22/2020 GSIP 7 • IaaS+PaaS 단계가 가장 성숙된 클라우드로, Cloud-Native App 개발/운영을 전면 지원함. —SOA Service의 Container 구현 및 Orchestration, Infra 자동화를 통한 CD 및 DevOps를 지원.
  8. 8. 2) 왜 SOA가 필수인가? • Monolithic Application을 여러 개의 독립성이 강한 SOA서비스로 분리 (Macroservice, Miniservice, Microservice, Nanoservice 중 선택) • 서비스 단위의 변경이 가능하여, 릴리즈 사이클이 단축됨. • 즉 Design Thinking, Lean Startup, 애자일 개발, XP 등 시장적응적, 반복점증적 개발 방식이 가능해짐. • 추가로, REST, SOAP 등 국제표준 API 기술로 인한 상호호환성 및 기술다양성 제고, • 서비스 재사용을 통한 개발 생산성 및 속도 향상 5/22/2020 GSIP 8
  9. 9. 3) 왜 인프라 자동화가 중요한가? • 글로벌 일류 IaaS + PaaS 서비스를 쓰면 인프라 배정, 운영, 관리를 자동화할 수 있음. • 인프라 자동화는 CI + CD를 가능하게 하여, 릴리즈 사이클을 단축시킴. 5/22/2020 GSIP 9 Amazon microservice architecture includes lots of microservices (which were never called “microservices” in Amazon) connected only through APIs over HTTP. 50 million microservices are deployed per year, one every 0.63 seconds. They get lots of monitoring about their infrastructure, SLA, log analytics, build metrics, etc. A DevOps unit (such as, Amazon Prime) consists of many 2-pizza teams. No microservice should be bigger than what a 2-pizza team can run. Teams control their own destiny (product planning, Dev, Ops, and QA). Chris Munns, I Love APIs 2015: Microservices at Amazon, 2015. (
  10. 10. II. SaaS의 기술적 요건 5/22/2020 GSIP 10
  11. 11. SaaS 정의 SaaS는 Cloud-Native Application으로서, 4) 애플리케이션의 Single Instance를 여러 고객이 공유하되 Multitenancy가 보장되고, 5) 고객이 Self-Service로 가입, 사용할 수 있다. 5/22/2020 GSIP 11 National Institute of Standards and Technology, The NIST Definition of Cloud Computing, 2011. (
  12. 12. 4) 왜 Multitenancy가 필수인가? • Single Codebase + Single Instance로 원가 저감 • Sell a black box without customization. • Or allow self-service, mass customization via metaprogramming, APIs, plus metadata-based customization if necessary. 5/22/2020 GSIP 12
  13. 13. 4) 왜 Multitenancy가 필수인가? • Metadata-based customization의 효과 5/22/2020 GSIP 13 Dzone, Why Multi-Tenant Application Architecture Matters , 2017. ( (2013): 16 production instances 30+ major upgrades/year 70,000 customers 18,800,000 customer customizations 100M API calls/day 800+ partner applications A multitenant application (as compared to a single-tenant) can reduce a SaaS provider’s cost of goods sold (COGS) from 40 % to less than 10 % since the cost of on-boarding a new customer approaches to zero, and upgrading is done on a single instance of the application.
  14. 14. 5) 왜 Self-Service가 필수인가? • 가입자가 늘어남에 따른 인건비 증가를 막음. • Self-Service를 제공하려면 서비스 운영 프로세스를 자동화해야 함. • 예컨대 IaaS 경우, 데이터센터 인프라 운영의 자동화가 필요함. ITIL 기반의 가상화 또는 컨테이너 기반의 인프라 운영, 관리 자동화 5/22/2020 GSIP 14
  15. 15. IaaS 벤더 선정기준 1) IaaS + PaaS 수준의 벤더인가? 2) SOA 서비스 단위로 Container에 실어 오케스트레이션 가능한가? 3) Infra 자동화 기반의 CI/CD가 가능한가? 4) Multitenancy를 지원하는가? 5/22/2020 GSIP 15 Amazon Web Services, SaaS Storage Strategies: Building a Multitenant Storage Model on AWS, 2016. ( Storage_Strategies.pdf)
  16. 16. IaaS 벤더 선정기준 5) Self-Service 구현을 위한 다양한 Cloud Management Platform(CMP: OSS/BSS)들이 연동되어 있는가? 5/22/2020 GSIP 16
  17. 17. III. SaaS 사업의 경영모델 5/22/2020 GSIP 17
  18. 18. 디지털 비즈니스 모델 1) 최종수요자를 가입자로 확보 2) 공급자 간의 플랫폼 기반 에코시스템 구축 3) 온라인 서비스 운영 자동화 4) 최신 SMACI 기술 역량 확보 5/22/2020 GSIP 18 Peter Weill and Stephanie Woerner, What's Your Digital Business Model?: Six Questions to Help You Build the Next-Generation Enterprise, 2018. (
  19. 19. 1) 가입자 확보 • Design Thinking, Lean Startup 프로세스를 통한 차별적 가치명제가 확실한 Customer Experience (CX) 창출 5/22/2020 GSIP 19 Tim Brown, Change by Design: How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation, 2009. Eric Ries, The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses, 2011. Gartner, Enterprise Architects Combine Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile to Drive Digital Innovation, 2016.
  20. 20. 1) 가입자 확보 • 이미 포화된 SaaS 글로벌 시장의 현황 이해 • GetApp, Capterra 등 SaaS 시장에서 경쟁제품 파악 및 벤치마킹 (, • Niche 솔루션 구상 • 빠른 릴리즈 사이클을 통한 시장 검증 5/22/2020 GSIP 20
  21. 21. 1) 가입자 확보 • Revenue Growth Rate + EBITDA Margin > 40% 5/22/2020 GSIP 21 Software Equity Group, SEG Snapshot: 1Q20 SaaS Public Market Update, 2020. ( * 100 publicly traded SaaS companies *
  22. 22. 2) 플랫폼 기반 에코시스템 구축 • 플랫폼: PaaS + IaaS, CMP(OSS+BSS), Cloud Platform for AI, IoT 등 세계 일류 플랫폼 활용 • 보완(Complementary) SaaS: 많은 수평적 앱 들과의 Open API를 통한 결합으로 “Whole Product Solution” 제공 5/22/2020 GSIP 22
  23. 23. 3) 온라인 서비스 운영 자동화 • Self-service UI based on API of CMP for service catalog, service contract, SLA, subscription, customer support, etc. • Automated service backend operations including digital marketing, pricing, order management, provisioning, monitoring, billing, etc. 5/22/2020 GSIP 23 Select Customer Segment Validate Value Proposition Select PaaS & IaaS Develop Product Reengineer Business Process Get Subscription Provision Service Monitor & Optimize Operation Support Customer, Meter & Bill Do Web Marketing Setup CMP Develop & Release an Upgrade
  24. 24. 4) SaaS 기술 역량 확보 • Reduce labor costs in SaaS business through —Self -service —Sharing a single instance via multitenancy architecture —Infrastructure automation —Service reuse based on SOA • Speed up the release cycle, hence increasing subscriptions and revenues, through —Sharing a single instance via multitenancy architecture —Infrastructure automation —Service reuse based on SOA 5/22/2020 GSIP 24
  25. 25. IV. SaaS의 개발공법 5/22/2020 GSIP 25
  26. 26. SaaS의 기술적 요건 Cloud-Native Application: 1) IaaS + PaaS 2) SOA 3) Infra Automation 추가 요건: 4) Multitenant Architecture 5) Self-Service 5/22/2020 GSIP 26
  27. 27. Business Architecture 설계 5/22/2020 GSIP 27 Persona - UXPressia Customer Journey Map - UXPressia Business Motivation Model ArchiMate Archi, Visual Paradigm Business Architecture ArchiMate Archi, Visual Paradigm Key Activities & Resources Business Strategy Business Driver Business Service ArchiMate Archi, Visual Paradigm Customer User Value Proposition Business Process & Object Business Driver Business Process Model Business Object Model Value Proposition Canvas - Strategyzer Business Model Canvas - Strategyzer Service Architecture & APIs
  28. 28. Product Req’t Spec & Architecture Design 5/22/2020 GSIP 28 Scenarios User Interaction Use Case Atomic Task Task I/O Data Entity Classes Ubiquitous Language TDD Responsive Web UI Business Process Model BPMN Bizagi, Visual Paradigm Business Object Model UML Class Diagram Visual Paradigm Use Case / User Stroy UML Use Case Diagram Visual Paradigm Use Case Scenario - Visual Paradigm Operations Lifelines & Methods Bounded Context Domain Model CRC Card, UML Class Diagram Visual Paradigm Service Architecture & APIs SRC Card, SoaML Visual Paradigm SQL, NoSQL DB ER Diagram, SQL, Document MySQL, MongoDB Semantic to Logical Mapping Java Code BDD Feature, Step Definition Cucumber UI Wireframe Visual Paradigm Sequence Diagram UML Sequence Diagram Visual Paradigm Scenarios API Service Implementation ORM Skeleton Code
  29. 29. Cloud-Native App DevOps 5/22/2020 GSIP 29 Service Architecture & APIs SRC Card, SoaML Visual Paradigm BDD Feature, Step Definition Cucumber UI Wireframe Visual Paradigm Sequence Diagram UML Sequence Diagram Visual Paradigm Java Code Java, JPA, JDBC, JAX, Spring Boot Responsive Web UI MVVM Vue.js TDD Unit Test Cases Vue Test Utils, Postman, jUnit API REST API RAML, Swagger Service Implementation SOA, MSA, Container Spring Cloud, Eureka, Zuul API Composition Contract-First Development API Specification Service Registry, API Gateway Service Operation DevOps Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, Istio Service Composition Orchestration, Choreography Camunda, Kafka CD Process Orchestration, Event Sourcing
  30. 30. Where to Learn More? 5/22/2020 GSIP 30 June Sung Park, Essence and Art of Agile Development, 2019. June Sung Park, JP Institute of Software, 2019. (
  31. 31. KOSTA: SW300 유료과정 + 정부지원 무료과정 • Business Architecture • Business Process Design • Business Object Design • Use Case Analysis • Domain Modeling & Code Generation • Service-Oriented Architecture & API Design • Front-End Development • Scrum + XP (BDD/TDD, CI) • DevOps (PaaS+IaaS, Container, CD, Operation & Monitoring) 5/22/2020 GSIP 31,
  32. 32. THANK YOUTHANK YOU +82-10-9107-5661