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  1. 1. + MSU New Media 2012intelPresentation by June Sun
  2. 2. + Objective: To Reveal A New Digital Strategy  The Business:  Intel is the largest semiconductor chip maker in the world. From chips that supply most personal computers to motherboards, circuits, processors, and disk drives, Intel is a successful and highly innovative technology company.  Goals: 1) To extend technology to connect people around the Earth. 2) To extend the PC center and market segments. 3) To create personal computing experiences. 4) To care for the planet and inspire the next generation of people.
  3. 3. + Current Success in Social Media  Facebook Page  “Museum of Me” ranked best in Social Media by ADFEST 2012  YouTube Videos  Forbes ranks Intel the “Best of  TV Commercials Social Media”  Print Ads  Film Projects  The Social Media Examiner analyzes Intel’s successful  Social Media Guidelines Facebook page  Accessible Home Page  99% images, no complications
  4. 4. + Target and Theme: Young Adults Ages 15-21 Years Old This will be our objective in this digital strategy. This objective will satisfy all four of Intel’s current goals. It will expand Intel’s market segments by including young adults, the future of the world.
  5. 5. Target the young adult audience to+  create high awareness for technology and computer chips early on and eventually earn a highly qualified selection of adults in the job market  Administered to ages 15-21  Sample copy:New Media  “We are looking for bright ideas for the future. Tell us where you see computers 50 years from now. Give usTip #1 a fresh idea, and if it inspires us we will send you a Dell laptop.”Young Adult Competition This will help Intel gain familiarity among young adults, and Intel will be able to receive feedback through their applications. Application will compose of a one page essay and a few technical questions Promotion will take place through FOX and ABC channels at nighttime when the targeted audience is at home
  6. 6. +  Young Adult Competition page will be administered on Facebook  Competitors will be able to post questions and comments and discuss ideas with each other  Results will stir excitement and popularityNew Media  A series of tweets will be posted on twitter regarding the competitionTip #2  Sample Tweet:Facebook& Twitter  Love the #iPhone? What will phones look like in 20 years? Tell us how Intel(to promote the Young Adult can make a chip that will fuel the latestCompetition) in technology. With this strategy, even students that don’t participate will be aware of the growing science of computers
  7. 7. +  Increases searchablity, fame, and buyer knowledge of Intel while targeting multiple buyer segments (attracts students then educates them)  Sell products to not only major customers such as Dell and HP, but to the typical college student as wellNew Media  Will increase Intel’s page views, and allow for website traffic trackingTip #3 (clickthrough rate and quality score)  Keywords: chips, processors,Google AdWords motherboard, internet, computer, etc.  keywords are understood and comprehendible by young audiences  Sample Ad copy: Computer Chips Inspired Innovation New Core i7
  8. 8. +  Promotions and Dell computers can be offered through Foursquare check-ins  Foursquare is a great marketing tool already being successfully utilized by Starbucks and Pepsi and used often by students across the countryNew Media  Sample copy:  1) Check into 5 science/technology museums and summarize to Intel whatTip #4 you learnFoursquare  2) Check into any 10 locations where an Intel company logo is embedded and take a picture of each place A laptop computer will be awarded to any student between the ages of 15-21 who completes one of these Foursquare objectives
  9. 9. + Evaluation of Digital Strategy  Budget  Feedback  50K set aside for all Dell  Will receive feedback from computers to be given out as applications submitted by students Young Adult Competition awards and Foursquare  Will receive feedback from the check in awards Facebook competition page and twitter comments or retweets  10K for marketing fees (TV commercials, application  Timeline fees, wages for extra work)  Post most tweets and show most  5K for Google promotions commercials around 8-10pm, when and various other internet students are most active on the promotions web and on cable  If successful, the budget will  The beginning of the school year be expanded by 50% would be ideal to reveal the competition, when most students are looking to obtain computers
  10. 10. +“Whatever the mind canconceive and believe, themind can achieve” –Napoleon HillSuccess is sparked by a great idea, andthat is what the target of this mediastrategy is, to find a great idea. Theresults of the Young Adult Competition willbe a prevalent sign in determining whohas the potential to be the next Intelmanager, leader, or CEO. In addition, Intelwill gain more fame in youngadults/students from these efforts.