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The Batman/Woman Mission: Bail-Out for the People


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The campaign to end the mortgage industry...a Bail-Out for the People, so no mortgage or rent payments ever again. Housing for all.

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The Batman/Woman Mission: Bail-Out for the People

  1. 1. Reforming industry.One industry at a time.So we can be free again… THE BATMAN/WOMAN MISSION: A BAIL-OUT FOR THE PEOPLE VOTE + SHARE BY FEB. 14/13 #PEACE
  2. 2. Justice + the economy apply toeach of the ~7 BILLION people in the world.Bottom line? We’re pawns in a big pyramid scheme that is only benefiting a smallminority at the top – especially in the business of land.
  3. 3. If we unite on one issue+ VOTE ONLINE, we cancollectively make lifebetter for everyone!
  4. 4. Social media has shifted the balance of power from big business back to the people – where it belongs…so they can be involved in making the law + society better! Using the rules of the game to make industry work for us, not against us!
  5. 5. STARTING WITH THE MORTGAGE INDUSTRYThe industry that keepsus most enslaved todebt…whether you arean individual or abusiness owner.But housing is a basichuman need, NOT aluxury!
  6. 6. The Business of Land affects all citizens in a country. We are all stakeholders in the mortgage industry.Either directly as borrowers or indirectly as renters…
  7. 7. Why? Because we have collectively accepted the privateproperty land system, a bedrock of the capitalist systemTherefore, a mortgage or lease must separate… people their homes from mortgage/lease
  8. 8. BUT WHO BENEFITS FROM THEMORTGAGE/REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY?THE SHAREHOLDERS AT THE TOP OF THE PYRAMID…Because that is the corporate governance model we have adopted.The further you are down the pyramid…the less you feel the positive benefits …in fact, you are shut out fromthe system entirely. Shareholders Directors & Officers Employees in the Industry Real Estate + Mortgage Brokers + Agents Landlords Borrowers (Land owners) Renters People Without Homes
  9. 9. How to Make Good Policy Decisions?• ASK: Does the end goal justify the means? – End Goal: make $ for shareholders. – The Means: Extract money from all citizens in a country + lock them into a cycle of ongoing debt.• Does the end justify the means in the business of land? NO!
  10. 10. The Ethics of Mortgage-Lending:• Throughout history, the mortgage lenders have been condemned by philosophers, journalists, artists, religious authorities, the lists goes on, for practicing in the art of something that is ethically WRONG. All religious people in the Medieval Times opposed it.• The idea of profiting from money = usury = was considered unjust.• Although we’ve accepted mortgage lending for centuries, it does not need to continue. It serves no socially useful purpose in society. It is a man-made legal construct which we have created + it only benefits a small minority.
  11. 11. We just need to VOTE to change therules of the game…From MONOPOLY… TO LIFE!
  12. 12. The Legal Argument?By popular vote of the majority of people of anycountry, we can switch from a shareholder model ofcorporate governance to astakeholder model of corporategovernance which is structuredlike a honeycomb (rather than aPyramid). The bottom line =maximizing shareholder value =is replaced by the new bottomline = maximizing benefits for allstakeholders.
  13. 13. New Bottom Line That Will Benefit AllStakeholders:• Eliminate mortgage debt completely at its root by laying off the mortgage debt collectors by popular vote of the people!• A mortgage is NOT an asset, it’s a debt, an obligation – the thing that separates people from their homes + the document that requires us to spend the majority of our lives paying down.
  14. 14. THE BATMAN/WOMAN MISSION A Bail-Out for the People!It’s not about taking something for nothing, but accepting what was ours in the first place. Letting the law evolve from personal real estate to collective common estate. Thus, alleviating the biggest financial burden that we all face.
  15. 15. By laying off the mortgage debt collectors by popular vote of the people, you are effectively taking away themortgage document, the debt, and extending a benefit toall stakeholders. The people still remain in their respective homes, but they are not obligated to pay back their mortgage, because the mortgage no longer exists. From there, we can ensure that everyone has access tosafe + comfortable housing! We all have smartphones, let’s get smart here…
  16. 16. Yes, of course. It’s simple math. Majority rules. And basic cost- benefit analysis. The Canadian government urges citizens to be active in law-making + to take a big picture perspective of the law as long as it is done lawfully...and this is the result!“iS THEBATMAN/WOMANMISSION LEGAL??? ITSEEMS TO GOOD TO BETRUE…
  17. 17. This would allow us toembrace one rule oursociety has put on thebackburner:THE GOLDEN RULE
  18. 18. VOTE HERE!• IF YOU ARE AMERICAN:• batman-woman-mission-pink-slip-to-the-mortgage-debt- collectors-on-feb-14-13-housing-for-all-no-mortgage-or- rent-payments-ever-again• IF YOU ARE CANADIAN:• batman-woman-mission-pink-slip-to-the-mortgage-debt- collectors-on-feb-14-13-housing-for-all-no-mortgage-or- rent-payments-ever-again• More countries to be added!• To vote, you will need to sign up for an account on (via Facebook or e-mail).
  20. 20. Mortgage lending may be your dream, but it’s killing ours. CREATIVE JUSTICE Text: 416-576-8424